Transaction time bitcoin

Table of priorities for including a transaction in a block:
The recommended Commission is forecasted taking into account the load of the bitcoin network to quickly confirm Your transaction.

Priority Amount commissions Forecast accuracy
Slow 148.6 RUB 0.00017954 BTC 10%
Standard 175.05 RUB 0.0002115 BTC 50%
Average 466.81 RUB 0.000564 BTC 55%
Fast 778.02 RUB 0.00094 BTC 90%
The last column in the table shows the forecast for a payment with a transaction fee that corresponds to this row in the confirmation time interval from 0 Before 35 mines.

Bitcoins have relatively recently appeared in the financial market. But in a short time of existence, they have gained popularity as a convenient means of calculation, and a very profitable investment tool. Despite the recognition of the user audience, still no mechanisms have been developed to convert digital currency directly. Therefore, you can exchange Bitcoins for fiat money or perform a transaction in the opposite direction only on specialized online resources, to which our service belongs.

Action algorithm

To carry out the exchange operation, the user needs to perform several simple steps. To begin with, you should choose the exchange direction from the options offered by the service. It should be noted that we have established cooperation with various banking institutions and payment systems so that the client can directly convert digital currency, without involving intermediaries.

After selecting the desired direction, the user must fill out the standard application form, indicating the required data in it. These include:

  • Details of the client’s cryptocurrency wallet.
  • The address to which digital coins should be sent.
  • The number of Bitcoins that the user intends to exchange.

Moreover, we recommend that you carefully fill in the details of the recipient"s virtual storage, because operations with digital currency cannot be canceled, and if an error is made, the money will irrevocably go to an unknown destination. Therefore, it is advisable to verify the correctness of the data entered after filling out the application.

If the information is entered correctly, then you can go directly to the payment. To do this, enter the Bitcoin client and confirm the transfer. Moreover, the user must independently indicate the size of the commission for the operation. Next, we will talk about how their value affects the speed of a transaction. After making the payment, you need to return to the service and confirm the application. Only after that our employees will accept it for processing.

Bitcoin commission size

The brilliant programmer Satoshi Nakamoto, when creating the cryptocurrency, was guided by the desire to make the money transfer system faster and simpler, as well as minimize costs. At first, transactions in the Bitcoin system were completely free. But, with the increasing popularity of digital money, there are more and more users, so now the operations carried out on the network take longer. The transaction status directly depends on the size of the commission. The larger their amount, the more priority the operation is considered. In other words, the system performs it first.

It is difficult for an ordinary user to independently determine the amount of commission. Therefore, we developed a table that clearly shows the relationship between the size of the transfer fee and the status of the transaction. It is these principles that guide the system in the process of forming priorities for including an operation in a block.

It is well known that in order to make a payment with cryptocurrency it is necessary to receive at least two confirmations from the system. The duration of this process ranges from twenty minutes to several days. This parameter can be adjusted using a commission. So, if the value of this amount is 0.0002292 Bitcoin, then the operation receives the status of “slow”. Under such conditions, the probability of its priority inclusion in the block for a quick transaction is only 10%.

Standard status is acquired by a payment, the sender of which paid a commission in the amount of 0,00027 Bitcoin. Moreover, her chances of priority inclusion in the block are 50%. This value will increase to 55% if the transfer fee is increased to 0,00072 Bitcoin. Moreover, the operation will receive the status of "medium priority." And finally, making a transaction in the amount of 0.0012 Bitcoin will help to complete the transaction as quickly as possible. Moreover, the probability of inclusion in the block on the basis of priority is 90%.