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Currency transactions on the Qiwi wallet

Over the years, the Qiwi payment system has gained a huge “army” of fans. Thanks to functionality, a high level of security and minimal fees, it is used by millions of people in the world. System capabilities allow you to transfer money to other users and make payments, replenish your account and withdraw money in cash. Recently, many have been wondering how to convert dollars to rubles in Qiwi, and how realistic this is. The pattern of emergence of demand for the main reserve currency of the world is due to the ruble falling rate. To the delight of many, it is possible to state publicly that, contrary to the common stereotype, multicurrency operations in EPS are possible, but more on that below.

The main drawback of the resource, according to many, is the effect of territorial restrictions. Despite this, the payment system is available to residents of more than two dozen countries, and the list of such states is constantly growing. Among them are Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other major powers. At the same time, each user, at least once, has converted currencies within the EPS. But how convenient is it? What actions do you need to take to complete operations with RUB, EUR, KZT, UAH? How to convert rubles to dollars in Qiwi or another currency? Lets consider all questions in more detail.

What wallets are available in Qiwi?

 The information is rooted in the minds of people that in Qiwi you can use only rubles, and no other currency. But this is not true. After registration in EPS, the user is only available in rubles. But this does not mean that the creation of accounts in other monetary units is not possible. Using the system’s functionality, you can create the following electronic purses:

    RUB is a classic ruble wallet that is available to users immediately after registration.
    USD - wallet that is denominated in US currency. The Qiwi-wallet USD is in greatest demand among users, therefore, special attention is paid to it.
    KZT - tenge storage in EPS. Such a wallet is in demand among residents of Kazakhstan. Thanks to the presence of a wallet, it is easier for Kazakhs to pay for goods and services at local retail outlets.
    EUR - EPS wallet, which is equivalent to the EU currency Euro.

How to make an account in dollars, euros or tenge?

 If you want to make a Qiwi USD-wallet, have a wallet in Kazakh tenge or euro, proceed as follows:

    Go through the registration procedure in the system. After the process is completed, only rubles will be available (this was already mentioned above).
    To get a new account, go to the settings section and select the option to create a new account from the existing list.
    The system offers a choice of one of three currencies - make a decision and click on the option you are interested in.
    Click on the create wallet button.

Many are wondering if it is possible to convert rubles into dollars in a Qiwi wallet. When creating a USD wallet using the method mentioned above, this is real. A similar rule applies to other currencies. But there is a nuance. When creating an account in tenge, you will have to accept the terms of a separate offer (for other currency units there will be no such requirement).

Once additional wallets are created, they can be seen near the ruble account (they are located under each other). At the same time, remember that there are restrictions that are removed after passing the identification. In the latter case, you will need to confirm your identity with documents.

At the end of the section, it is worth noting the following:

    Access to a foreign currency account (primarily a dollar account) can be obtained in the new version of the program.
    Operations between currencies are possible inside the system (how to convert dollars to rubles in a Qiwi wallet, as well as other currency units will be discussed below).
    Access to another account will not be until the moment the user personally creates it.
    All conversions are conducted at the rate that takes place at the time of the transaction.

Qiwi Visa Virtual card in dollars: what are the features?

 QVV plastic card is a popular tool among the residents of Russia with the help of which you can make transactions online, make purchases in the country is stores or retail outlets in the world. In this case, you can deposit funds to the account an unlimited number of times.

To receive a card, indicate in the application the telephone number and the amount of funds to be credited to the account. Card data is sent as a message. The validity period of a payment instrument is two months. At the same time, one virtual card is allowed to be tied to one wallet per day.

