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Pros and cons of the WebMoney system

Плюсы и минусы системы WebMoney

The technological age obliges humanity to make full use of various innovations. People are accustomed to the fact that they can pay for the services of any provider, mobile operator and make purchases in online stores in the same way. And all these privileges are provided within the walls of their own home. One of the popular payment systems that users prefer is WebMoney. Despite the pros and cons of WebMoney, its clients are members from both Russia and the CIS.

Lets consider the advantages and disadvantages of this resource. Should I focus on them? How many more positive aspects does the service have than negative ones?


Advantages of the WebMoney payment system

Undoubtedly, WebMoney has some advantages over other payment systems. Lets talk about them in more detail.

The payment service is widely known. Clients of the network who use the virtual network in their daily life do not neglect the use of the WebMoney wallet. Indeed, with its help, you can pay for a wide range of services and goods, as well as bind the purse of other payment resources. Massiveness refers to the pluses of WebMoney.
Maximum security. Resource developers pay close attention to the security of their system. Its users are not aware of any cases of serious theft or fraudulent activities.
Along with the payment system, the responsibility for the security of funds on a virtual wallet falls on the user himself. It is worth being vigilant. Do not share e-wallet passwords with third parties. The founders of WebMoney additionally protected their system. This is manifested in the ability to bind a cell phone number directly to the service, which will receive confirmation of payment for services and goods. This protection covers all the disadvantages of WebMoney.

Multicurrency. The WebMoney system is not strictly focused on Russian rubles. The service allows you to create several currency wallets, be it "euro", "dollar", "tenge", "hryvnia". Moreover, you can use the funds for making transactions from any virtual wallet that was profitable at that time, or from the one on which the available funds are located. Currency conversion is possible.
Access 24/7/365. You can enter your electronic wallet at any time, whether day or night.
Information accessibility. Absolutely every Internet user in a search engine will be able to find information about WebMoney. This equalizes the pros and cons of WebM. Registering an electronic wallet, obtaining the required certificate, trying all kinds of payment options with its help will not be difficult even for a beginner.
Certification system. Thanks to the introduction of this feature, the risk of fraud is practically reduced to zero. The resource requests confirmation of the entered data by attaching an electronic copy of the passport or identity document.
Lending. You can take a loan at low interest from another client of the system. To do this, you just need to click the corresponding button inside the WebMoney program. It is available to users with a specific Business Passport level. This feature adds the pros of WebMoney.
Huge selection of options for depositing and withdrawing funds. Indeed, with its variety of such methods, WebMoney surprises its clients. More details about these services can be found on the resource pages.

Disadvantages of the WebMoney service

Like any mass project, in addition to the advantages, there are also negative sides. Aware is forewarned. Based on this principle, you need to consider the negative aspects of WebMoney.

The minimum level of notoriety abroad. The system is in great demand in Russia and the CIS countries, however, in Europe little is known about it. Therefore, you may encounter certain difficulties when withdrawing funds abroad. Uncertainty is one of the cons of WebM
Blocking virtual wallets. It is not uncommon for the system to block the recipient and sender of money. While the transaction is being verified by the administration, the members of the service are thoroughly analyzed for a dubious transaction or an attempt to hack the wallet.
Thus, it is not possible to use the wallet for some time. Many business projects suffer from this. However, in more than 70% of cases, the developers turn out to be right in the timely blocking of the electronic wallet, thereby preventing fraudulent actions from the network clients.

Opaque blocking. It is sad that when the wallet is temporarily unavailable, the user does not receive notifications about the decision made by the founders of the system. Resetting a business passport to zero occurs much later. As you can see, WebMoney balances its pros and cons.
Lack of clear rules. Despite the long-term operation of the payment service, there are no specific operating instructions. The administration can dictate new working conditions at any time.
Lack of confidentiality. In order to fully manage your wallet, you need to issue a personal passport. To do this, you need to enter reliable passport data and attach a scanned copy of the document. If you ignore this, then many functions of the service simply will not be available to the client.
Binding to a personal computer. Other systems try to provide their users with a convenient way to access their wallet. In the case of WebMoney, you need to keep the wallet file, software and remember 2 passwords from the key and the document itself. This is completely inconvenient and does not apply to the advantages of WebM. Although using someone elses computer, when entering a browser, there may be some security issues.
Poor quality of technical support. Service WebMoney has long been known as "non-operational". More than once there were cases of rude statements from the administration, delays in answering and insufficiently complete answers to questions.
Lack of collaboration with Hyip projects. If the user wishes to invest his funds in one of such projects, then he may become a blocked member of the network.
Impossibility of direct exchange of funds. Exchange operations using specially created services force resource users to overpay money at the expense of commission fees. This is probably the biggest disadvantage of WebM
The risk of a hacker attack. Overall, the service is quite reliable. However, no one promised guaranteed protection against fraudsters. A virus program can infiltrate a personal computer and transfer a WebMoney file and a password from the entrance to the wallet to the hacker.
As it turned out, there were many more disadvantages when working with the WebMoney resource. However, if we consider them from the side of their importance, then, in principle, opting for the WebMoney payment system would be the right decision. No matter how many flaws it has, developers are constantly coming up with new ways to improve their service. It is possible that, having worked on the minuses, they will turn them into significant pluses.