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What should you remember when choosing a foreign payment system?

The choice of payment system is one of the main "stumbling blocks" for netizens. And if everything is more or less clear with domestic services, then the issue of choosing a foreign system often causes difficulties and concerns. It is not always clear whether the service will be able to ensure the safety of transactions, how convenient it will be to withdraw funds and replenish the account, whether it is possible to use the payment system for the site, and so on.

The first difficulties when choosing a payment system

Even some 5-10 years ago, the main problem when choosing a payment system for a website or personal use was the language barrier. To register on the site and then work with the functionality of a foreign system, you had to have at least average knowledge of the English language. For this reason, users made mistakes during the registration process, which led to confusion or denial of registration. If the registration barriers were successfully passed, then problems arose directly with the use of the resource.

Today the language problem has been removed from the agenda. Users of foreign services received a high-quality translation, which eliminates difficulties both during registration and in the process of using the sites functionality. If there are still difficulties, they are purely technical - the features of withdrawing funds and replenishing an account, the size of commission payments, requirements for conducting transactions, and so on.

For a website owner, the importance of choosing a payment system can hardly be overestimated. Domestic systems are reliable and convenient to use, but foreign sites open the way for attracting customers from other countries. This expansion of functionality is important for owners of online stores or auctions.

But here the main drawback is manifested - difficulties with the "cashing" of earned funds. Recently, such an option was not available at all for residents of the CIS countries using foreign payment systems. Today experienced programmers have solved the problem, but the commission is charged simply "draconian". The average percentage for a withdrawal is 10-20%. At the same time, there are no guarantees about the honesty of the exchanger.

When choosing a payment system, many users start by opening an account with one of the foreign banks (if possible). In this case, the issue of withdrawing cash from the system is resolved by itself. By presenting personal documents, it is possible to use the capabilities of the foreign platform 100 percent. If you do without confirmation of residency, then the withdrawal of funds will be limited to 2-3 thousand euros.

Residents of the CIS countries who dream of working with foreign payment systems should be careful and first understand the principles of the site. The importance of choosing a payment system forces you to approach the choice responsibly - to study the capabilities of the site, methods of input-output, requirements for users, the size of commissions, and so on. The more information about the site, the more comfortable it is to work with it, and the fewer "surprises" in the process of transactions.

Choosing a payment system for the site: what are the options?

The site is one of the best sources of income, the profit of which directly depends on the number of attracted users. If you connect a site from abroad to the resource, then the number of potential customers (buyers) will increase. For this reason, you should not dwell only on domestic payment systems. They are convenient and easy to use, but have limited access for non-residents. Another thing is foreign systems that open the way for operations by residents of Europe, the United States and the whole world. The main thing is to choose the right system wisely, try to comprehensively study the site, its pros and cons.

So, when choosing a payment system for a site, you can pay attention to the following options:

PayPal is a "giant" in the field of payment systems, the importance and reliability of which is beyond doubt. Another confirmation of the popularity is the number of users, which has exceeded 160 million and continues to grow. Today PayPal operates in almost two hundred countries around the world, which opens up incredible opportunities for site users.
Are there any problems using PayPal? From the standpoint of functionality and capabilities, there are no complaints. Until recently, there were problems with translation (they were mentioned above), but today this deficiency has been leveled. The advantages of the system are the ease of attaching PayPal to the site, the ability to transfer funds to other users, sending messages about making payments, and so on.

When choosing a PayPal payment system, it is worth considering a number of its disadvantages for residents of the CIS - high commissions, strict requirements for entering information during registration, restrictions on depositing and withdrawing funds, which creates difficulties for Internet entrepreneurs. In addition, there are risks of losing access to the system. If there is any suspicion, the administration simply blocks the user without giving any reason.

StormPay is another powerful payment system that has been providing customers with a very wide range of functionality since 2002. The registration process is available to everyone, and the account number is a personal e-mail. In this case, the addresses can be adjusted (added, removed) according to your own preference.
The importance of choosing a payment system has already been mentioned above. This is also no exception here. A potential client should know the disadvantages of the site, its “weak points” for CIS residents. There are several such disadvantages - the presence of a minimum amount when making a transaction, the difficulty of converting funds to another payment system, the presence of a high commission, and so on.

What conclusion can be drawn? On the one hand, the difficulties in choosing a payment system for the site are justified. Sometimes it is difficult to figure out whether the system will provide the required functionality, whether it will be safe, whether it will be easy to deposit and withdraw funds. On the other hand, with a responsible approach in site selection and comprehensive preparation, problems rarely arise.