If the question is how to convert Qiwi rubles to Qiwi dollars, it will be more profitable to get QVV in dollar terms. In this case, you will have to fork out for a commission equal to 2.5 percent of the face value (the minimum payment should not be less than one dollar). The limit of the virtual card is limited - one thousand dollars. The minimum commission for receiving the service is one dollar.
QIWI Bank and exchange rate

 The history of QIWI Bank began in 1993, from the moment of creation of JSCB Beleconombank. In its current form, the banking institution has been operating since 2011. For that During the period, much has been achieved - to expand the zone of influence, increase the level of reliability, increase the number of services. Find out the dollar exchange rate for Qiwi today, replenish a bank card, pay off a loan debt or pay utility bills - all this is available with the help of QIWI Bank. In addition, you can make international money transfers and buy additional tools to expand opportunities (for example, order a virtual card).

In terms of assets, the Qiwi banking institution ranks 219th among all financial institutions (10.26 billion rubles), in terms of income - 31st (1.24 billion), and in deposits - 500th (20 million rubles). QIWI Bank has its own exchange rate, which must be taken into account when making transactions and when making payments for goods (services) in another currency (except for the ruble).

How to find out the conversion rate when making transactions on the network?

 When conducting transactions, many users do not understand what the exchange rate of a particular currency is taken as a basis. To get information of interest, proceed as follows:

    Visit your personal account in EPS.
    Go to the bank card section.
    Click on the card information link.

In the window that appears, all the data is given, namely the dollar exchange rate against Qiwi for today, as well as the exchange rate of the euro. The information is provided separately for write-off and replenishment operations.
How to transfer dollars to rubles in Qiwi system and vice versa?

 In the process of using the wallet, Qiwi customers may want to diversify their accounts and issue a wallet in a currency different from the ruble. There may be several reasons - the desire to protect funds from inflation, the need to make a payment in a store in another country, the desire to make a profit from exchange transactions, and so on. We mentioned above that Qiwi customers can exchange between USD and RUB inside their wallet.

How to transfer dollars to rubles on Qiwi? Proceed as follows:

    Log in to your wallet using your personal settings - phone number and password. After press the enter button.
    Look at the top of the account. If a dollar, euro or tenge wallet has already been created, then they will all be on the list. In this case, the user can assign the main any of the existing accounts. To accomplish the task, you need to press the button to transfer the wallet to the category of core (it can be ruble or currency).
    Go to the section of work with accounts. In the window that opens, all available wallets will be visible. Choose the block of interest (for example, RUB), and in another sector - US dollars (USD). When making the operation, check the dollar rate on Qiwi. In the absence of other purses (except USD and RUB), the option with the American dollar is automatically selected.
    Next, write down the amount to be converted, then click on the transfer button. A window appears confirming the transaction. If you need to go back to adjust, then click on the appropriate back button. If the information is correct, it remains to confirm the transaction. After a window appears that confirms the successful exchange. Once again, click on the Qiwi account and make sure that the money has been debited from the ruble wallet, and it has appeared on the dollar wallet.

At what rate is the deal being conducted, for example, for residents of different countries? In practice, the hryvnia exchange rate on Qiwi, as well as the exchange rate of the dollar, tenge or euro, differs from the Central Bank by an average of 2.5 percent. This point should be considered when conducting a transaction.

Convert Qiwi to Ukrainian Hryvnia

 Despite the absence of a hryvnia wallet in Qiwi, residents of Ukraine have a convenient option - withdraw funds to a PrivatBank card or use transfer services. Each of the methods has its own characteristics. Transfer to a card can be carried out directly from the Qiwi system or through exchange points (for example, Baksman). It is possible to use a translation system (a popular option is PrivatMoney).

How to convert Qiwi rubles to hryvnia? If you select a translation system, proceed as follows:

    Go through authorization in a mobile application, write your name and the amount that is being transferred.
    Expect a program request regarding payment. After a while, an SMS with a code comes in (remember it).
    Head to the branch or ATM (the latter option is preferable).
    Insert a card, prescribe a PIN code and select the bank services section, and then - money transfers.
    Choose to receive money and the system that is used to withdraw funds.
    Indicate the code and choose the currency.
    Get the money.

When receiving hryvnia with Qiwi, be prepared to pay a commission equal to three percent. If we are talking about the withdrawal of funds, then an additional 1% is taken. The plus is that the operation is quick and without the need to lose time in lines.

