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Payment system VKontakte? Is this possible?

Платежная система ВКонтакте? Возможно ли такое?

The popular Russian social network Vkontakte in the spring of 2010 announced the creation of a new personalized payment system Vkontakte. However, it did not last much longer. What was the impetus for its closure? Do the developers intend to restore the resource to operability? Lets talk about this in this article.


Payment service capabilities

Until 2010, users of the social network used a special currency of the resource called "Voice". It could be spent on increasing the rating on the network, games and gifts to friends. The high attendance of the Russian-language service prompted the developers to launch a new payment system and popularize money, with which the user would be able to pay for purchases in the virtual network.

Registered members of the system had some advantage over those who did not have an account. To make a purchase, VKontakte offered money to press the payment button on the social network. When the client was authorized, the required amount was debited from the wallet.

The possibility of replenishing a personal account was provided:

Using a plastic card.
Directly from the account.
Through other payment resources.
The resource did not provide for the collection of commission fees from legal entities. As for ordinary members of the social network, it was planned to impose a minimum commission on the withdrawal of money, which would not exceed 0.7%. Store owners could connect to the payment service using the Merhant API software. The difference between the VKontakte payment system and WebMoney and Yandex.Money was obvious.

VKontakte ID is another program from developers for everyone. When connected, the user could view his account and information about the accounts of participants who are currently present on the service, as well as read their comments.

As a defense against hacker attacks and fraudulent actions, the sites specialists intended to organize mandatory confirmation of each purchase by sending a one-time code to the client in an SMS message to his cell phone. The ruble account at that time became one of a kind, but the developers planned to include foreign money in the VKontakte service to attract foreign customers to the payment system. By the way, there was no need to register and enter additional data when using the system.

In 2010, the system became a clear competitor to other Russian payment systems. Online stores that collaborated with her provided their customers with a 2% discount on goods and services.


What influenced the closure of the famous service?

Already at the end of summer 2011, official information about the closure of the payment system was leaked to the network. The service, which was gaining popularity, was completed in 3 stages:

Disabling the resource of desires. Those participants who used rubles in the VKontakte payment system to pay for the desires of friends and goods from other stores received the accumulated funds to their accounts.
The ability to use a ruble account within 1 month. This process made it possible to spend rubles on purchases of goods and services in stores operating at that time.
Disabling online stores. After three months, the payment system disconnected all sites from its service.
The Qiwi resource once developed an application for withdrawing money from VKontakte. Later, the latter refused the services of Qiwi, and the process of withdrawing money became even more complicated. the reason for the closure of the payment service was the adoption by the government of the new Law "On the National Payment System". The law imposed many obligations on VKontakte money, including obtaining additional licenses, keeping records, and forming legal groups. Although from the very beginning of the creation of the payment resource, the question of the legality of the formation of transfers within the social network was raised.

The innovation put an end to the development of the payment business of the popular social network. Approximately 1 million members have experienced some issues with their withdrawals.

The remaining users money was transferred to "Voices", and the advertisers funds were transferred to the balance of the advertising budget. At the moment, VKontakte customers still have the opportunity to deposit money to pay for advertisements. Purchases of special currency and gifts for friends and acquaintances.

The decision to restart the system can only be made if the government shows loyalty, which may well make the appropriate amendments to the Law and soften the regulations governing the activities of payment systems of Russian origin.