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Exchange of Sberbank rubles for Perfect Mani dollars

On our online service, you can easily and quickly make an exchange in the direction of Sberbank to Perfect Money. Today Perfect Money confidently occupies a leading position in the electronic payments market. Its popularity is due to its high level of security, as well as quality customer service. Therefore, exchange operations from Sberbank to Perfect Money and vice versa are a very popular direction.

A translation request is created within three minutes. Another five minutes is needed to transfer money to the users wallet. But the countdown starts only upon receipt of money for the service.

First of all, the user needs to decide on the amount of the transfer. He can enter a number in one of the fields of the exchange request. If the client intends to exchange a specific amount of Perfect Money dollars, then the field on the right is filled in. In this case, you need to take into account the amount of the reserve, which is indicated directly below the field. If the transfer amount exceeds the reserve, then the payment will not be executed. In this case, the user needs to go to the reserves tab, select Perfect Money and indicate the amount he needs. You should also specify the mail address in the global network. As soon as the reserve reaches the required amount, the service will send a notification to the client.

Transfer in the Perfect Money system is limited by certain limits. The minimum amount is two hundred and fifty rubles, and the maximum is two hundred thousand. The number of applications is limited only by the amount of the reserve. Users who have registered for the service receive a discount on our services. Moreover, it is cumulative in nature and the more a client makes transactions, the higher his discount becomes. The details of how the skid system works can be found on the page for partners. If the user has a personal discount, then it is automatically taken into account in the exchange process.

To transfer Sberbank to Perfect Money, you need to indicate the following details in the application:

    The number of the card issued by Sberbank. It consists of sixteen or eighteen characters.
    Personal data of the cardholder, which can be indicated both in Russian and in English. This field must be filled in, even if the card is not personalized and there is no owners data on its face. Otherwise, there may be problems with the translation.
    WAN address. Moreover, you need to specify a valid mail, since the service will send messages to it regarding the execution of applications.
    Details of a virtual wallet in the Perfect Money system. The number consists of seven or eight characters and begins with the Latin letter "U".

After entering the specified data, the user must confirm his agreement with the terms of exchange by clicking the mouse in a special window. To start the exchange operation, you need to activate the button with the corresponding inscription. The new client will have to go through verification. This procedure takes literally a minute. The user needs to take a photo of the map in the background of the page with our online service. He has the right to hide some of the details. The main thing is to clearly see the personal data of the card holder, as well as the first and last four digits of its number. After the form for uploading a photo appears, you need to turn on the review, select and upload the taken picture. After successful verification, the user can continue to create an application. A window will appear in the center of the screen, in which the details for the transfer are indicated. To make a payment, you need to do the following:

    Activate the button with the inscription "Sberbank", after which you will go to the website of the financial institution. The user must log in to the resource by specifying his username and password.
    Go to the payments page in the section for transfers to another client.
    In the transfer form, indicate the details of the service card, as well as the amount of payment. It should be borne in mind that Sberbank takes a commission of one percent of the amount. If the funds on the card, taking into account the commission, will not be enough, then you will need to create a new application for a smaller amount.
    Transfer money, return to the service and confirm your actions by activating the payment button.

As a result of performing these actions, the application will be successfully created and a unique number will be assigned to it. The money will be transferred within ten minutes after the receipt of funds to the service account. If you have any additional questions about the exchange, it is recommended to contact the support service. Its staff will help you quickly resolve any issue.