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Why do payment systems require passport data?

Recently, payment systems have begun to pay more attention to user identification. Today, a passport is required in almost all electronic payment systems, at least in order to have access to the numerous functions of the services.

The reason why payment services resort to customer identification is understandable. To date, cases of fraudulent actions by unverified users have become more frequent. Therefore, services Yandex.Money, WebMoney and a number of others are trying to minimize risks and improve the security of their systems. Of course, a persons personal data can be used for other purposes. Therefore, many are interested in the question of why to attach a passport to the PS, and how is the clients personal information used? The peculiarities of providing personal information in various payment services will help to answer these questions.

Do you need passport data in the Yandex. Money?

This year PS Yandex. Money began sending out messages to its clients on the entry into force of the new norms of the law adopted in September 2015. According to the terms of the Federal Law, payment services must own the personal information of their customers. This is one of the reasons why a passport is required in electronic payment systems on the territory of the Russian Federation. The recent amendments to the law, according to representatives of the official structures, are aimed at combating money laundering.

It should be emphasized that the need to identify Yandex. Money also informs customers who are just about to create an account. Those who refuse to provide information face a number of restrictions. Moreover, they will be regularly notified of the need to verify their identity.

Features of WebMoney

The situation with the WebMoney system is somewhat different. If you familiarize yourself with its conditions in detail, it becomes clear why to attach a passport to your account and whether it needs to be done at all.

One of the oldest services has provided for all the wishes of customers and has developed a certification system. Currently, there are 12 types of passports, and each of them determines the level of trust in the wallet owner. A pseudonym certificate is issued to every customer who creates an account without providing passport details.

For a person who plans to use WebMoney title units exclusively for shopping or paying for certain services, it is not at all necessary to enter personal data. But a passport is required in an electronic payment system to withdraw funds. Without a certificate, the formal withdrawal of money is not available below. Identification takes place remotely: the client needs to upload a scanned passport on the official WebMoney website. It should be noted that the system also limits an unidentified user in the limits on financial transactions.

The Qiwi system makes similar demands. A Qiwi account is created in a matter of minutes, but without confirmation of the clients personal data, transfer limits, as well as restrictions on some financial transactions, await.

The days when payment services made loyal requirements to their users are over. Today it is already clear why attach a passport to your payment service account. This measure allows you to remove the minimum transaction limits, improve security and expand the possibilities of operations.