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Is there a payment system from Facebook?

Платежная система от Facebook есть?

There has been a long history of talk that Facebooks payment system is about to go live. This topic is constantly watched by both users of this resource and experts in the field of money transfer services. Where are the Facebook developers now and what news can we expect from them in the near future?


Facebook today

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the Internet for modern society. In fact, the web has evolved into a limitless advertising market that gives jobs or part-time jobs to hundreds of millions of people. Today, Facebook, conceived as a social network and occupying one of the leading positions in its niche, has become not only a resource for entertainment, but also generate huge incomes for its owners through intelligently planned marketing policies. Moreover, the administration of the popular online resource has aimed even higher and is trying to be not only a social network for exchanging information and personal messages of millions of users, but is also preparing to provide financial services to its clients. Moreover, along with money transfers in various types of currencies, the service will offer users a new financial phenomenon - Facebook money.

Facebooks main income now comes from selling ads. At the same time, the closest competitor of the Google service has already launched programs for the implementation of mobile transfers and storage of funds. In this regard, Facebook plans to reach a new level of development, especially given the record number of users. The service has over 1.5 billion registered accounts. If we assume that not everyone will use financial services, but only one third to one fifth of the total number of accounts, then all the same, the Facebook payment system will immediately receive 300-500 million potential customers.

To date, Facebook has received approval from the UK regulator to issue its own electronic money. Now such permission is expected from the Central Bank of Ireland. This will provide an opportunity to offer new services to European users of the service.

The company is authorized to conduct a number of financial transactions in the United States. It collects money from users for purchases in various gaming applications, as well as commissions from partners.


Development of a new payment system

The process of creating special payment applications has not yet been covered by developers, although it has been continuously conducted over the past several years. Research carried out by the programmers of the publication "The Information" made it possible to make an assumption that the new payment system Facebook will be based on the Messenger application, which already has more than 500 million users. It will be similar to the systems WebMoney, PayPal.

Today, Facebook users can carry out simple purchase and sale operations within the system: purchase various emoticons and greetings for friends and relatives, make purchases within gaming applications. However, the development of the service is impossible without the introduction of new products, the main of which will be Facebooks money. As conceived by the administration of the resource, this currency will allow not only conducting transactions within the service, but also providing more complex financial services, which will create serious competition for the traditional banking system. Facebook users will be able to perform the following operations:

Purchase goods and services on the worlds largest trading platforms AliExspress, eBay and their analogues.
Transfer funds between accounts and to other payment systems.
Make payments in various online stores.
Link bank cards Visa or Mastercard to your Facebook wallet.
Deposit and withdraw funds from your own Facebook account.
Convert the accumulated funds into any world currency.
In order for the new Facebook payment system to successfully compete with other systems that exist at the moment, it will have to work with cryptocurrencies. Considering that the head of the Messenger department, which will become the platform for the new payment system, is a supporter of electronic currencies, and in particular Bitcoins, the likelihood of their inclusion in the list of financial instruments of the service is quite high. Moreover, from a technical point of view, attaching a Bitcoin wallet to an account and organizing operations with cryptocurrencies is not at all difficult.

Benefits of the new system

The developers promise to use the latest encryption methods to ensure the privacy of users and the safety of their funds. The new service will have several levels of protection. It is planned to identify users using a pin code or Apples fingerprint identification system.

By transferring money to Facebook, the user will not pay a commission to the service, which will be another of its advantages. The administration of the resource does not set itself the goal of monetizing the services of the service, but wants to attract as many subscribers as possible. Although already now Facebook has a huge number of users in countries on different continents of the Earth. In India, the number of adherents of this social network has exceeded 100 million people, which brought this country to the second place after the United States in terms of the number of Facebook users.

Although at the moment the payment system from the largest social network Facebook has not yet been launched, it is clear that its development is nearing completion. And very soon we will receive a unique and very functional product that will allow us to combine communication with business interests. Facebook money will be a full-fledged electronic currency.