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Exchange Sberbank to Payeer

If you need to quickly exchange Sberbank rubles for Payeer dollars, welcome to our online service. The Payeer payment system is popular among Russians, primarily due to its vigorous activity in other countries.

 Our exchanger offers to quickly and at a favorable rate convert Sberbank rubles into Payeer dollars or perform an exchange operation in the opposite direction. But before proceeding with the application, it recommends registering. This procedure will not take much time, but the user will receive many benefits. First of all, every newbie is given a 0.05% discount on the service.

 It is cumulative and grows as the number of transactions increases. The user can track the execution of the application from his office in real time. Also, the process of its creation will be simplified due to the function of auto-filling personal data. And finally, the registered member receives additional income from referrals. You can read more about the privileges of registered users on the page for partners.

Registration of the application begins with determining the exchange amount. Moreover, the client can indicate the number that he needs to give or, conversely, receive. Depending on the needs, it fills in the right or left margin. In any case, the program will automatically determine the exchange amount and enter it into a free column. The exchange rate is indicated above the corresponding field. The transfer amount cannot be less than 250 and more than 200 thousand rubles. Also, the transaction will not be executed if its amount exceeds the amount of the reserve. Its value is indicated directly under the receivable column.

Our service always has large reserves available, but if the user does not have enough of them, then you can make an application for replenishment. To do this, go to the "reserves" tab, select the Payeer system and indicate the amount, as well as your work email. As soon as the reserve is replenished to the specified level, the system will send a notification by mail.

At the next stage, the user needs to enter the following data in the application form:

    Bank card number, consisting of 16-18 characters.
    Personal data of the cardholder. Moreover, this information can be reflected in both Russian and English.
    Active mail on the network. It is to this address that the service will send notifications about the execution of applications.
    Wallet details in the Payeer system. The number consists of seven or eight digits and begins with the letter "P".
    Agree to the terms of exchange by checking the box in the appropriate box.

All newbies must go through card verification. This procedure minimizes the possibility of unauthorized use of plastic. The map needs to be photographed against the background of a switched on monitor with an open tab of our service. The picture should be as clear as possible. During the verification process, we reconcile the first four and the last four digits of the number. You also need to verify the personal data of the owner, if it is registered. The user has the right to hide the middle part of the number, as well as the validity period of the card. If the user makes an exchange using a mobile device, and he is unable to take a picture, you must contact the technical service. Its employees will carry out verification in a different way. The taken photo must be uploaded to the site. Card verification will take several minutes and after its completion the user will be able to resume the creation of the application.

The page will automatically refresh and a message will appear about the amount of the commission in the Payeer system (0.95% of the transfer amount). If the user is satisfied with these conditions, he clicks OK. At the next step of the payment, you go to the Sberbank page. Here the client should open the transfers section, and then the transfer tab to another bank client. Having made a payment according to the details indicated on the site, the user must return to the resource again and activate the button to complete the payment.

After completing these steps, the application will be processed by our employees. The money on the users wallet in the Payeer system will be transferred within ten minutes after the transfer is received to the service account. If you have any questions during the exchange, our technical service will promptly prepare an answer.