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Step-by-step instructions for exchanging Alfa-Bank rubles for Bitcoins

On our online service, everyone can quickly and profitably exchange Alfa-Bank rubles for cryptocurrency. On average, an application is completed in twenty minutes. To start an exchange operation, you need to enter the following information in the application form:

    Indicate the exchange amount. Moreover, only one field is filled in, depending on the clients desire to receive a certain amount of cryptocurrency or exchange a specific amount of rubles. The field that remains free is automatically filled in by the system taking into account the exchange rate.
    Enter the designation of the letter of credit opened in the required bank. It consists of twenty characters.
    Enter the personal data of the user making the exchange. They must match the data of the financial institution.
    Designate the address in the global network.
    Specify the details of the Bitcoin wallet.
    Confirm consent to the terms of the transaction on the service by clicking in the next field.
    Activate the button responsible for starting the exchange operation.

If the exchange in this direction is made for the first time, the user must go through the plastic identification procedure. It wont take long. You need to take a photo of the card on the background of the monitor with an open page of our service. The taken picture is uploaded to the site. The first four and last four digits of the number must be clearly visible on it. And if the card is personal, then the personal data of its owner should also be clearly visible. All other details can be hidden at the request of the user. Verification takes only a few minutes. If verification is successful, the user can return to the application.

The updated window will display information about the service account number in Alpha-click, to which the transfer should be made. Moreover, you need to send the amount, the size of which is indicated in the application. If the amounts differ, then two options are possible. The application will be rejected as erroneous or it will have to be recalculated. In any case, this will delay the exchange.

Next, the user must follow the link to the Alpha click page. This is where the translation is done. Moreover, it is recommended to carefully check the correctness of the entered details. After all, transactions in the Bitcoin system are irreversible, therefore, they can no longer be canceled.

If the transfer was successfully completed and the money was debited from the account, you should return to the service and click on the button confirming the payment. At this stage, the application will already be assigned a unique number by which you can track its implementation in your personal account. Service employees will start processing it immediately after receiving the transfer.

Separately, it is necessary to mention the duration of transactions in the Bitcoin system. In most cases, cryptocurrency is credited to a virtual wallet within twenty minutes after sending. This is the standard time interval. But if the network is overloaded, the transfer can take several hours or even days. The transfer time does not depend on the service or the participants in the transaction. The user needs to be patient and wait for the receipt of funds on the wallet.

Our service will send a link to a public resource by email. On it you can check the progress of the translation. If you have additional questions during the exchange, it is recommended to contact the support service. Its employees work around the clock and promptly answer any question of interest to the user.