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Limits and restrictions in the Qiwi system

Лимиты на операции в системе Qiwi

Users who often use the services of electronic payment systems are interested in the limits set by the Qiwi service for various financial transactions. Given the extraordinary popularity of this system among Internet users in Russia, we will take a closer look at the restrictions that are set by the service, and also find out how to increase the existing limits.


Advantages and disadvantages of the Qiwi system

The Qiwi payment system has won the trust of Internet users in Russia due to its simple interface, ease of use and a wide range of services provided to customers. Qiwi account holders can make various transfers within the Qiwi transfer limits, pay for goods in online stores or convert currency, use prepaid cards.

All the possibilities provided by the service are combined under a single system control center. Clients of the service can remotely pay for utilities, repay loans, replenish mobile phone accounts, purchase air or train tickets, transfer funds to charitable projects, pay for the services of tour operators. In an effort to provide maximum user comfort, the company has developed special applications that allow transactions within the Qiwi wallet limits using a mobile phone.

In addition, the network of terminals is constantly expanding to make the service even more accessible. Residents of not only Russia, but also seven other countries, including Romania, Moldova, Brazil, the USA, Belarus and others, can use the service.

Service developers guarantee their customers a high degree of reliability and security of operations. The system is constantly being developed and improved. Recently, a unique Blockchain technology was introduced, and the development and approval of the national cryptocurrency Bitruble is underway.

Among the main advantages of the Qiwi electronic payment system are the following:

Profitability. No commissions for transferring funds between accounts, paying for goods services, withdrawing money within Qiwi limits.
Mobility. The ability to carry out financial transactions in different countries of the world using a mobile application.
Reliability. The latest cyber techniques allow to reliably protect all operations carried out in the system from unauthorized access and intruders.
Availability. You can use a personal wallet using a computer, tablet, terminal, mobile phone or smartphone and other devices.
Simplicity. The user-friendly interface does not cause any difficulties during operations. The section "Questions and Answers" describes in detail the capabilities of the service and provides recommendations for correcting the most common errors often associated with Qiwi payment limits.
However, just as every coin has two sides, so the qiwi system has a number of limitations and disadvantages that it would be unfair to keep silent about.

High commissions for withdrawing funds from the system. Against the backdrop of zero commissions for depositing funds and transfers between accounts, the service has a fairly high commission for withdrawing funds.
Limited options for "minimal" users. Users with initial statuses cannot take advantage of all the opportunities offered by the service and have the smallest limits on financial transactions. But after passing the identification procedure, service clients get access to new resources and increased limits. Over time, an increasing number of users of the service are moving from minimal statuses to identified ones.
Qiwi certain payment limit does not make it possible to make transactions for a large amount of money.
The inability to carry out protection transactions, which would create an additional mechanism to protect buyers from unscrupulous suppliers.
Lack of credit options, which are presented in similar payment services, for example, in WebMoney.
The presence of restrictions on withdrawal, transfer of funds and the balance on the balance. Moreover, some restrictions apply even to users with the most confirmed status.

Qiwi limits for different types of accounts

The Qiwi payment system conducts its work in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation. In accordance with the norms of laws providing for the restriction of electronic payments by private clients of payment systems, maximum Qiwi limits for transfers and other financial transactions are set for users who refuse to undergo the identification procedure. In order to increase their capabilities, service customers need to identify themselves after registration on the payment system website and change their status from the minimum to the confirmed one.

In addition, for wallets with different status, additional Qiwi limits have been set for monetary transactions:

Minimum. All clients automatically receive this status immediately after registration. The balance of such wallets cannot exceed 15 thousand rubles, and the volume of monthly payments should not exceed 40 thousand rubles. You can withdraw from the account in cash no more than 5 thousand rubles per day and no more than 5 thousand rubles per month. The allowable amount for one operation is 15 thousand rubles.
Basic (Standard). This status is assigned after the user undergoes simplified identification. This can be done on the payment service website, through the call-center, at CONTACT points or in the offices of Qiwi Bank. The balance of a Qiwi wallet for users with this status cannot exceed 60 thousand rubles. They can make payments per month in an amount not exceeding 200 thousand rubles. Restrictions on cash withdrawals from an account no more than 5 thousand rubles per day and no more than 40 thousand rubles per month. The allowable amount for one operation is 60 thousand rubles.
Professional (Maximum). The user of the service can get this status after going through the full identification procedure. It can be passed in the offices of the system and numerous partner points, where you will need to provide copies of an identity document, TIN, mobile phone number and other data. After checking all the information, the service assigns the client the highest possible status and sets the maximum limits for the Qiwi wallet. The largest allowed balance that can be stored on a users Qiwi wallet account with a similar status is 600 thousand rubles. The permissible amount of cash withdrawal has been significantly increased, up to 100 thousand rubles per day and 200 thousand rubles per month. To withdraw up to 600 thousand rubles in cash, you need to order the Priority Service Package. Users with this status can withdraw money to a crust or bank account with almost no limit, as well as make purchases in foreign online stores. The most important feature of such accounts is that the service does not set a limit for Qiwi payments on them. The allowable amount for one operation is 500 thousand rubles.
In some cases, the users account may be temporarily blocked. Then the ability to enter the wallet and use it is preserved, but the service does not allow performing any transactions on the account. To receive permission to make payments, you need to upgrade your status or wait until the end of the calendar month when the restriction expires.

Also, according to the new conditions of the Visa Qiwi Wallet, for money transfers with payment at the points of the CONTACT system, the limit for one operation in Russia is set at 500 thousand rubles, in countries of the near and far abroad - 300 thousand rubles.
In this case, the total amount of transfers made during the week should not exceed 1.2 million rubles. The new conditions for the limits are valid when the Wallet is sent via the Visa QIWI web interface from the qiwi.com website, in its mobile applications for iOS and Android, and are available to users who have passed the identification procedure.

In order to get wider financial opportunities and maximum Qiwi transfer limits, it is recommended that payment service users go through the identification procedure immediately after registering in the system.