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Transfer systems or payment systems. Whats better?

Almost every person is faced with the need to periodically carry out a money transfer in a certain direction. Many have close people or friends who live in another city, and sometimes outside the country. But kilometers are not an obstacle to transferring funds. To accomplish this task, transfer systems or payment systems are most often used, the number of which is more than sufficient today.

The emergence of a large number of such online sites, of course, is a merit of the development of technology and the widespread spread of the web, although they also provoked the emergence of various types of title units and even virtual digital money, the conversion of which offline is simply not possible. Online platforms of various types are good in that they allow you to make money transfers and conversion operations for a moderate margin without any territorial and time restrictions 24/7/365. At the same time, they can be carried out both from a personal computer and from any modern gadget connected to the Internet.

Which method of translation to give preference is a personal matter for everyone. So, some people do not trust electronic payment services and only use transfer systems, for example, Western Union or Zolotaya Korona. Others, on the contrary, use EPS services such as WebMoney, Qiwi or Yandex.Money. Lets dwell in more detail on the advantages and disadvantages of both methods, as well as some fundamental differences.

No e-wallets

Sometimes, we are inherent in some weirdness. For example, even in the era of massive dissemination of information and computing technologies, it is not difficult to meet people who prefer conservative methods and do not recognize the phenomenon of online wallets. Yes, a significant part of such an electorate consists of elderly people who simply do not understand the innovations, but there are quite a lot of originals, for whom periodic visits to banks to receive or send money are a kind of ritual.

For those people who do not want to start an online wallet, transfer systems will be the best solution. The client only needs to visit a commercial structure and transfer funds anywhere in the world. The recipient will need to contact the financial institution and collect the money. In most cases, the procedure takes a few minutes, but sometimes the translation takes up to a day. The peculiarity of this method is that the financial institution acts as the guarantor of the transaction and the sender does not have to worry about losing funds. The conditions are absolutely transparent and comfortable.

What do electronic payment systems offer?

Those people who constantly use electronic wallets of payment systems rarely use other services. Indeed, if the money is in an electronic wallet account, does it make sense to withdraw it to make a payment through other services? Obviously not. It is much easier to transfer money to another users wallet, who will be able to withdraw it on their own or spend it directly from an electronic account. Moreover, the transfer within the system can cost a minimum amount. For example, WebMoney charges 0.8%, Yandex.Money - 0.5%, and Qiwi does not charge any commission for payments over RUB 500.

To understand which is better, transfer systems or payment systems, you should carefully study the offer of both market participants. All translation services are divided into international and domestic. At the same time, there are resources that can be called conditionally international, since they work with the CIS countries or a certain region. To be fair, we note that there are very few such online sites.

Western Union

The first place in the international rating is occupied by the Western Union company, which has been doing its business for more than a century and a half. The system covers almost all countries of the world, and the number of offices that accept and issue funds is approaching 500,000. When choosing a transfer system or payment systems, you should also take into account the size of the commission. And in this segment, Western Union demonstrates the highest rates, especially when it comes to urgent transactions.

The time for receiving money for a standard transaction is 12 hours, and for an urgent one - a few minutes. When transferring up to $ 200, the commission is 2.5%. With an increase in the amount, the size of the commission decreases. For example, if an amount of $ 3,000 or more is transferred, the commission will be 1%. When making a transfer to foreign countries, the size of the commission increases several times. So, for a transaction in the amount of $ 750.01, the transfer system charges about 6.5%.

It should be noted that, despite the financial guarantees for the implementation of the money transfer, the percentage charged by the system can hardly be called extortionate. Although, the owners of Western Union explain this by the need to maintain offices and numerous qualified personnel around the world.


The Russian company CONTACT is one of the most popular services. The system offers low tariffs, which are 1% of the payment within the territory of the Russian Federation and 2% to the neighboring countries. The number of representative offices of the company exceeds 300 thousand.

Payment system Golden crown

Service Zolotaya Korona serves a huge number of people and is on the list of leaders in the Russian market. A feature of the company is low tariffs, both within the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad. The transfer fee is 1%. You can send money from Russia to almost all countries of the world. Of course, a user who does not have a virtual wallet and is trying to figure out which is better than transfer systems or payment systems should give preference to the first option.

Considering payment services, one cannot ignore the BLIZKO company, which offers the most favorable conditions. So, to carry out a transaction in the CIS, the user will need to pay a minimum commission of 0.6%. That is, when transferring 10,000 rubles, the fee will be only 60 rubles. For comparison: you will have to pay $ 2 for Western Union services. The only drawback of the service is work only with neighboring countries.

Are payment systems that operate on the domestic market able to compete with the listed services?

WebMoney Transfer

This company is a leading player in the post-Soviet space. Millions of users have found shelter under its "wing", and the audience continues to expand. WebMoney offers a multilevel security system, which sometimes becomes an obstacle for users wishing to register in the system.

Funds can be transferred to another user only if they have a WebMoney account. The service offers a fairly high commission rate - 0.8%. It should be noted that the same or significantly high percentage is offered by some translation systems, for example, BLIZKO. You can transfer money to your wallet in any convenient way, from terminals to online. In general, other services offer the same wallet funding methods.

Yandex money

Some portals claim that Yandex.Money is the leader in the Russian market. In any case, the service offers favorable conditions for its customers. So, internal transactions are carried out with a low commission of 0.5%. A characteristic feature of the service is that it offers bank cards that have a single balance with a virtual wallet. Therefore, when choosing transfer systems or payment systems, this detail must be taken into account. Thus, a Yandex Money bank card can be used all over the world, while you can replenish it from any terminal, card account and many other methods.


Qiwi is a fairly popular system that works in the CIS countries. If an amount of more than 500 rubles is deposited into the account, no commission is charged from the user. A characteristic difference of the payment system is the ease of registration. A wallet can be created in a few minutes, and the transfer is received instantly.

In general, a user choosing a suitable service needs to focus on several criteria, namely urgency, reliability and cost. Almost all systems today make instant payments. Of course, in terms of security, transfer services win, which provide a guarantee for transactions. Therefore, in case of problems, it will be much easier to return the money than in a service that functions without human participation. It is impossible to give an unambiguous answer which is better than transfer systems or payment systems. Each type of service has its own advantages and is targeted at a specific audience.

There is one important point to consider when working with popular payment services. Withdrawal of funds from online wallets occurs with the help of intermediaries, which is also associated with certain costs. Lets consider this on the example of withdrawing funds from WebMoney in Georgia. Lets make a reservation that this example is not at all unique and the only one, and interest rates in different countries may be different.

In Georgia, withdrawal of funds from WebMoney is possible through the use of intermediary services of the online service mm.ge, intermediary services of which will cost the user 2% of the withdrawal amount + minimum 0.25 US cents. Withdrawal is possible only in US dollars and national currency lari. Withdrawals are made to accounts opened in all major banking institutions in the country, which, in turn, charge 0.6-1% of the total transaction amount from each user.