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Qiwi terminals

The terminals of various payment systems are regularly used by a huge number of people. These devices have greatly simplified their lives, allowing them to make payments at any time and almost anywhere. This article will focus on the terminals of the Qiwi payment system. We will tell you what operations and how they are carried out. And also about some other nuances.

What are the characteristics of distinguishing Qiwi terminals?

Before you start looking for a terminal, you need to figure out how it looks. Most often, orange-blue colors are used in their design. However, other solutions can be applied. But, in any case, the device has an original logo of the payment system. Some Kiwi terminals are decorated with an orange Australian bird of the same name.

These devices can be located anywhere:

    In the premises.
    On the street.
    Within the walls of buildings.
    In the windows.

Therefore, you need to be careful when looking for the device, so as not to pass it by and not spend precious time on additional searches.

Search for a Qiwi payment terminal using an electronic card

It is best to use an electronic map to save the time it takes to find a terminal in the immediate vicinity. To do this, just go to the official website of the system www.qiwi.ru and open the “Map of Qiwi-terminals” section. It contains a virtual guide with graphical markings. In the places designated by them, the devices of the well-known Russian-language money transfer system are located.

For ease of use, additional scaling options and application applications for terminal search have been developed. The user can adjust the scale of the image, that is, increase or decrease it. Optionally, you can change the view of the display from the "Map" to "Satellite" mode and vice versa. If you hover over a specific graphic mark and click, a complete set of information related to this terminal will appear:

    City name.
    The name of the street.
    The number of the building or house next to which the nearest Kiwi terminal is located.

In addition, there is a window on the map that says "Enter address". With it, the service will record the location of the subscriber. It is necessary to enter the address in it. A list will appear in which you should select your own. The program will open the part of the map that you need. Using the zoom function, you can find the address where the nearest terminal is located. If there are several such places in the area, a corresponding message from the service will appear.

In addition, not so long ago, it became possible to find the nearest Qiwi terminals on Yandex maps. To do this, just enter the name of the payment system in the Yandex.Map search box and click confirm. All nearby devices will be displayed immediately. Also, Yandex.Navigator mobile applications can be used to search for the desired terminal. And besides, maps that can be downloaded from the store, used by the operating system. Applications are distributed using a free scheme. That is, the user will not have to pay for anything.

Where and how to look for the nearest Qiwi-terminals working around the clock

Sometimes there are situations in life when a monetary transaction needs to be performed urgently, and the time is inopportune. This is where people remember about the 24-hour Qiwi terminals. It is quite easy to find such a device. To do this, you need to find on the map, which was discussed above, the nearest point. Approximation is displayed at the maximum level.

This helps locate terminals located on the street. In addition, those that are installed at train stations and in supermarkets are also suitable. Further, it remains only to clarify the schedule of the latter via the Internet. This is necessary in order to have one hundred percent confidence that it will work at the right time.

How to use Qiwi payment terminals

There is nothing superfluous on the screen of the terminal - just an entrance to your personal account and a button “Payment for services”. And if the first one is used not so often, then the second one in Qiwi terminals works constantly. By clicking on this button, the client is taken to a new page. The functionality offered on it is quite extensive. A large number of sections, each of which has its own subsections. They have payments that are correctly collected in groups.

The client is given the opportunity to perform the following operations:

    Make a deposit to your or third-party wallet.
    Pay for internet services.
    Transfer money to accounts of other payment systems.
    Pay fines.
    Pay with housing and communal services for utilities.
    Pay for cable TV and more.

There are many opportunities in the Kiwi terminal. For him, there is practically nothing unrealizable if it is related to the sphere of financial transactions. But despite this, a large number of specialists work every day to improve existing or add new functions. This means that if there are hours in the system today it grabs something, then tomorrow it will definitely be present.
How, using Qiwi terminals, replenish an account on an electronic wallet of the same payment system

In order to replenish your account in the wallet of the system of the same name using Qiwi payment terminals, you just need to enter the "Electronic commerce" or "Electronic money" section. It is necessary to find the necessary system in them. Next, the Qiwi wallet number is entered and the selection is confirmed.

It remains only to check the correctness of the specified information. The specified amount is then entered into the bill receiver. The system is simple and intuitive. In addition, she gives prompts to the client.

Payment for services using the Qiwi terminal

To pay for services using the Qiwi terminal, you need to do the following:

    On the main page of the interface go to the menu "Payment for services".
    Press the button “Other services”.
    Select the category "Products by catalogs".
    Find the button with the logo of the manufacturer of the goods and click on it.
    Make the specified data correct.
    Click the “Forward” button.
    Using the bill receiver, enter the amount required for payment.
    Click "Pay".
    Take a receipt that must be kept before receiving a service or product.

How do I withdraw cash using the Qiwi terminal?

The only answer to this question is no way. However, this does not mean that you cannot get your money. They just need to be converted from electronic bills into cash at the initial stage.

Most often, users use the option in which money from a Qiwi wallet is transferred to a card of one of the Russian banks. Even if the card was issued by a foreign bank, money can still be withdrawn. True, only if the card has support for international payment services. These include Visa, MasterCard or Maestro.

To withdraw money from an ATM, it is enough to know the validity period of the card and the account number. This can be done for 1 to 5 days. The procedure is very simple. Security is at such a level that there is no reason to be concerned about the safety of funds. Convenience lies in the fact that the card of almost any bank in the world can be attached to the wallet.

Withdrawing money to an account in a Russian bank can be carried out even without an eraser card. It is enough to know his number. After the application is submitted, the receipt of money to the specified account will not have to wait more than a few minutes. Information on the amount of commission fees can be obtained from the bank itself.

There is another option - to resort to the services of one of the services specializing in money transfers. Among the most well-established ones such as Unistream, Anelik, PrivatMoney or Contact. To make a transfer, just go to the site of these systems and submit an application. It should contain all the necessary information. To get the money, it will be enough to go to the nearest branch of any bank.

What to do if a wrong number was entered

It so happens that when conducting a transaction in Qiwi payment terminals, the sender finds an error in the recipient is number. To fix it, you must do the following:

    It is imperative to keep the check.
    Find out the number of the agent who placed the terminal. It must be present on the sidebar. Try to solve the problem with it.
    If the agent could not help or did not want to, then you should follow the link https://qiwi.com/support/request/terminal.action
    On the page that opens, select the "Wrong payment" item.
    In the window that opens, fill in the table in which you must specify:

    Terminal name.
    The number of the payment for which the Qiwi terminal was used.
    Wrong number.
    Correct number.
    Operation code.
    Amount of payment.
    A summary of the nature of the error that occurred.
    Scan or screenshot of the receipt.
    Email of the applicant.
    Contact number.

The same scheme should be followed in cases where there are problems with payment through the terminal. Moreover, this should be done both when there is a receipt, and if it is absent.
User actions if faced with scammers

A user who understands that he has become a victim of scammers must do the following:

    Follow the link https://qiwi.com/support/request/security/fraudsters.action
    In the window that opens, fill out the form. It should indicate:

    Qiwi number that matches the user is phone number.
    Applicant is email.
    The scammer is account / phone number.
    The name of the service that was paid for.
    Date of incident.
    Payment time, at least approximate.
    Amount of payment.
    A detailed description of what happened.

In conclusion, it must be said that these Kiwi terminals have proven themselves so well that their popularity is growing every day. This means that their number will steadily increase.