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Features of exchanging Tinkoff rubles for cryptocurrency

Our online service offers an easy and quick transfer of rubles from a Tinkoff Bank card to Bitcoins. The exchange process is very simple and on average takes about twenty five minutes. The user is required to make a transfer from a bank card to a service card. And our employees will transfer the equivalent amount, taking into account the exchange rate, to the users cryptocurrency wallet. Transfer between Tinkoff bank cards is free of charge.

The services of our service are paid, the size of the commission is indicated in the gray field, which is located slightly above the sections in which you need to insert the exchange amount. A whole system of discounts is available to regular customers. They are cumulative. After registration, a beginner receives a discount of 0.05%. But its value grows with every successful transaction. Consequently, the more exchange operations a client makes on our service, the more discount he will receive. The discount can be used by registered users who have passed authorization before performing the exchange operation.

To make an exchange, you must fill out the application form:

    In the field for the exchange amount, indicate the number of rubles that the user intends to transfer from the Tinkoff account. Or indicate the number of Bitcoins that he wants to receive on his cryptocurrency wallet. Depending on the clients preferences, he must fill in the right or left field.
    Indicate the details of the card issued by Tinkoff Bank.
    Enter the personal data of the cardholder.
    Designate an email address in the global network.
    Specify the details of the Bitcoin wallet.
    Check the next box as consent to the exchange rules.
    Start exchange operation by activating the button with the corresponding inscription.

After completing these steps, the page will automatically refresh and a message will appear about the need to go through card verification. It should be noted that a similar security measure is applied on all exchange services if the user expresses a desire to transfer rubles from a bank card to cryptocurrency. During the verification process, the user must take a photo of the card against the background of our service page. Moreover, he can hide the validity period of the card and the eight middle digits of its number. But the name of the owner (if the card is personalized), as well as the first and last digits of the number must be clearly visible. The snapshot is uploaded to the site. Checking it takes no more than two minutes. If the verification is successful, the user can return to the application.

The page will automatically refresh and the application will be assigned a unique number. A notification will also appear with the account details to which the transfer needs to be made. The user must go to the Tinkoff Bank website using our link and pay for the transfer. Then he needs to return to the service and confirm the actions by activating the button with the inscription about payment. As soon as the money arrives on the service card, our employees will send Bitcoins to the users wallet.

It should be borne in mind that transactions in the Bitcoin system take some time. As a rule, money is received within twenty minutes. But sometimes there are delays of up to several hours. The service will send a link to the clients mail, by which you can track the status of the application. Also, when making an exchange, you need to take into account the size of the reserves of our service.