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How to exchange rubles Visa / MasterCard for cryptocurrency

On our online service, anyone can exchange rubles on Visa or MasterCard cards for Bitcoins. The card can be issued by any domestic bank. But before starting the operation, it is recommended to make sure that there is no financial institution in the list of banks with which our exchanger works directly. Indeed, in this case, it is much more profitable to convert directly through the bank. This will allow you to save on commissions, and also reduce the transfer time.

In most cases, transactions sent via the Visa / MasterCard protocol are almost instantaneous. But sometimes delays of up to three to five days are not excluded. Therefore, we ask clients not to worry if the receipt of money is delayed and to treat the situation with understanding.

To start the exchange, you must indicate in one of the fields the amount of the transfer. If the client plans to exchange a certain amount of rubles, the field on the left is filled in. If the user needs to receive a certain amount of Bitcoins, then the data is entered in the field on the right. You will also need to create an application, indicating in it the card details, the name of the bank, as well as the address in the Bitcoin system to which you want to make the transfer. Then the user must agree to the terms of exchange by clicking the mouse in a special window.

After that, you can go directly to the payment by activating the button with the corresponding inscription. If the user makes a transfer for the first time on the service, the operation will be performed only after the card has been verified. The check will make sure that it is the owner of the card that intends to make the exchange, and not the cybercriminal who took possession of its details. During the verification process, you need to take a picture of the map on the background of the computer screen with a tab of our service and upload the picture to a special window. To check, you need to verify the first and last four digits of its number, the client has the right to hide all other information.

After successful verification, the user will be able to continue filling out the application form. A window with the details of our card will appear on the page. To make a payment, you need to follow the link to the website of a specific bank. On the resource, the user transfers money, then he needs to return to the service and confirm the payment by activating the appropriate button. Within fifteen minutes, our employees will check the receipt of funds. As soon as the transfer is completed, they will credit the Bitcoins to the users cryptocurrency wallet. Upon exchange, the service will send a notification to the clients mail. But the cryptocurrency will become available only after receiving at least two confirmations from the Bitcoin system. This process takes anywhere from twenty minutes to several hours. If you have any additional questions, we advise you to contact support. Its employees work around the clock and will promptly answer your question.