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Qiwi Commission

The Qiwi payment system is widely used not only in Russia, but also in many countries of the former USSR. Despite the relatively late period, it shares the market on a par with other Russian-speaking services. Low fees for payments from Qiwi wallet to affiliate services attract a large number of users. Many owners of online stores provide their customers with the opportunity to pay for goods or services with electronic money using the Qiwi payment system. Let us consider in more detail what fees the service charges its customers for payments and money transfers.

Recharge Fees

 Qiwi service is famous for the lack of commissions when replenishing internal user accounts. This is one of the few systems in which you can deposit funds to your account without any loss.

    For the replenishment of Qiwi-wallet through payment terminals of the Qiwi system, the commission from the client is not withheld. And these terminals are quite widespread in Russia. However, it should be borne in mind that when replenishing the wallet through payment terminals of other owners, you will have to pay from 2 to 5% of the commission.
    The commission charged for replenishing a Qiwi account with a bank card depends on the conditions of the issuing bank. Transfers from Raiffeisenbank cards are completely free. For transfers from Alfa-Bank cards you will have to pay 0.5%, and payments from cards of other banks will cost 0.75% of the recharge amount.
    Also, users are not charged a commission for transferring funds from a Qiwi Visa card to a Qiwi wallet.
    In case of replenishing the wallet from the accounts of mobile operators, a commission is charged from the client, the amount of which is determined by the tariff conditions of the operator itself.

If the SMS-informing service is connected to the wallet, then after crediting the money to the account, the user will receive a corresponding message.

Transfer Fees

In the Qiwi system, you can perform various types of transfers both within the service and to the accounts of partner payment systems.

    Transfers between accounts within the system are the most popular way of settlements, since when transferring from one Qiwi wallet to another Qiwi wallet, the commission is not withdrawn by the Qiwi service. When making a payment on the system’s website, next to the window in which the payer indicates the transfer amount, it will be indicated that the commission for the operation is 0%.
    In the event that you plan to make a transfer from a Qiwi wallet to an account in Qiwi belonging to an online store, the commission will not be withheld. But if you want to pay with a Qiwi card, it may happen that you will be deducted an amount of 2.5% of the purchase price. In some cases, the seller pays the fees, taking them into account in the price of the goods. Before invoicing the goods, he is obliged to inform the buyer of all additional costs that arise during the payment process, in particular the commission that will be withheld when transferring from the customer’s Qiwi account to the store’s Qiwi account. The commission, which is withdrawn from the store for processing the payment by the service, is negotiated upon conclusion of a service contract.
    A fee of 3% of the transfer amount is deducted from users of the “nominal wallet” service for payments on directed accounts.
    When transferring from a Qiwi wallet to a WebMoney wallet, both systems will deduct commissions. Qiwi will charge 3% of the transfer amount for the transfer, and WebMoney will hold 2%. And how much money will be deducted in the form of a commission in case of transferring funds from Qiwi to other partner services will be determined by the tariff conditions of the systems.

Currency conversion

 Very often, service customers need to pay for goods or services in foreign online stores that do not accept transfers in rubles. You can transfer money from a currency account. But here is how to replenish it? Only rubles can be deposited into the account through the terminal. It will be very difficult to find banks that accept currency for crediting to the Qiwi account. Have to convert funds between the ruble and foreign currency accounts of Qiwi. The commission for transferring from a ruble Qiwi account to a foreign currency Qiwi account is not withdrawn. However, the exchange rate will differ from the official rate of the Central Bank by about 2.5%. This amount can be considered a reward held by the service for the operation. At the same rate, funds will be debited from the ruble account when paying for goods or services in online stores that do not accept rubles.

 Given the simplicity of money transfers in the Qiwi payment system, the high speed of funds transfer, as well as the preferential conditions and the absence of a commission when transferring from Qiwi to Qiwi, the service turnover is steadily increasing, and the number of users is growing rapidly.