Another option is to use the capabilities of exchange offices. Proceed as follows:

    Choose the exchanger that has the best rate.
    Go through the registration service and choose the direction you are interested in. How prAvilo, this is a transfer from Qiwi RUB to Privat24.
    Follow the instructions of the service and receive money in the required currency.

If you need to convert the hryvnia to rubles, then this operation is also performed using an exchange office, but the direction will be the opposite - from Privat24 to Qiwi wallet.

Qiwi to Euro

 When conducting operations on the network or to save personal capital, users often store money in European currency (Euro). We said above that the possibility of creating such a wallet in Qiwi is available. Only one question remains unresolved - how to do this, and according to what principle Qiwi-Euros should be converted into rubles. Consider these points in more detail.

The first thing to start is to create a wallet in Euro currency. To do this, proceed as follows:

    Go to your EPS account using your username (phone number and password).
    At the top you see all the wallets, and below the tab work with accounts - go to it.
    On the right side of the menu, find the section for creating a new wallet. From the drop-down list, select the option you are interested in (for the example in question, this is Qiwi in euros).
    Return to the main page and see the list of accounts - there should appear a wallet with the currency of the euro.

After carrying out the mentioned operations, the following functions are available to the user - making payments for goods using euros, transferring funds between wallets, storing money and so on. When conducting transactions, it is worth considering the exchange rate of EPS, which differs from the data of the Central Bank (usually up).

It is no secret that it will not work to replenish the euro account from the outside. But then this option is available directly inside the wallet. How to convert euros to rubles in Qiwi? Follow a simple algorithm:

    Go to your personal EPS account (everything is standard here).
    Go to the transfer section between accounts.
    On the left side, select the account on which the euro lies, and on the right - the ruble wallet. This action means that the transfer is made from EUR to RUB.
    Below is information on how much money will be withdrawn along with commissions. In addition, the current price is also prescribed.

When making an operation, a commission is not taken, but there are restrictions on the total volume of the transaction (no more than 500 units of the European currency). In the same way, you can convert Qiwi in euros to Qiwi in rubles.

Qiwi to Tenge translation

 Qiwi payment system is in great demand in Kazakhstan. In its functionality, it is not much different from the Russian counterpart. The difficulty is that in order to conduct operations on the network, to pay for goods and services, the national currency (tenge) is needed. For this reason, users resort to the exchange of classical money (Russian ruble) for a currency unit that rotates in Kazakhstan. Often, a reverse transfer is also required - from tenge to rubles.

Let is consider how to convert tenge into rubles and back on a Qiwi wallet. Proceed as follows:

    Create a wallet equivalent to the monetary unit of Kazakhstan (if it has not already been done before).
    Choose the section of work with accounts, and then go to the transfer point between wallets.
    There will be two forms in the window that appears. The monetary unit playing the role of the basis is indicated on the left side, and the one to which the transfer is made to the right. For convenience, the system prescribes the total withdrawal amount, taking into account the commission payment. The tenge rate on Qiwi is also indicated here, which allows you to compare it with the current indicators in the Central Bank.
    Click on the transfer button and complete the transaction. The advantage of the operation is that no commission is charged, which reduces costs during the transfer process. On the other hand, the Qiwi payment system rate is hardly profitable.

The transaction process can be carried out in one of the exchange offices that operate in Kazakhstan. For this:

    Choose an exchanger with a favorable rate and register.
    Carry out a transaction to transfer funds to Qiwi.
    Use the funds received as directed.

Now you know how to convert tenge into rubles on Qiwi. For a reverse transaction, you can use one of many methods:

    Apply online money transfer system.
    Transfer funds to a bank card.
    Perform an operation inside the wallet and so on.

In addition, you can withdraw money to the relatives card, to the wallet of another EPS, receive funds, and so on.

Qiwi payment system provides users with great opportunities for conducting transactions. It remains only to learn how to use the provided service and take into account a number of points - the rate of the tenge (or other currency) to Qiwi, current limits and fees.