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All well-known crypto exchanges are launching their tokens in order to fund funds and provide benefits to coin holders and users. The recent surge in the world of cryptocurrencies is a new token - Unus Sed Leo, issued by the Bitfinex exchange. Strong growth during the month and a place in the top twenty popular assets speaks of broad prospects. However, the attitude towards its creators is too ambiguous, which raises a lot of questions from investors and depositors.

What is Unus Sed Leo

YUNUS SED LEO is a service token of the iFinex financial company. The project is designed to expand and maximize the capabilities of the Bitfinex platform. The first auction took place on May 20, 2019. This was a private exchange of an outstanding ICO digital asset for $ 1 billion worth of bitcoins, and it took place in a closed format following the publication of the official document of Unus Sed Leo. The decision was made not to sell the currency publicly to avoid operational problems. There were enough funds.

According to the developers, the token can be exchanged for BTC, ETH, USD, EOS. The Bitfinex team hopes that the sale of the currency will usher in a new milestone for the company and the Blockchain community.

Like any electronic coin, the token has its pros and cons. The advantages of this project include the following points:

Leo is a resource of a large reputable exchange with over 6 years of experience in the market;
positive dynamics of growth in value in comparison with the adjustment of other currencies;
good discounts for traders, which has a positive effect on the overall profit;
inflation is excluded, since no additional issue of tokens is provided and their redemption by the creators at the expense of profit is provided.
There are also nuances that, according to forecasts, may negatively affect the further development of the Unus Sed Leo cryptocurrency rate:

coins have no development prospects, they are just a tool for loyal company promotion;
tokens are developed and launched by a little-known offshore team;
the Bitfinex exchange has a dubious reputation, there are many rumors and scandals around, which negatively affects the attention of investors.
The LEO purchase is beneficial for seasoned stockholders if they are willing to take the risk. Coin mining is not provided; you can buy currency only on exchanges.

The story behind the Unus Sed Leo

IFinex started its business in 2012 with the Bitfinex brand, one of the most famous exchanges in the blockchain industry. Today she owns the popular platforms Bitfinex and Ethfinex Trustless and is recognized as representatives of the cryptocurrency world. 2018 turned out to be a difficult year for the company: the official authorities accused the company of embezzling USD 850 million. According to the New York prosecutors office, funds were withdrawn from client funds through one of the Panamanian offices through digital transfers.

The team denied the accusations, explaining that the cryptocurrency was temporarily frozen in order to use it in the future for the development of the platform. The community dubiously accepted the justification based on the facts: Ether and bitcoins were withdrawn a few days before their collapse and, therefore, the company is considered to be involved in the April bitcoin correction. To restore its reputation, iFinex announced the creation of Leo. The name emphasizes the superiority of quality over quantity, which is the companys motto. Translated from Latin: "One, but a lion."

Interestingly, part of the token (65%) was issued on the Ethereum blockchain, the remaining 35% based on the EOS cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency is based on Ethereum, has EOS assets and can be traded between networks. LEO remains a highly specialized currency, therefore it does not have blockchain currency standards. In the White Paper of the project, the creator of the Unus cryptocurrency Sed Leo indicated that 27% of the monthly income will be spent on the buyback of tokens. In the future, it is envisaged to burn them and return the money to the budget.

Coins are promised to be bought at the current market rate. The company has a global goal, which it associates with the release of a new currency, is the launch of a regulated exchange. Great hopes are pinned on the development of Dazaar platforms (a trading platform with decentralized data), μFinex (a set of repositories and tools for exchanges), Betfinex (a resource for betting).

Is the Unus Sed Leo popular?

According to CoinMarketCap, the cryptocurrency ranks 15th in the ranking. Its popularity is evidenced by its rapid growth: the initial cost of the token was 1 dollar, in early June it was traded at 1.35 USD, and in July - already at 2.03 USD. Capitalization today exceeds a billion dollars, which is the absolute maximum.

The coin is trading at 1.9 USD and has a daily sale of 17 million USD. What are the reasons for the demand and dynamics of the currency? Experts talk about several ingredients for success:

The interest of large investors: they have the maximum privileges provided by the exchange. Participants of the Unus Sed Leo token sale and active Bitfinex users purchase tokens on favorable terms, thereby increasing their value and strengthening income.
Loyalty program: interest in the project was fueled by a 15% reduction in commission and bonuses, which in general ensured the market growth dynamics.
Popularity of the platform: scandalous history and conflicts with representatives of the crypto industry and government bodies did not make the exchange less popular. It still remains one of the most influential components of the cryptocurrency market, so the society has positively perceived the release of additional assets.
Despite the favorable entry of the new digital currency into the crypto world, it does not carry any global changes. The project developers created, first of all, a tool for paying commissions and increasing interest from investors.

