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The most expensive Bitcoin faucets

Proponents of the first peer-to-peer currency Bitcoin are often in search of free additional income to the family budget. Bitcoin-Faucet can act as such a lottery. Such faucets are intended to collect cryptocoins with subsequent payments to the participants electronic wallets. What faucets for distributing Bitcoins are worth paying attention to, and what kind of reward can a client of the site receive?

Purpose of Bitcoin faucets

The faucets that give out free satoshi are specialized sites. These resources are easily allocated among the many services. They can be identified by the presence of numerous advertisements on each of the pages. It is due to banner ads, videos and various links to seller sites that such resources exist. The more often participants click on such links, the higher the income of the owners of the largest Bitcoin faucets and, accordingly, the amount of remuneration. Bitcoin Faucets fall into several categories:

    By the way of collecting coins. These include manual and automatic taps. Manual faucets provide for the collection of cryptocoins after a certain period of time. The main condition is entering captcha or solving a logic game on the official page of the site. Automatic taps are famous for the continuous accrual of funds that can be collected throughout the day. Automated services do not require active customer involvement and can generate negligible passive income. On the contrary, manual cranes require a constant presence on the resource, however, earnings on the most expensive Bitcoin cranes are much more significant.
    By the time interval for collecting crypto coins. The time for collecting coins is set by the developer and can vary from 1 minute to 1 day. As a rule, most of the faucets make a distribution of rewards every 15, 30 or 60 minutes.
    By the amount of payments. There are sites that pay the minimum reward after a certain amount of time, as well as those that reward members generously. As a rule, expensive cranes are launched due to PR advertising. If, after a certain time, a sufficiently large number of customers are not attracted to the site, then there is a possibility that the Bitcoin faucet will be on the list of scams.
    By payments. These include resources with instant payments to micro-wallets of clients, automatic payments once a week, or at the request of the faucet user.

BitcoFarmer - New Faucet with Generous Payouts

Lets take a look at some of the faucets that generously reward participants for solving simple problems. BitcoFarmer is considered a brand new and large crane. Date of creation - August 2016. The service is a game with automatic withdrawal of funds to the FaucetBox micro-wallet. No material investment is required on the part of clients. First, you need to go through a simple registration stage in the bitcoin distribution faucet. Upon completion, the participant is credited with free livestock in the form of 1 chicken and 10 grams of food for it.

The essence of the game is to purchase pets that will produce products. These goods must be accumulated in the warehouse for subsequent sale. For these actions, the client of the fauset receives a reward in the form of satoshi. Payments are made hourly in the amount of 1 to 10 thousand cryptocoins. There is a chat on the site where all farmers can communicate.

To increase profits on the largest Bitcoin faucet, you can use the referral program in the amount of 15%. This interest is accrued to active newbies after the sale of the products of his farm. In a special section, you can track the activities of all referrals. The site is presented in English. You can only verify the honesty of payments after registration. Lack of investment and an interesting game dispose to this.

FreeBitco.in - time-tested expensive crane

Earning money on any faucet implies registration of a participant. On the official page of the most expensive Bitcoin faucet, you must specify a personal virtual Bitcoin wallet for making payments and an email address. It is important to come up with a complex login password. The essence of FreeBitco.ins work is to introduce a simple captcha. The number of crypto coins charged in this case depends on the current Bitcoin exchange rate.

It is necessary to perform simple actions 1 time in 60 minutes, after which the participant is involved in a kind of lottery. At its stage, there is an enumeration of possible winnings with the appearance of one number. If the client gets a number from 0-9885, then the minimum winning amount is 1000 Satoshi. If the number 10,000 falls out, then the winning amount on the Bitcoin faucet will be approximately $ 200. Each time a random number falls out, the system issues 2 tickets to participate in the weekly lottery.

Holding a lottery means:

    Weekly competition.
    The winnings directly depend on the number of previously received tickets.
    10 winners receive the maximum amount of profit.You can win only 1 time in 1 round.
    After making a profit, the amount is automatically transferred to the players account.
    The presence of at least 1 ticket implies the automatic participation of the client in the lottery.

A sound notification about the expiration of 60 minutes is available on the site for re-entering the captcha. A referral program is provided to receive additional income on the distribution faucets of Bitcoins. In your personal account on the resource, you must copy the link to the invitation for newbies. It is important for the referral to advertise the site on the most visited resources, including on social networks and on thematic forums. For each attracted newbie, the participant receives 50% of the profit. Income is accrued after the referral is active on the service.

The site is filled with specialized materials to attract new users. Detailed statistics on the invited participants is available in your personal account. As for payments on the largest Biktoin crane, they are made on Sundays in automatic mode.

FreeBtc.Click is a rather bold fauset

To register on the site, you must enter the address of the Bitcoin digital wallet in the field provided for this. If you visit the fauset every hour, then there is an opportunity to receive from 1 to 15 thousand satoshi as a reward. No failures in paying for or disabling the rotator of this service have been identified. FreeBtc.Click makes direct payments to the clients wallet. To get the coveted coins, you need to enter Recaptcha. A participant of one of the most expensive Bitcoin faucets is invited to select several images from the presented table that relate to a specific topic, for example, all images of buildings or seas.

The resource provides a referral program in the amount of 20%. It allows the user to earn several times more. You can also refer your own friends and acquaintances as referrals. If a service member has a sufficient number of close people, then they can help to attract additional profit. Therefore, as an option, you can try to spread the benefits of earning on expensive Bitcoin faucets through friends.