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The developers of the TNETA coin hope that very soon their creation will make a breakthrough in the global digital economy, changing not only it, but also the idea of all kinds of video content.

Steve Chen, one of the founders of Youtube, says: “The TNETA project has the potential to revolutionize the video streaming industry. It will be something similar to what the Youtube platform once did with the delivery of regular video content back in 2005. ” With great pleasure he supported the TNETA project, speaking about the possible development of new technologies. This project may well realize the idea of creating the largest decentralized platform for video content submission.

The project has a rather interesting business model, and every owner of a personal computer and the Internet will be able to act as a node for the distribution of video broadcasts at an optimal speed. By the way, as a result of this, the formation of a whole network of such nodes is possible, which, in turn, will be able to send video content around the world. Do not forget about advertisers, since those wishing to order advertising from a blogger will pay for it with TNET tokens.

What is TNETA?

To create motivation for viewers, the TNETA token was developed. Additionally, it serves to deliver higher quality video. Regular users of the system will be able to support streamers and bloggers by paying for videos from TNETA. To put it simply, it would look like this: the person who streams on their content distributes their own video, and the viewers who watch this video simultaneously share the power with the content creator and other users. The result is a powerful, yet inexpensive, high-quality network and eliminates the need to build a large server. In addition, high image quality is ensured.

Users who decide to share their power among other users will be able to earn TNET tokens.

TNETA Platform is an Open Source Platform, which means maximum openness to new users. Any software developer will be able to join and create decentralized applications of the TNETA platform, which implies subsequent profit.

The history of TNET

The history of the TNETA cryptocurrency began in 2015, when the platform was born. On the presented platform, online broadcasting is carried out in combination with unique elements of virtual reality. The platform also allows you to view streams in 360-degree format. The idea of the developers was supported by a large number of investors (Sony, Sparkland, Samsung and others) and this attracted about 17 million USD from venture investors.

In 2017, the platform developers decided to create a subsidiary project called TNETA. The decision made it possible to receive another 16 million USD from large investors, which gave rise to the start of the project.

The feasibility of the project lies in the idea of creating the first unique solution focused on the decentralized distribution of video content due to its high relevance. Currently, it is video traffic that accounts for the bulk of the entire Internet, the most popular systems for streaming today are Youtube and Twitter.

Behind the TNETA project are quite strong leaders and powerful blazers, including the co-founders of the famous giant platforms. Mitch Liu (head of the TNETA CEO, co-founder of large platforms, Gameview Studios and Tapjoy) and Jieyi Long (co-founder of the TNETA project and platform, holder of a number of patents for the latest technologies, one of which is online broadcasts with elements of virtual reality).

Now the team has about 30 powerful advisors, but among them it is necessary to mention the following:

Steve Chen: one of the founders of the Youtube platform, a year after the launch of the site, his team sold the platform to such a giant as Google for 1.6 billion USD.
Clifford Morgan: CEO of Gfuel, the largest gaming and energy drinks company.
Justin Kan: Founder of the largest streaming platform Twitch, known to almost every gamer.
Shoucheng Zhang: Founder of Danhua Capital Fund.
Ma Haobo: CEO of Aelf platform.
Fan Zhang: Co-founder of Sequoia Capital, a major venture capital fund.

Is TNETA popular?

The developers have listed on fairly large cryptocurrency exchanges, the largest being Binance. This project is quite promising, but it has many competitors (for example, Lino network, Livepeer, Youtube, Twitch, , others). It should be noted that TNETA is not only distributing video. Future plans include an adaptation program for other types of files (text, photos, web pages), i.e. it is planned to create a common storage of all types of data.

What is TNETA for?

As already noted, the TNETA project is the delivery of video content to the end user. This market is growing quite rapidly and by the end of 2022 it may reach USD 83 billion. In addition, there is a virtual reality streaming market that is just beginning to develop, and according to forecasts, in 4-5 years it could reach 55 billion USD. It is in this market that the TNETA coin operates.

The infrastructure of the major giant platforms and developments requires expensive content, and especially high demands are placed on video transmission speed and quality. Infrastructure development is not keeping pace with demand, and TNETA can solve this problem with the help of its users. The project, thanks to blockchain technology, offers a scheme whereby any user who has the resources of a personal computer can provide them for the entire network to work. In other words, users can use their powers to replace all the necessary infrastructure. There is no need to build expensive data centers, as millions of users around the world can help streaming deliver high quality video quickly. Of course, users will not be able to do this for free.

Thanks to TNETA, a large number of problems will be solved at once:

users will have good quality content, while they will be much more active than they are now;
due to the availability of the power resource of a personal computer, each user will be able to earn TNETA coins on this;
platform creators do not invest in infrastructure (platform monetization without huge costs for this mechanism).
Of course, TNETA founders have to spend money, since they need to provide tokens that will later be used to pay with users, but this is much cheaper than building a solid infrastructure from scratch.

TNETA is trying to build something like a decentralized storage system. The development team continues to search for new partners with a wide audience among existing platforms. The developers say that there is currently a large number of negotiations in turn, and by the end of this year partners will be announced who will expand the scope of the TNETA platform and blockchain.

TNETA transactions

The TNET coin is based on multi level BFT, which is a type of Delegated Proof-of-stake, which guarantees high throughput.

The TNETA coin is mined using a personal computer. By maintaining the network, each user will receive a reward based on their reputation on the platform. So, the higher the reputation, the higher the profit from this type of mining will be. Mining provides a transparent system for accounting for video content viewing and distribution of tokens.

You can store TNET coins on the same exchanges and in an electronic wallet, but after the coin moves to its own blockchain, the wallet will be canceled and a blockchain wallet will come to replace it.

TNETA perspectives

Today the TNETA coin is in demand. The cost of one token in January 2020 was USD 0.103, the capitalization level was USD 90 million. Despite the fact that the entire digital market is in correction, TNETA coin behaves with dignity and stability.

Speaking about the prospects of the project, I would like to note the major partners and investors of the project. These are companies such as DHVC, Aelf, Nirvana Capital, The Venture Reality Fund, Gumi, IBC, Sierra Ventures.

The company sets quite ambitious goals. In the near future, the token will be introduced to the largest platforms for online broadcasts (to date, the token has already been integrated into the, Samsung VR, MBN platforms). In addition, the stage of transition to its own blockchain is now active (the token was originally developed on the Ethereum platform).

The advantage of the project is the possibility of earning money for viewers-streamers. The audience will be most interested in participating in the activities of the platform, since it will be encouraged by TNETA tokens.

Summing up, it should be noted that the TNETA project attracts major partners and investors who also see potential in it. Additionally, it is necessary to highlight a strong team of creators who showed their best side during the development of the platform. As you know, a strong team is the main part of the success in the implementation of the entire project.

Looking at TNETs future prospects, the eSports market is really huge. It continues to grow, and if the TNETA project takes a leading position, it will gain a chance for great success thanks to the strongest advisers and team.

Added: 22.01.2020