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Common types of failures in Qiwi

Qiwi payment system is a complex structure consisting of many elements, each of which performs a specific function. As with any system, Qiwi sometimes crashes during which the service does not work or works with interference. In order to cope with the problem as quickly as possible, users must learn to determine its cause. Then it will become clear what measures need to be taken to fix the problem.

Causes of Failures

Despite the fact that the technical service of the service monitors its operability around the clock, it is very rare, but nevertheless, system malfunctions do occur. All errors that occur can be classified for their cause:

    terminal errors.
    server errors.
    user errors.

 Each of the listed types of errors can include various types of malfunctions, conditionally combined into one group. Having studied them, it will be easier for you to understand why Qiwi does not work and what needs to be done.

Terminal errors

 If you are unable to make a payment or transfer funds using the terminal, then this may be caused by such malfunctions as:

    There is no internet connection.
    A failure has occurred in the terminal operating system.
    A component of the device is out of order.

 Online connection problems are the most common causes of a terminal malfunction. They can be caused by damage to the line, lack of connection due to problems with the provider, incorrect operation of the network card.

 Therefore, before writing messages on the forum with the question “what is wrong with Qiwi wallet today dd / mm / 2017”, it is better to try to access the service from a mobile device or use another payment terminal. Only a qualified specialist can diagnose and repair a terminal breakdown. However, you can determine the location of the failure - only the terminal or the server of the system has failed.

In the first case, the problem can be solved using the neighboring device, in the second case, you can only wait patiently when the technical support will fix the problem.

User Issues

 If there is interference with the entry into the Qiwi system, users can describe their problem in specialized forums in the section “Why does the qiwi wallet not work today dd / mm / 2017”. In the event of systemic problems on the Kiwi server, this will be reported by the technical support service, as well as the planned time for troubleshooting. However, very often, users receive messages in response that the service works without failures and that the problem needs to be sought from the client.

 Most often, the error is caused by an outdated browser or incorrect router settings. In the first case, you need to try to go to the Kiwi site through another browser. If replacing Chrome with Mozilla does not help, then you should contact your provider for help, maybe it blocks certain addresses, and Kiwi does not work for you for this reason.


In addition, check the operation of your router. It may fail or not allow the user to certain IP addresses, for example, registered outside the country.

Sometimes sites can block the Windows firewall, perceiving them as malicious resources. If the Qiwi service also seems suspicious to him, then the user will not be able to get to the system’s website. In this case, disabling the firewall helps.

Server problems

 Qiwi server failures can be caused by scheduled maintenance or sudden problems. In the first case, customers are informed by a special announcement on the site that the Qiwi site is not working due to technical work. In addition, the administration warns in advance about planned server outages so that users can plan the necessary operations.

 In the event of a sudden failure of the server hardware or a failure in the operating system, information about the problem can always be obtained from the technical support service. Such malfunctions occur extremely rarely and are eliminated by specialists as soon as possible. Therefore, if you were informed about the repair of the server by telephone on the hotline, you will have to wait several hours.

Tricks of terminal owners

 Recently, more and more customers of payment terminals have reported that Qiwi does not accept banknotes of 1000 rubles. It seems that the device is working properly, and other bills are accepted without problems, and there are problems with the "thousand". In fact, the service has nothing to do with this situation. The thing is that in the case of payments amounting to more than 500 rubles, according to the rules of the system, the commission from the client is not charged. Which is completely disadvantageous to owners of payment terminals who receive a reward in the form of a certain percentage of the amount of this commission.

 Therefore, in order not to lose the income from the turnover of funds, one-time replenishment of the account was limited to 500 rubles; accordingly, the Qiwi terminal simply does not accept banknotes of 1000 rubles. Now in order to fund your account by 1000 rubles you need to conduct at least two transactions of 500 rubles, and from each pay 3% commission. While for a replenishment of 1000 rubles, the commission should not be withheld at all.

Such a trick of terminal owners leads to the fact that Qiwi customers increasingly refuse their services and choose other, more economical ways to replenish their account.