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Limits on transactions in the WebMoney system

Лимиты на операции в системе WebMoney

The undisputed leader of the Russian market of electronic payment systems is the WebMoney service, despite the limits introduced by the official regulator to control financial flows on the Internet. Today WebMoney is the only payment system capable of offering its clients unique terms of cooperation. In addition to the standard features: deposit / withdrawal of funds, payment for goods and services and currency conversion, the system has several levels of access that can be opened by obtaining a certificate.

The payment system works mainly on the territory of the post-Soviet countries and in most of Europe. However, European retailers are in no hurry to cooperate with WebMoney, despite the obvious popularity of the service, which is rightfully considered the pioneer of the Russian-speaking sector of online money transfers and has a multi-million dollar client base.


Why do we need WebMoney limits?

WebMoney limits are established to regulate electronic financial flows. In other words, the current restrictions apply only to unidentified users. If the client agrees with the policy of open cooperation, and is ready to provide personal data for verification and storage in the system, then the limits will be removed or significantly reduced.

The WebMoney electronic payment service has a client certification system that allows you to remove restrictions and expand functionality for working with electronic money. Only identified users have the right to convert title units into cash by withdrawing them using the methods provided by the system. WebMoney passport limits are a kind of restrictions for the uncontrolled movement of electronic money on the Internet.

How to remove limits in the WebMoney system?

In fact, there is only one way to remove the limits in the system - to get one of the WebMoney passports. For this, the clients personal information is checked by transferring scans of the passport, TIN code and additional documents provided by the system to the Certification Center. But for a complete understanding of the essence of user verification, consider the benefits that clients with a passport receive:

The ability to withdraw money to a bank account or plastic card.
With each access level, the transfer limits in the WebMoney system are reduced.
The user gets a wider set of tools for working with currency wallets.
The opportunity to create a WMX cryptocurrency wallet opens.
Restrictions on the balance of the amount on wallets are significantly reduced.
The user is given access to additional services, for example, to receive a loan from the system for a certain period.
This is just an incomplete list of the benefits that a user receives with a formal, initial or personal system certificate. More detailed information can be found on the official website of the payment system.

Lets consider the current system of access to the resources of the resource, having analyzed the conditions for issuing passports, the main feature of which is the removal of limits on transfers both within the WebMoney system and to bank accounts or electronic wallets of other payment systems:

A user who decides to register in the WebMoney electronic payment system receives a pseudonym certificate with the maximum number of limits and restrictions.

With such a certificate, the user will be able to use the functionality of the system only 15-20%.
The withdrawal function is not available.
There is no possibility of transferring to another electronic wallet.
There are restrictions on the maximum balance on the wallet, which should not exceed 15 thousand rubles.
Formal passport is an opportunity to get extended access to the system and partially remove financial limits of WebMoney passports. To pass personal identification, you must make electronic scans of your passport and taxpayer identification number and send them to the Certification Center. Provided that the information in the sent documents matches the original data provided when registering an account, the user will be assigned a formal passport within 24 hours. Current financial restrictions for formal passport holders:

The monthly limit for financial transactions is 90 thousand rubles.
The weekly limit is 45 thousand rubles.
The daily limit is 15 thousand rubles.
The procedure for obtaining an initial passport is a little more complicated and costs five dollars, but the limits on transfers to WebMoney are significantly reduced:

The owner who received an initial passport with a connected mobile phone number as confirmation of financial actions is able to dispose of 1.8 million rubles a month.
The weekly limit for the movement of funds on accounts is 900 thousand rubles.
The daily limit is 300 thousand rubles.
The Beginners Passport is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses on the Internet. Most online stores use this particular certificate, because it fully meets the requirements of online trading. It is not difficult to get it, it is enough to use the services of one of the official registrars of the WebMoney system. Electronic versions of documents, certified in advance by a notary, are sent to the registrar for verification, a fee of five dollars is paid and the second most important certificate in the system is assigned.

The third passport can further reduce the current limits of WebMoney passports, and it is called "personal". It is more difficult to get it, you need a personal presence and a package of documents provided by the system. The cost of obtaining a higher certificate ranges from $ 30-50. By contacting the official registrar with the appropriate package of documents, the user gets full access to the system, and the limits and restrictions are almost completely removed.

Limits for holders of personal passports:

The monthly limit is 9 million rubles.
The weekly limit is also 9 million rubles.
And no more than 3 million a day.
A personal passport is considered a VIP offer, since there are practically no WebMoney limits.