Lamoureux CEO: Bitcoin will rise to $100,000 by the end of 2023


Forecasts by Lamoureux & Co, which conducts research activities, that in 2023 the price of bitcoin will be equal to 100 thousand US dollars. Despite the fact that the rate of digital gold has recently fallen and quotes on the cryptocurrency market have undergone a correction, this is a standard phenomenon that is at its final stage.

Large Ukrainian trading network Foxtrot began to accept cryptocurrency for payment


The implementation of cryptocurrency payments for goods will be carried out by Binance Pay. Payment for goods can be implemented not only in online stores, but also in retail outlets throughout the distribution network. Alexei Zozulya, director of the Foxtrot network, said that work in this area has been carried out since 2020.

Some Tether options will help pool clients in USDT


Ardoino said that by adopting a stable cryptocurrency backed by pesos, Tether would be able to recreate the market with elements from Tether. In addition, Paolo Ardoino said that the release of another digital asset, which will be backed by the Mexican peso, will bring positive moments for the adoption of cryptocurrencies in Latin countries, as well as increase stability for USDT coins.

TONCOIN to buy on Baksman


TONCOIN is a fast and easy-to-use blockchain for users! We like this project and therefore we have added TONCOIN to our assets with the availability to make exchanges to any direction from the list of assets of our service. Necessary information:

Digital tenge implementation project presented in Kazakhstan


In Kazakhstan, the National Bank has officially started considering a project to introduce digital tenge. So far, this proposal is under development, and a report on this issue is posted on the main official website.

PayPal representatives organized negotiations on the issue of stablecoin


The world-famous PayPal payment system is becoming a new platform for the release of the well-known cryptocurrency - stablecoin. These are virtual assets, the main task of which is to imitate the rate of real currencies: the dollar, the euro. With its help, two people can exchange currency, being in different parts of the world.

South Korea conducted a survey on the introduction of a tax on income from operations with cryptocurrencies


Realmeter conducted a survey among residents of South Korea, on the agenda was the introduction of a tax on profits from transactions with cryptocurrency assets. Earlier it was reported that the new tax will take effect from the first day of the new 2022. As an experiment, 500 adult respondents (aged 18 and over) were interviewed.

Ethereum surpasses Bitcoin in terms of active addresses growth


The Ethereum network reportedly bypassed Bitcoin in terms of active addresses. Since the beginning of this year, this figure has grown by 145 percent. During the same time, the number of active addresses of the BTC payment system increased by only 13 percent.