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How much is one bitcoin worth?

Сколько стоит один биткоин?

The ancestor of cryptocurrencies Bitcoin appeared not so long ago, in 2009, but has a history full of interesting events. He has unique qualities and continues to amaze, delight, intrigue more and more people who tirelessly join the ranks of the cryptocurrency community. Its volatility is not so high that the question of how much one Bitcoin is worth is always relevant. How predictable the course is, experts can say, they will always find an explanation and name the reasons that affect the behavior of the cryptocurrency. Professionals can make predictions with a high percentage of probability.


How much Bitcoin costs - the relevance of the issue does not subside

For a currency of this magnitude, seven years on a virtual financial market is a short period of time. Due to the ambiguous attitude on the part of the authorities of different countries, she has to go through frequent vicissitudes, which are expressed by sharp jumps in the exchange rate. If you pay attention to how much Bitcoin is worth now, its potential is clearly visible. He is able to withstand the crisis in the global economy. Indeed, even during the period of devaluation of major currencies against the dollar, there was a stable growth in it.

Suffice it to recall the course from which it began its entry into the monetary world of Bitcoin, it was equal to only a few cents. Then, with an amazing speed, I got used to the virtual world of cryptocurrency. His presence was also reflected in the real world, where he was used for mutual settlements. Having passed a thorny path, he quickly took off. Suffice it to recall how much 1 Bitcoin cost in April 2013 - more than $ 1000. This was followed by a sharp decline, but Bitcoin never returned to its original rate, fell at least $ 200. As of June 23, 2016, 1 Bitcoin is roughly $ 680.


How much Bitcoin will cost: optimistic forecasts

Since the beginning of this year, Bitcoin has taken a confident start to the next ascent. It gradually gained a fairly fast pace and since the end of May, when its rate was about $ 300, by mid-June it had risen to almost $ 800. Judging by how much Bitcoin is worth now ($ 680), there is a noticeable decline, but analysts say this is temporary. According to their forecasts, another increase can be expected by the end of this year. Experts dare to name a figure - more than $ 1000 for 1 Bitcoin.

It is appropriate to recall here that this cryptocurrency is compared to gold, the price of which also varies, but still remains high. The similarity of Bitcoin with the yellow metal is also in the fact that its reserves are limited (21 million), as well as gold deposits. So it is often called "virtual gold" for a reason.

What are the assumptions based on how much one Bitcoin will cost? First, its advantages are taken into account, which play an important role in its further popularization:

Lack of a central authority.
Transparency of actions and availability of information on completed transactions.
Possibility to choose different levels of participation in the Bitcoin system.
User privacy.
Encouraging active members to support the network.
Security and protection against hacking.
Secondly, it is possible to assume how much 1 Bitcoin will cost in the near future and in the future, based on irrefutable facts. No one dares to deny that recently, cryptocurrency users have received more opportunities for its use. The range of virtual stores and service companies, where Bitcoin is added to the list of settlement currency, is noticeably expanding. It is actively used on cryptocurrency exchanges, where more and more hunters appear to increase the volume of Bitcoin wallets. Online services are emerging where you can exchange crypto coins for another type of currency in order to withdraw them later.

Depending on how much one Bitcoin costs, a reliable service baksman.org with a good reputation will offer the most profitable exchange option to make it easier for the user to withdraw money. The choice of an exchange resource is a very crucial moment, the fate of users personal funds depends on it. Now no one is immune from the encroachments of fraudsters. So it is worth listening to the recommendations and giving preference to reliable exchangers, to which baksman.org belongs, it is already recognized by a large number of users. By the way, the ability to withdraw digital currency allows you to use it for real needs.

Continuing the topic of forecasts of how much 1 Bitcoin may cost in the near future, we can say about one more reason that has a serious impact on the formation of its course. This is its perspective as an investment. At the moment, the total capitalization of Bitcoin is approaching $ 7 billion. This is quite an impressive amount and is attractive to potential investors.


How to find out how many rubles are in 1 Bitcoin?

To answer the question of how much Bitcoin costs in Russian rubles, it is enough to make simple calculations. To do this, you need to take the following initial data: the exchange rate of Bitcoin and the ruble in dollars and the dollar rate in rubles. As of June 23, 2016: 1 Bitcoin is $ 680; 1 ruble = $ 0.016; $ 1 = 63.72 rubles.

One Bitcoin = 680 x 63.2 = 43,329.6 rubles.

One ruble is approximately 0.00003 Bitcoin.

If we take the data for 06/23/2016 in the context of the two exchanges, then the data are slightly different. For example, on BTC-e, the average rate of 1 Bitcoin is 42,222 rubles.

On the LocalBitcoins exchange, the average rate is 42 095 rubles.

Using a similar calculation option, you can determine how much one Bitcoin costs in rubles at any time, you just need to take the raw data as a basis in real time.

Russian citizens are somewhat limited in their relationship to digital money. Recently, however, the Russian government has noticeably changed its policy regarding the new generation currency, especially in terms of the use of innovative blockchain technology. It is no longer possible to stop the process of implementing Bitcoin in real life. Of course, financial institutions see it as a kind of threat that could undermine the long-standing foundations of the old payment system. But life goes on, and Russians are increasingly interested in how much Bitcoin costs in rubles.


Bitcoin is the founder of new cryptocurrencies and forks

The ingenious development of innovative blockchain technology has attracted many programmers and cryptographers. Several hundred other types of digital currencies and their derivatives (forks) have already appeared in the vastness of the virtual world.

It was Bitcoin that laid the foundation for the creation of new species. This is how Litecoin appeared, followed by Primecoin, Namecoin. This list is huge, each of the types has similarities and differences with the worlds first cryptocurrency. The main distinguishing feature is how much Bitcoin is worth now. None of the virtual coins created later managed to even come close to the rate of this truly unique currency.

One of the activists in the field of digital money, Roger Ver, has expressed an opinion that inspires faith in Bitcoin. He considers it a huge delusion to strive for power on the principle of "all means are good." Does this make life easier for people? He is confident that the future belongs to innovative technologies that will become the basis for the creation of unique devices, equipment, virtual systems: unmanned aerial vehicles, 3D printing and Bitcoin. Yes, it is Bitcoin, or rather, the blockchain technology, the citadel of the financial power of the cryptocurrency, that can improve this mortal world.