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Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

Fame is not to everyones taste. While many people try to become popular and important people, some individuals are more modest and prefer to remain in the background. This also applies to Satoshi Nakamoto, the alleged creator of the revolutionary digital currency Bitcoin and the block generation algorithm in the blockchain system. His personality is still shrouded in mystery, and more interestingly, no one knows for certain the name of the real creator of Bitcoin. The question remains open whether one person has developed such a phenomenal financial instrument, or Bitcoin is the fruit of the efforts of idealistic dreamers.

The emergence of a legend under the name Satoshi Nakamoto

The first mention of this name in conjunction with the then still unknown word Bitcoin occurred in an article published on the last day of 2008, titled "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System". The article described the Bitcoin system and its advantages:

Decentralized governance.
The ability to conduct financial transactions between two system participants, without the participation of a third party.
Confidentiality of financial transfers.
Satoshi Nakamoto, having submitted several articles describing Bitcoin and its mining algorithms, disappears a year later, after which he becomes a truly legendary person.

Interestingly, after the launch of the digital currency, scant information about Satoshi Nakamoto appeared on the website of the working group that stood at the origins of Bitcoin. In a short article, the author said that Nakamoto is a resident of Japan, he is only 37 years old, and he is actively interested in cryptography. Also, the message indicated some points from the first experiments of the creator of digital currency, and highlighted information about the process of writing the algorithm itself. It is also known that the ingenious creator has a certain number of sonorous cryptocoins, the value of which, despite periodic ups and downs in the rate, is steadily growing and, as experts with a worldwide reputation believe, will soon reach fabulous sums.

Not surprisingly, after the departure of Satoshi Nakamoto from the P2P Foundation in 2010, many began to doubt that such a person really existed. The main argument of these nonbelievers was the language used by Nakamoto. All the documentation about Bitcoin, the description of the cryptocurrency and the processes of its creation, as well as the articles distributed on the Internet on his behalf, were in pure English, which, according to many users, does not correspond to the image of the creator of Bitcoin, since he was Japanese.

This was the beginning of the conspiracy theory, or some kind of conspiracy. So who is Satoshi Nakamoto? The next version, which began to be actively discussed on thematic forums between members of the cryptocurrency community, - Bitcoin, like the blockchain system, was created by a group of skilled cryptographers and programmers, who took the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. Unfortunately, this theory can neither be confirmed nor disproved.

Finding Satoshi Nakamoto

It is noteworthy that there is still no evidence of the existence of Satoshi Nakamoto. That is, almost no one has ever seen him, and all that remains of the legendary personality are documents with algorithms for the creation and functioning of blockchain technology, and the digital currency Bitcoin, which is breaking records in value and popularity today. So who is this, Satoshi Nakamoto?

Since the disappearance of the creator of the cryptocurrency, an unofficial investigation has begun, during which all kinds of candidates have been nominated who could fit the role of the genius Nakamoto. But all the people who were "suspected" of involvement in blockchain technology did not stand up to criticism. No one, according to their data, was suitable for the role of the creator of Bitcoin, although there were numerous journalistic investigations designed to find the "culprit" of the amazing financial phenomenon.

However, last year, journalists found a new candidate for the creator role, which was Craig Wright, a programmer and cryptographer from Australia. Journalists have conducted an investigation to find out if Wright could be Satoshi Nakamoto, who created Bitcoin? During the first investigation, it turned out that the evidence provided by the expert group for the study of compliance with the parameters of the legendary personality turned out to be falsified, at least so the representatives of the media claimed.

However, some members of the cryptocurrency community did believe that Wright was the creator of Bitcoin. Moreover, many are still convinced of this, and there is strong evidence of this:

Craig Wright is a leading global computer programmer with a keen interest in innovative technology. According to the existing description, Satoshi Nakamoto was also an extremely unusual programmer who was looking for non-standard approaches to solving simple problems.
Wright is a major businessman who has managed to found several successful companies that still operate today.
In addition, he holds degrees in finance and law.
But the most interesting thing is that Craig Wright has a keen interest in Japanese culture, history and customs.
When the hype about his name and possible involvement in the creation of Bitcoin began, Wright, he said, experienced a real shock. And all thanks to the fact that many openly criticized him for being too secretive. However, Wrights connection to Satoshi Nakamoto and Bitcoin has never been fully confirmed.

Sincere confession

A year has passed, and users have already begun to forget the name Craig Wright, when suddenly he announced that he was going to present irrefutable proof that he was the creator of Bitcoin. He met with another famous programmer Gavin Andreessen, where, with the help of a new computer, as they say, in practice, he proved that he is the very creator of Bitcoin, who has been looking for more than five years.

However, a few days later, at a meeting with reporters, he presented completely different information, which did not look like proof of his involvement in Bitcoin. Although Andreessen continued to claim that he received strong evidence during the last meeting in a London hotel.

But a few days later, he nevertheless admitted that he was the author of the algorithms, on the basis of which he created the worlds first digital currency. So who is Satoshi Nakamoto? Is it really Craig Wright, who decided at some time not to advertise his identity? As representatives of the cryptocurrency community say, Wright is best suited to the role of Nakamoto, although many continue to doubt.

To date, the debate between members of the Bitcoin community about who the real creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto is continues.