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How to set up Qiwi payments on the site

Online commerce - an incomprehensible term for many people today has taken quite real outlines. Indeed, more and more of our contemporaries are engaged in entrepreneurship of various kinds in the virtual world. Moreover, the web has become the place of their main job and a means of generating income. Here, as in the real world, there are their own laws and laws (written and unofficial) and, as in real life, they all earn the same way. But this is the topic of a separate article.

 We return to the main line of the story and touch on the topic of receiving payments, for example, on the website of our own online store. To increase the volume of trade and, accordingly, income, you need to take care of expanding the ability of customers to make payments and transfers. In particular, it is advisable to organize the acceptance of payments directly on the site using the Qiwi, WebMoney, Yandex.Money and other payment systems. A variety of payment methods are key to the success of your online business. Further we will consider step-by-step instructions for connecting this service using the Kiwi system.

Connection algorithm

To be able to accept payments through Qiwi, you must perform the following steps:

    Register on the Kiwi website and get yourself a Qiwi wallet.
    Pass a Qiwi Security Check.
    Activate your site on the Qiwi side.
    Set the Qiwi payment acceptance settings on the website of the online store.

Further, in more detail we will consider the listed stages.

Service Setup

With the registration of a Kiwi wallet, clients of the service usually do not have problems. This system has a very simple interface, which even an inexperienced user can understand.

    To go through the registration process, simply fill in the form on the ishop.qiwi.com page. During the registration process, indicate the type of connection you want to receive - "Accept Qiwi payments."
    If all the information is entered correctly and the registration is completed successfully, a message will be sent to your email address with a password and login for authorization on the site. And the Qiwi service security service will begin checking your resource.
    Security officers will check whether the website of the online store is valid and whether the services / goods sold are in conflict with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
    To conclude an agreement with Qiwi regarding the acceptance of payments on the site, you will need to provide certified copies of the documents listed on the site.
    If the check is passed, then you will receive a notification that a manager is assigned to your resource, and the site itself is connected by Qiwi.
    After that, you need to log in to the ishop.qiwi page using the login and password obtained during registration, and go to the “Settings” menu.
    Click on the "Payment Method" link to go to the payment settings section. We select the payment method “Accepting payments through Qiwi”, indicate the size of the service commission for making the payment and the amount of the service charge. Additionally, the lowest and highest order values should be indicated at which this type of payment will be available to the client. If the instructions for working with the payment service should be available to visitors, then you need to check the option “Show instructions”.
    Choose the protocol of interaction with the payment service: Pull (REST) or XML.
    To work with the REST protocol, select the "Create a new ID" option. Save the new ID and password to it on a reliable storage medium.
    Activate the REST protocol and notifications for it.
    In order to finish the setup of accepting payments through the Kiwi service, select the REST protocol, enter a new ID and password, write down the changes.
    To receive notifications, in the URL section of the received link you need to specify the address of your site where payment information should go.
    Click the save settings button.

After performing all these steps, you should have saved the following data on a reliable medium:

    ID of the store received during registration.
    The user ID generated by the service configuration process.
    password for user ID.

 Now on your site you can accept payments through Qiwi. After completing the process of connecting the service to the payment system, for at least one week information on the Qiwi wallet should be posted on the website of the online store: name with logo, instructions for use, a brief description and a link to more detailed information.