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Payment systems for websites and online stores

Платежные системы для сайтов и онлайн-магазинов

Internet business has been successfully developing over the past years. New online stores and sites are created every day, which offer through them, to purchase goods and services. For the convenience of making transfers by clients, the resources integrate payment systems into their sites.

This is done in order to provide comfort for users when shopping. Often a businessman is faced with the question of which payment systems to choose for the site? Which of the huge selection deserve attention, are convenient and more economical to use. Lets consider the most popular and reliable ones.


What to look for when choosing a payment system?

How to choose a reliable provider to provide your own website with the ability to accept payments on the Internet? Practice shows that this or that service can be suitable for different needs of each entrepreneur. Undoubtedly, it is worth paying attention to the cost and quality of the service for introducing a payment resource into an online store. However, this is by no means the most important component in deciding whether to connect to the service. Before signing a contract, it is necessary to evaluate the comfort, safety and reliability of the supplier, and the effectiveness of the services offered by him from all sides.

When choosing a payment system for Internet sites, it is important that the sites client is able to pay both by credit card and by electronic means. Multi-currency and the ability to make payments from several countries of the world will add credibility to the provider, because the wider the payment geography, the more potential users will be attracted to the online store.

Subscription fees, transfer fees, commissions, security against fraudulent activities and hacker attacks must be clarified by the supplier. If you take a responsible approach to the question: "Which payment system to choose for the site?", Then you must also pay attention to the frequency of payments in favor of the site, the speed of work and the time that will be spent on integrating the resource into the site interface and the availability of payment modules.

As for technical support, it should be of the highest level, be distinguished by efficiency and courtesy. If a businessman needs to keep track of the number of payments made by customers, then it is important to negotiate with the supplier in order to customize the payment resource to suit his needs.

How a typical payment system works:

The client from the assortment list must choose the product he likes or order a service.
Payment systems for the site will be needed when the buyer will indicate a convenient payment method and enter information about himself on these services.
The resource will check the correctness of the entered data.
The process will end with the confirmation of the transaction.

Popular and reliable payment systems for websites

Lets consider the most comfortable and secure payment services for online stores in the prism of their connection to a functioning entrepreneurs website.

Yandex money. Everyone knows that this payment system is a Russian company. A fairly simple registration, a user-friendly interface, permission to use an electronic wallet from an outside computer - adds to her advantages. This payment system for Internet sites is also famous for the protection of personal data. However, the inability to create a wallet in addition to a ruble wallet is alarming businessmen.
The system does not provide for confidentiality when making transactions. Therefore, it is extremely important to enter real passport data. Another unpleasant surprise is that legal entities are not allowed to create accounts in this system. Otherwise, they will simply be blocked. It turns out that this service cannot be used when doing business.

WebMoney. The WebMoney aggregate is the most popular in the virtual network. When asked which payment system to choose for the site, we can say that WebMoney is a good option. Unlike Yandex.Money, this resource is multicurrency and allows you to make payments almost anywhere in the world. The service has a Russian security guarantor. However, the site cannot serve foreign resources.
An entrepreneur needs to obtain a business certificate. If you add a system to an online store, then you need to test it first. You can send a payment to your address. The process of adding a payment resource to a website is simple enough that even a beginner on the web can handle.

Payment system for the Mobi.Money website allows you to quickly make payments from mobile devices. Simple registration in the service, high protection of executed transactions are guaranteed by Mobi.Money. This site is a convenient tool for paying for goods and services.
Funds can be debited from personal accounts of subscribers of mobile operators, plastic cards of a banking institution and at retail cash desks. Very high commission fees and the obligatory presence of money in the subscribers account makes one think about using this resource.

Robokassa. To connect it to the online store, you need to go through a simple registration in the system, specify all the data about the site and set up a simple form for the implementation of payment systems for Internet sites. As in WebMoney, this resource has store moderation. The payment testing mode has not been fully developed.
The interface is configured to send the completion of the payment (successful or not). After the end of the moderation, it is impossible to independently change the parameters, such as the form of payment and setting up wallets.

PayU. Fairly reliable payment system. Cooperation with popular services and banking institutions is considered a clear advantage. The service can offer processing of electronic payments and acquiring of bank cards. The developed module can be easily integrated into any online store. The site is multilingual. However, there are also disadvantages. They are seen in inflated commissions when making transactions and insufficient responsiveness of the support service.
What payment system for the site to choose? Obviously, each unit has its own advantages and disadvantages. Before making an informed decision about connecting the service to the site, you need to check for certificates that allow you to work in this area, exclude the possibility of using this resource by fraudulent sites, the availability of offline mode (payment through a terminal network). Also, do not neglect customer reviews of the payment service, which can be read on the vastness of the world wide web.