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Absolut Bank expands the scope of financial services in the lending market

Absolut Bank is a financial institution, which was established in 1993. The Bank has more than 200 thousand customers - individuals and 38 thousand industrial enterprises of various profiles.

The main services:

- Serving individuals with legal and physical status.

- Lending services.

- Mortgage.

- Development of the retail segment.

- Contributions.

For individuals, a bonus program is provided. And Absolut Bank serves corporate clients in special VIP-branches. In 2016, another 9 branches were opened in various cities of Russia. According to the premium service program, not only a standard package of banking products is offered, but also individual credit and financial services.

Bank Product - Credit Card

One of the sought after banking products is limited credit cards. They can get people who meet the criteria of a particular package of credit services.

Absolut Bank issues three types of MasterCard credit cards:

- “Comfort” - Standard card.

- “Privilege” - Gold.

- Prestige - Platinum.

To apply for a credit line, you must have:

- Citizenship of Russia.

- Permanent registration.

- Age restriction (for women - 23–55, men - 23–60 years).

- Work experience (at least 12 months, in the main place - 6 months).

- Income of 20 thousand rubles per month or more.

The applicants data is verified by a bank employee upon presentation of:

- Identity document.

- Income statements.

- The work book.

Those who wish to apply for a credit line from Absolut Bank can also submit an online application, and upon visiting the branch provide the original documents.

Description of limited bank cards

The volume of the credit line approved for each type of plastic card can vary between 250-750 thousand rubles. Under the terms of the agreement, the credit limit can both increase and decrease. An equivalent amount can be issued in US dollars or euros. The limit is reduced in case of late payments and violations of clauses of the provision.

The fixed rate on cards in national currency is 21%. The same indicator, in the case of issuing a credit line in foreign currency, is slightly lower and amounts to only 18%.

The Absolut Bank sets the base rate after the analysis of the documents submitted.

A huge advantage for the client is the reduction of the base rate by 1-2% per year. The bank reduces it if the client did not have delays for 6 months of using the limit, but increases it if the payment deadlines are violated.

Absolute Bank, issuing a credit card to a client, provides for preferential use within 55 calendar days. The term is calculated based on the number of days in the billing month.

The grace period is valid for transactions in shopping and service centers. The client has the right to individually establish and change the settlement date.

The calculation of the minimum payment to maturity is 10% of the current debt. The minimum amount may include penalties. You can replenish your card account or pay arrears at Estel ATMs or at any branch of Absolut Bank. Replenishment - for free.

In the prescribed manner, when issuing a cash loan, a 3% commission is provided. The minimum amount is 150 Russian rubles or the equivalent in US dollars and euros. There is also a limit on daily and monthly use of the credit line.

Absolut Bank card holders are members of the Absolute Discount system.

Absolut Bank cash loans

The Bank provides for consumer lending. To date, 3 different loan programs are active:

- The prospect.

- Cash loans.

- Cash loans with a guarantor.

Credit package of services The prospect is issued to individuals for consumer needs on the security of property. The loan term is 3–15 years. The minimum amount is 500 thousand rubles, the maximum is 15 million at an annual rate of 15.50%.

The contract provides for discounts and allowances for annual interest in cases where:

- the borrower joins the collective mortgage insurance agreement, then its rate is reduced by 0.25%.

- the borrower is an entrepreneur, then the rate increases by 2% per annum.

- the client does not have personal and title insurance, then 4% per annum is added.

- an increase of 0.5% with confirmation of income.

These discounts, supplemented by the annual interest rate, can be added together.

The decision to grant a loan can be considered within one month, and registration takes 2 days. The borrower can also attract up to four co-borrowers. Absolut Bank does not charge a fee for issuing a loan.

The next banking product is a cash loan without collateral and guarantors for any needs.

It is issued for a period of 2-3 years. The minimum loan amount is 50 thousand rubles, the maximum - 600 thousand. The interest rate varies depending on the category of the borrower, and may be 25.5% per annum. So, for any category, the minimum percentage is 22.5%, the maximum is 25.5%. For railway workers and payroll clients — 16.5-19.5%. VIP category borrowers and corporate clients - 20.5-23.5%.

The cash loan agreement provides for an increase of up to 700 thousand rubles. If the borrower has an insurance contract, then a reduced rate is applied. And premiums to the interest rate can be added together, at the discretion of the loan officer. An application for a loan to Absolut Bank can be submitted online.

The third type of lending is in cash with a surety.

The advantage of this loan is the absence of collateral. The decision on extradition is made within a month, after which the documents are drawn up within two days. The minimum amount with a positive decision of the bank is 600 thousand rubles, the maximum - 1 million. The interest rate varies depending on the category of the borrower, and cannot exceed 24.5%. The annual percentage is reduced if the borrower has signed an insurance contract.

Credit funds can be issued for up to 60 months. The cash program with a guarantor also provides for premiums to the annual rate. To obtain a loan, a deposit is required, a commission for issuing is not charged.

Absolut Bank Bank offers its customers the most favorable credit conditions with a minimum package of documents and without hidden interest rates.

For each client, a financial institution provides an online banking service. Simple and convenient functionality of your personal account allows you to:

- Pay fines.

- Pay off the loan.

- Replenish deposits.

- Transfer funds.

- Make payment to the tax office.

- Recall deposits.

- View archive operations.

- Order a statement of payments made.

So that customers of Absolut Bank in the online mode could carry out operations, they need to issue one of the proposed banking programs:

- Infinity.

- Platinum.

- Start.


- Olympus.

In this case, it is necessary to apply for connection to the remote service. Further, a bank employee draws up an application and a client is assigned a login with a password, which makes it possible to access the official website in your personal account. Absolut Bank is trying to justify its name and the services that this financial institution provides are favorably different and have an absolute advantage compared to similar banking products of competitors.