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How to exchange VTB24 rubles for cryptocurrency

To exchange VTB24 rubles for Bitcoins on our online service, you need to create an application. First, the exchange amount field is filled in. The user enters data in the right or left part of the field. In any case, the system calculator will automatically determine the value to be entered into the remaining free field. In this case, the program takes into account the exchange rate and the clients personal discount. After determining the volume of translation, you can proceed to filling in the remaining fields of the application.

The user has to enter the following information:

    Details of the account opened with VTB24.
    Account holders personal data. Moreover, these details must match the information specified in the agreement concluded between the user and the bank.
    UNK, that is, the universal client number VTB24. Its meaning can be seen in the terms of the banking service agreement. UNK is used as a login when the user visits the Internet bank.
    Bitcoin wallet details. It is necessary to carefully check the correctness of the entered information, since transactions in the Bitcoin system are irreversible. Accordingly, the user will not be able to cancel the payment, even if it was mistakenly sent to the wrong address.

It should be noted that all these details are saved in your personal account during the registration process on the service. A registered user does not need to manually enter these data. He may well use the option of auto-filling personal data and the system will fill in certain fields in the application itself. In addition, registration opens access to a cumulative discount system, thanks to which the user can save on our services. Moreover, its discount grows as the number of successful transactions increases.

After filling out the application form, the user should familiarize himself with the terms of exchange that apply to the service. He confirms his agreement with them by clicking on a special window. Then you need to activate the button responsible for starting the exchange. If the transfer is made for the first time, you will have to go through the card verification procedure. This measure is designed to protect customers from all sorts of fraudulent activities with unauthorized use of a payment card.

If verification is successful, the user follows the link to the VTB24 website. It remains for him to transfer to the details of our service. After transferring money, you must return to the exchanger and confirm the implementation of the appropriate actions by clicking on the button responsible for making the payment. Only after that the application will be processed by the service employees. If you ignore this requirement, then we will not know about the completed payment, and the application will be processed with a delay.

Exchange operations in the direction of VTB24 for Bitcoins have certain restrictions. So, the maximum amount of a one-time payment cannot exceed fifty thousand rubles. If the user needs to exchange a larger amount, then he needs to make two transactions. The service will transfer Bitcoins to the clients virtual wallet immediately after receiving the money. In any case, this process will not take more than fifteen minutes. But access to the cryptocurrency will be open to the user only upon receipt of at least two confirmations in the Bitcoin system. On average, this process takes no more than twenty minutes. But if the network is heavily loaded, it may even take several hours. In any case, dont worry if the translation is a little late. The service will inform the user about the completed transfer by mail. The letter contains a link with which you can track the transaction on the virtual wallet. You can also get information about the translation on the specialized resource blockchain.info.