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Qiwi Transaction Duration

Currently, almost everyone has the opportunity to make payments on the Internet. Such transfers replaced the usual trips to banking institutions and post offices to carry out certain operations and made life easier for mankind. Thanks to the development of technology, people have the opportunity to pay for purchases, accumulate decent amounts in the account and transfer money to each other in a matter of minutes and without leaving the threshold of their own apartment. The only condition is access to the global web and the Visa Qiwi Wallet service. Many newcomers to the resource ask a logical question: "How much money does Qiwi go to the card and Qiwi wallet?" This is quite logical, because the speed of the transaction, along with the lack of unnecessary time and territorial restrictions, are the main criteria by which the productivity of modern money transfer systems is evaluated.

How long are payments between Qiwi wallets?

 All holders of a Kiwi wallet can make almost instant transfers to anywhere in the world. You can evaluate the benefits of a payment resource after going through a simple registration step. To send money to relatives or friends, as well as pay the issued checks for goods or services of the online store, you can use the method of transferring funds from one Qiwi electronic account to another. It is more convenient to make payments between accounts within the system on the official page of the site. On its main form, along with relevant information on security and tariffs, you can also find out how much money goes from Qiwi to Qiwi. To make a payment, it is necessary to go to the main service window and click on the "Transfer" button. Next, you need to correctly fill in the following fields:

    Payment method. There are four options to choose from: Visa Qiwi Wallet (virtual wallet), bank cards, cell phone balance, terminals. In the drop-down menu, you can select any option from the presented list.
    Recipient is phone number. Correct entry of a cell phone number guarantees 100% delivery of the transfer to the addressee.
    Transaction amount and currency.
    Write a comment. The presence of explanations will allow to keep statistics on transfers of the nth amount to the recipients. You can view transaction history in your account.

    Click the payment button.

Before you find out how much money goes from Kiwi to a Kiwi wallet, you must enter the protection code in a special field, which is previously sent by the system to the client is phone number. This operation is required to confirm debit actions. By the way, the transfer takes a few minutes. The recipient is notified of the payment via SMS to his phone number.

As for payment using service terminals, the transfer to an electronic purse account is also carried out instantly. In some cases, for technical reasons, the operation can drag up to two days. You can track and check the status of the payment that was made from the terminal. Otherwise, you need to contact the technical support service of the resource to get a competent answer to the question: "How much time does the money go from Qiwi to Qiwi wallet and when to wait for it to arrive?"

Duration of transactions from a card to a Qiwi wallet?

 It may happen that the electronic account does not have the necessary amount to complete the transaction to another purse, then you can send money from a bank card tied to your account, from a mobile phone account or make cash through the terminal. If a client decided to withdraw funds from an electronic purse to a card, then the term of the operation will directly depend on the chosen method. Standard translation is carried out within three working days. In case of urgent transfer, funds are credited to the account within two hours. Consider below how much money goes from Kiwi to a card that is not tied to a Kiwi account.

There are also ways to transfer funds from the card to the wallet of the payment system. They are suitable for those people who have connected an online or mobile banking service to a banking instrument:

    Online banking. You must log in to the bank’s website, the card holder of which is the client, go to the “Transfers and Payments” section. Then select a Qiwi wallet from the list, indicate its details and transaction amount.
    Mobile banking. You must pre-connect the service to the phone. After that, you can send a message to the number 900, in which you want to specify the wallet number and the transfer amount. In both cases, funds are transferred to the account instantly, and the duration is similar to how much time money goes from Qiwi to Qiwi is wallet.

If the money sent did not arrive in the wallet within two hours, it makes sense to contact the technical support of the bank or payment system. But what if there is a balance on the plastic card, but the client does not have the opportunity or time to attach it to the account. In this case, you can resort to the services of a reliable and safe 24-hour exchanger such as Baksman. When making a transfer, it is necessary to indicate the bank card number, name of the sender, e-mail and Qiwi wallet of the recipient. The exchange procedure takes no more than 15 minutes.

Most transactions on Qiwi Visa Wallet are instant. Therefore, adherents of this payment service are becoming more and more every day. And the site administration, in turn, continues to work towards improving the activity of the resource.