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What is Tron cryptocurrency (TRX)

What is Tron cryptocurrency (TRX)

TRON (TRX) is an open source decentralized cryptocurrency. The founder of TRON is Chinese businessman Justin Sun. In 2017, his team created TRON Foundation in Singapore as a nonprofit organization that runs the TRON blockchain.
Tron aims to build a global blockchain-based free entertainment content system. This protocol allows each user to freely publish and store their own data.
The issuance, distribution and trading of digital assets through decentralized self-government creates the basis for distribution and subscription to content, expanding the capabilities of content creators, as well as creating a decentralized entertainment ecosystem.
The partners of the Tron protocol application are Peiwo, Mobile, Gifto, uplive, and a total of 4 million users, which makes the TRX protocol a Blockchain with the largest number of DAPP users in the world.
TRON is a decentralized blockchain platform for supporting smart contracts and high bandwidth. Developers see TRON as a future operating system that will allow users to create their decentralized applications.
Where to store?

You can store coins on an official cold wallet created for such operating systems as: Windows, Linux, Mac.
You can also store coins on official mobile wallets under such operating systems as: Android and IOS. This type of wallet is also convenient, as it is almost always at hand. You can easily and quickly check the balance, rate, as well as enter or withdraw coins to the exchange or cold wallet.
You can download the wallets listed above from the official cryptocurrency website. (tron.network)
You can also store coins on the official web wallet (tronscan). This type of wallet is more convenient than cold one, since it does not need to be downloaded, synchronized and configured. However, it has cons. Since this is a site, it can be hacked, which means that coins can be stolen.
You can also store coins on official mobile wallets under such operating systems as: Android and IOS.
You can also store coins in the GoogleChrome browser, thanks to a special extension. You can install it from the browser extension store.
You can also store coins directly on the exchanges where it is traded. For example, on Binance.

How to mine?

The Tron coin is not subject to mining, as it works on the DPOS algorithm. It cannot be mined either on video cards (GPUs) or on Asiks.
Previously, TRX worked on the SHA-256 algorithm and it could be mined on ASICs, but later the algorithm changed and its mining became impossible.

How to get the?

1. Buy on the stock exchange
2. Mine on Asiks or video cards any other cryptocurrency (POW) and sell it in exchange for TRX
3. Take part in the development and improvement of the project, for which the developers will reward you with TRX coins.

Where can I buy?

Tron is traded on almost all popular cryptocurrency exchanges: Binance, Huobi, OKEx, Huobi, DigiFinex, HitBTC, etc.
You can find out the approximate volume of trading on exchanges on the coinmarketcap website, in the "Markets" section.

The coin is among the top 20 most popular cryptocurrencies with the highest trading volumes.
Tron is very popular: brand recognition is 100%.
Active social networks, constant work on Github, an open development team - all this makes TRX a strong coin.
It is also worth noting the active trading on exchanges and the presence of a coin on a huge number of popular crypto exchanges - this indicates the demand for this coin, and hence great recognition.
The team has a huge number of plans for 2019.Tron is an altcoin, which means it still depends on Bitcoin, and when it grows, TRX can also give X.
Follow the news and the course of this cryptocurrency!

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