What is the Unus Sed Leo for

The main purpose of the service coin is to perform three tasks:

replenishment of the budget deficit of the exchange;
further development of the cryptocurrency ecosystem and improvement of blockchain technology;
expanding opportunities and granting privileges to service customers.
The company has developed a number of strategies to help fill the hole in the public sector. First of all, these are 27% of profits provided by the team, which will be spent monthly on the redemption of coins, and after burning them, the proceeds will pay off the financial shortage. The protocol also includes a fallback - the deficit can be covered by net profit. To make the actions look transparent, the exchange provides open information on the purchase and liquidity of coins on its website.

Since the Unus Sed Leo crypto is a utility token, the company plans to create services for which it will be shared. The plans include the development of Bitfinex Derivatives, IEO Platform, Dazaar, EOSfinex and others. All coin owners, especially large players, will receive trading bonuses, and a discount will be provided for using the servers.

Users will benefit from tokens, presumably the following:

Savings: commission for trading is reduced by 15%, to trade - it is enough to have one coin in your wallet.
For takers who hold more than 5000 USDT, a 10% discount is added to the 15%, which gives a total of 25%.
For large asset holders (over 50 million LEO) there is a 25% discount, they can also withdraw monthly income without interest in the amount of up to 2 million USD.
An additional 0.05% discount is accrued monthly for every 10,000 USDT.
LEO is a currency for internal use; in the future, the token can be used on centralized exchanges. The scarcity artificially creates an increase in price, which gives good returns to asset holders.

Unus Sed Leo Transactions

Only Bitfinex users can trade tokens; an identity verification procedure is required for trading. Normal or trade mining of coins is not possible as all of the currency was sold in the initial closed auction. Some of the altcoins have been liquidated, the rest are on hand.

Well-known trading platforms are provided for Unus Sed Leo transactions: Bitfinex (75% of trading),,, Switcheo Network, OKEx. They are not available to all users, since there are problems with identity verification. It saves that there is a DeltaExchange, which does not require identification.

If there are some difficulties with visiting the sites, then there are no problems with the storage of assets. Many ERC-20 tokens, including LEO, are accepted by all wallets. Among them, the most popular are:

Trezor - a hardware wallet that is maximally protected from hacking and loss, you can always restore it using keys;
MyEtherWallet is a browser-based wallet capable of integrating with hardware devices, equipped with an internal exchange service;
Jaxx - multicurrency, has three versions: browser, desktop and mobile;
imToken is a mobile wallet with a centralized client and chain access without local storage.
The project team plans to synchronize the token with EOS-based wallets in the future. Thus, coin holders will be able to move assets between the Ethereum and EOS blockchains, and the exchange will become a connecting bridge.

You can track data related to the process of burning coins, as well as information about transactions on purchased and burned altcoins on the companys website. It also shows the amount of service money remaining in circulation.

It is beneficial to store tokens on a cryptocurrency exchange, for this you need to use the services of the Bitfinex wallet.

Prospects for the Unus Sed Leo

According to experts, the Unus Sed Leo cryptocurrency has potential for growth. If the company releases new exchange commodities associated with the token, then the success of the enterprise is guaranteed. Developers are interested not only in solving their financial problems, but also in restoring the reputation lost as a result of scandals, so the path of currency development has just begun.

The regular procedure for liquidating redeemed coins will only strengthen and raise the token in the top. To ensure the stable growth of the cryptocurrency, various mechanisms of destruction are provided, which are already active and promising:

redemption and destruction of coins by developers in the amount of 27% of the proceeds;
burning currency, due to which users receive discounts;
as the previously blocked amount is returned, the company and its subsidiaries undertook to send 95% of the amount for the buyback and liquidation of their cryptocurrency;
after the restoration of the exchange and the return of bitcoins, 80% of their volume will be thrown into the procedure for the destruction of the Unus Sed Leo cryptocurrency.
All actions are aimed at ensuring a high rate of a digital asset, increasing demand for currency and developing its own services. For experienced players, it is attractive to invest 10-15% of the portfolio in assets, the main thing is to keep an eye on the pulse in order to notice changes in market positions in time and get rid of coins if they fall in price.

Active traders working on the Bitfinex and Ethfinex platforms are not in danger, their investments are subject to discounts, so they can always increase profits on transactions. The only category that can remain in the minuses is beginners. It is better for them not to risk it and wait until the end of the companys legal proceedings with the official authorities.

The Unus Sed Leo token was created as an intra-exchange currency with the aim of overcoming the companys financial troubles. Burning tokens leads to a decrease in supply, while demand grows, new users appear. Investing can be profitable with constant control over the currency.

There is no consensus among market representatives regarding this coin. Some believe that the cryptocurrency has good potential, others are sure that its possibilities have already been exhausted and the loss of leading positions is approaching. It is clear that the popularity of the exchange played a large role in the confidence in the new cryptocurrency, despite the many conversations around it.

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