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Popular Bitcoin faucet Bitcoinaliens.com

Every day people are looking for new ways to make money on the virtual network. The mining of the first electronic cryptocurrency Bitcoin, causes increased interest of users in this type of income. However, with each new mined block, mathematical calculations become more and more complicated, therefore, it becomes more difficult to make money without specialized expensive equipment and solo mining has lost all meaning. Today, Bitcoin faucets are considered to be a more reliable method of mining cryptocurrency compared to mining. There are faucets that give out free satoshi for performing certain actions. These include the popular Bitcoin faucet Bitcoinaliens. Lets consider the features of its work.

The principle of making money on Bitcoin faucets

On the global web, sites are often created that are called faucets. To start making virtual money, you need to go through a simple stage of registering an electronic Bitcoin wallet. To do this, you can visit an online resource or install a stationary wallet on a personal computer. The virtual wallet number is required to make payments with resources to the members personal wallet.

The essence of earning on fausets lies in visiting a resource after a certain period of time. Some services are configured to enter captcha, others to complete a logic mini-game. For example, the site Bitcoinaliens.com is built on the form of a game. For these simple actions, the site administration pays the user a reward in the form of satoshi. As you know, Satoshi is the one-hundred-millionth part of Bitcoin. Simply put, this is the same cryptocurrency coin as a penny for a ruble or a cent for a dollar.

As a rule, such faucets consist of several pages filled with advertising banners. In this regard, the question arises: "Why do faucets give out coins for free?" Its definitely simple. Income from advertising on the resource pages is distributed among the faucet participants, including Bitcoin aliens. Often, the administration encourages users to follow the advertising links to the advertisers website at least once a day in order to increase the viability of the site and extend the period of Satoshi payments to customers.

The amount of reward for being on the paying Bitcoin faucet is by no means large. Each fauset sets its own minimum and maximum remuneration rate. Therefore, experienced Internet users recommend making money on several Bitcoin faucets, which significantly increases the total monthly income of the participant. Almost every popular site offers users a referral program, and Bitcoin aliens com is no exception. The amount of payments for each active referral on different resources is different. It can be either 10 or 50%. Attracting newbies to a project is the most profitable way to get free coins. An experienced referral manager can earn many times more than even the most active crane participant.

How to earn Satoshi on Bitcoinaliens?

The popular Bitcoin faucet was created in 2014 by Daniel D Alien. The site is presented as a game for the destruction of aliens. The more aliens are killed by the user, the higher the participants income will become. The minimum earnings on the resource is 200 satoshi every 5 minutes. Free bitcoin faucets provide for manual or automatic withdrawal of funds. As for the considered fauset, satoshi payments are made every Tuesday when the minimum withdrawal amount is reached in the amount of 20,000 coins. In order to start making money on the site, you must:

Visit the official resource page.
Choose the registration method: via your Facebook account or via your email address.
To receive the first or next reward, you must:

Login to your account.
Press the Claim button.
Enter alphanumeric captcha.
Click on the Kill-an-alien-and-earn-bitcoin button of the Bitcoinaliens resource.
After completing very simple steps, a message appears, which indicates the amount of the reward and the time after which you can try to earn Satoshi again. On average, more than 4 thousand coins can be mined per hour, so the crane is often called “generous”.

The considered Bitcoin Fauset is presented as a full-fledged multi-page site. It is a classic example of faucets that were developed and began their formation and evolution as online platforms designed to popularize cryptocurrencies, and in particular Bitcoin. In addition to collecting satoshi, here you can also read articles from the developers personal blog and get yourself some idea of the phenomenon of digital money.

Fauset Bitcoinaliens was created for Android and iPhone mobile platforms. You can install the Bitcoinaliens.com application in the Play Market or App Store, respectively. Average income is from 3 to 5 thousand satoshi per hour. Every 3 hours, you can play a 10-round bonus game in which you need to defeat the aliens and their boss at the very end of the mission. Payouts

How to withdraw satoshi?

Many virtual web users know how to make money from faucets, but have no idea how to withdraw it to their own electronic account. This is easy enough. You need to enter the official page of the site, then click on the Account button. Next, the following information will be displayed:

Greet the user by their registered name in Bitcoin aliens.
Bitcoin wallet address.
Members email address.
Satoshi balance on personal account.
Recent payments of money.
The number of aliens defeated.
Here it is also possible to specify the type of e-wallet to which automatic satoshi payments will be made:

Direct BTC address. Payments are made to the digital wallet specified during registration on the site.
To Xapo e-mail address. The money is withdrawn to the Xapo wallet, which must be bound to the participants email.
To Coinbase e-mail address. Money transfers from the Bitcoin aliens com site will be made to the Coinbase wallet linked to the clients e-mail.
After choosing the option to withdraw money, you need to click on the Send confirmation e-mail button. After that, the system will send a letter to the email address, which will contain an active link. By clicking on the link, the participant confirms his intention to withdraw funds from the resource account. After the performed actions, the client needs to wait for the day of remuneration payments.

Referral program

As already described above, the chances of earning impressive sums increase when attracting newcomers to the project. To do this, in the account, the participant must go to the "Referral" tab of the free Bitcoin faucet and copy the generated personal link. The remuneration for one attracted client is 25%. Also in this section you can view information about registered referrals and rewards from their activity on the site. If a participant has a personal site, he can receive additional income by placing a banner of a fauset on a personal resource.

Every user dreams of receiving stable passive income in a virtual network. A referral program is one of the types of such earnings. You can advertise your site and place a Bitcoinaliens referral link on several effective services. These include:

Personal blog or live website. This option is considered quite effective. To implement it, you need to create your own resource, which needs to be filled with interesting content and attractive illustrations. It is important that the information is directly about the site, the link of which the client decides to place on the pages of his own service. Its not enough just to create a resource, it needs to be promoted daily, increasing ratings and attracting new referrals. Experienced bloggers try to honestly talk about the merits and demerits of the advertised service, for example, Bitcoinaliens.com. Thus, the chances of success are greatly increased.
Social media pages. The most interesting option for posting information about the resource. You can add information to your personal page, but it is much more effective to create an interest group, which also needs to be constantly promoted. The more subscribers there are in the group, the higher the chances of attracting users to the desired site. To promote a group, you can fill it with quality content or advertise pages in adjacent groups.
YouTube video hosting. Referral link Bitcoin aliens can be left in the comments below videos on related topics. Often, Internet users watch such videos, and interested beginners may well go to the link left by the referral.
Subject forums. There are 3 options for promoting referral links: adding to the profile, placing in the signature, the "question-answer" method. The first two ways are to add a link below interesting text. As for the "question-answer" method, then there is the creation of questions and answers on behalf of different users who leave the link Bitcoin aliens com and direct visitors to this resource.
Mailing list. You can use the free mailing service, create a specific topic and get subscribers. When the number of participants becomes sufficient, you can start promoting the referral link by simply pasting it into an interesting text.
Fauset Bitcoinaliens is a fairly generous and paying service. In the spring of this year, faucet users encountered certain difficulties in transferring rewards to electronic wallets. The administration announced the imminent resumption of work and the payment of previously not withdrawn coins to all participants in the free bitcoin faucet Bitcoinaliens.com.