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Currency is the main medium of exchange between consumer and seller. For a long time, it was the banking system that was the main regulator of the monetary mechanism. Today, a digital currency based on certain methods and concepts allows transactions without being tied to a banking institution. Zerobank (ZB) is a diversified cryptocurrency platform that allows you to freely use available financial applications for storing, trading, converting cryptocurrencies.

What is Zerobank

With the development of computer technology, the concept of the digital economy has appeared. This includes any online services, online shopping, electronic payments, online exchanges, games, and more. Naturally, there was a need to improve and simplify the currency exchange process. So, in 2009, the first cryptocurrency was released, which showed the prospects for the growth and development of electronic funds in financial turnover. Currently, there are many offshoots from the main cryptocurrencies that cannot be subordinated to the generally accepted process of exchange, settlement, or influence the ongoing transaction.

ZB cryptocurrency is one of the projects of the Vietnamese company Zero Exchange LTD. The main goal of the project is to bypass the banking system as an unnecessary intermediary using the ZB cryptocurrency, created on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain.

The technology of this electronic currency consists in the rate of exchange of any digital money on a confidential basis, when you can see the ongoing transaction, but you cannot track the address or other individual data of the participant in the process. Moreover, the entire procedure is carried out on a secure platform.

The history of the emergence of Zerobank

Ethereum is not only a cryptocurrency, but also a multifunctional platform for creating several standards of tokens, which are a kind of securities or bonds in the digital world. On this basis, a new project or Ethereum ERC-223 ZB token was formed.

The introduction of the new system made it possible to reduce the functionality and carry out one operation instead of several. Although the project was developed relatively long ago, the team was able to test and fully use the new approach only in 2017.

Zero Exchange LTD is registered in Samoa, branches are located in Singapore and the UK, initially it was focused on the Chinese consumer, but recently there has been a trend of growth and availability of use in digital systems in other countries.

The first pre-sale took place in the summer of 2018. In the spring of 2019, an official general crowdfunding took place in Singapore, where about 640 million ZB coins were sold during the rounds.

The team distributed the token percentage in an interesting and productive manner:

public area - 20%;
team - 15%;
reserve - 15%;
sales and advertising - 10%;
white list - 10%;
former ICO - 10%;
current ICO - 10%;
investors - 5%;
ambassador - 5%.
Trades are not held on all possible platforms: the cryptocurrency is new and many platforms do not accept it without guarantees of investment growth, therefore, the main sales and exchanges are carried out on exchanges not of the first level -, Hotbit, EXX.

Is ZB popular

The US market does not yet accept and does not allow this cryptocurrency to the total turnover, but despite this, ZB is quite famous in the eastern countries. The rapidly developing token is generally in demand and ranks 48th in the cryptocurrency capitalization rating.

At the beginning of 2020, the capitalization of ZB is USD 105 million, the daily trading volume is about USD 50 million.

Zerobank is not intended for mining, the issue of coins is provided exclusively by the developers or founders of the digital currency.

What is ZB for?

The token developers strive to create a universal system of currency transactions in the digital space. The main functions of Zerobank are aimed at creating a multi-currency digital wallet. In fact, ZB must completely change and reject the work of the usual banking systems, create its own cryptocurrency world, where it will be possible to simplify the procedure for buying and selling goods and services.

Also, the developers are aimed at attracting investors from among legal entities who could store funds in digital money on certain portals.

Zerobank cryptocurrency was developed taking into account the growing needs of the computerized population. The owner of the digital currency will be able to independently, for example, book a hotel, rent a boat or a car and pay only for currency exchange at the most favorable rate on one of the exchange platforms.

ZB has developed a system of smart contracts, this is a kind of algorithm for the process of generating information. The automated process allows you to collect information across the entire computer network, saving time on searching and on the possibility of making payments.

Of course, today the work of cryptocurrency in the general digital market is not obvious, but this does not mean that a growth trend is impossible. Taking into account the scale of the project, it will take more than one year to implement and distribute ZB in the chosen direction, but an optimistic start of trading and the introduction of a token with an improved ERC-223 to the cryptocurrency market can be considered a good indicator.

ZB transactions

The ZB cryptocurrency offers the lowest turnover cost for moving funds, which allows it to compete with many payment systems.

ZB is an Ethereum token, so all transactions are made through the available exchanges, mainly through, a Chinese electronic asset trading platform (the official website is available in Chinese and English). Of course, this resource is not the most popular, but judging by the trading indicators, it already has its own target audience. An interesting investment system is also presented here: the commission for depositing funds is 0%, ordering - 0.2%, withdrawal of funds - 0.2%, the minimum deposit amount is not set.

Zerobank cryptocurrency transactions are safe as the protection process is strengthened on the platform:

the authentication procedure has been doubled;
an additional code is requested for each financial transaction;
implemented SSL certificates - a unique digital signature.
Transactions are carried out between cryptocurrency pairs, which allows you to pick up profitable offers on one resource.

ZB Perspective

The ZB token was originally developed as a fairly promising project. Of course, it cannot be argued that soon there will be a complete rejection of the banking system as an unnecessary intermediary in currency and settlement operations, not all countries are ready to include virtual currencies in international exchange platforms.

The biggest plus of ZB development is the founding and issuing of a token through offshore enterprises. This allows you to work practically without restrictions in many developed countries. Working or exchanging exclusively in a cryptocurrency environment helps consumers to earn digital money in the first place. Perhaps, over time, they will not have to be exchanged for fiat to pay for a service or product.

In general, the developers of the new token will be successful, since ZB uses a special mobile application, smart contracts to improve the system of expenses and exchange. Also, this token can be used through a proxy server, which allows processing transactions to complete completion.

To spread ZB and improve the turnover system, the developer company is actively looking for partners and investors interested in developing a new electronic system. Of course, it is quite difficult to destroy the standard understanding of the financial environment, but this approach shows the possibilities of the spread of cryptocurrency transactions on a global scale. Even experienced traders are keen to buy ZB to build a diversified portfolio.

Not everyone can challenge the generally accepted foundations, the ZB team did it, moreover, in a fairly short time.

According to technology magnate E. Pompliano, in the cryptocurrency industry, investments will be kept exclusively in digital currency. All operations with securities and bonds will move to a new level. Of course, here we are talking more about bitcoin, one of the most widespread cryptocurrencies, but technologies do not stand still, so it is unreasonable to discount any of the implemented cryptocurrencies and tokens created on their basis.

Investors must go ahead and master new opportunities of the financial market, additionally protect their own capital, make the turnover process independent of external and internal influences. If we talk about individuals, then, perhaps, in the near future it will be more profitable to save up cryptocurrency for the subsequent provision of payments upon reaching the retirement age, or to educate a child, since most crypto platforms guarantee increased security of electronic wallets.

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