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Which bitcoin wallet is better

Какой биткоин-кошелек лучше

Those who closely follow financial news remember well how the media ignored the emergence of a new phenomenon - virtual bitcoin coins. Moreover, it exists and develops in conditions of fierce competition with fiat counterparts, and financial structures in every possible way put spokes in the wheels of its progress. It is amazing how banks and government officials ignore the existence of a new phenomenon, whose capitalization has reached 10 billion dollars and is growing every day.

Over time, cryptocurrency has attracted the attention of modern people. The rise in popularity, as expected, was facilitated by the increase in the exchange rate, and now any digital or traditional currency can envy its demand. Users learned how to mine, earn, win, buy. No matter how the cryptocoins are obtained, they need to be stored somewhere. For this, special resources, wallets were developed, which are also virtual, like the cryptocurrencies themselves, but ensure the reliable safety of ringing online money. Which Bitcoin wallet is better to choose? This will be discussed in this article.


Bitcoin wallets: variety of types

After registering on the official Bitcoin website, the user will have to decide which electronic wallet to give preference to. On the main page, in the list of headings, select the "Presentation" section, after clicking a variety of virtual wallets will open:

Online wallets.
Desktop wallets are the most popular. Despite the fact that for their creation it is required to download special software - "client", it is not difficult to install it. After that, the user will have access to its content. This type is distinguished by a number of characteristic features, for which it is not in vain called the best Bitcoin wallet:

A wide range of functions.
The user can independently manage the security of the invested funds.
Ease of handling.
Desktop electronic "wallets" are preferred by business people who, as a rule, store substantial amounts of Bitcoins in them and try not to deal with third-party services.

To understand which wallet is best for Bitcoins, you need to decide on the parameters for their further use. The more serious the intention, the more reliable storage you need.

Desktop Bitcoin wallets can be thick or thin. Before choosing one of the options, it is worth evaluating the features of each of them.

It will take a high connection speed to run a thick (heavy) wallet. To do this, you can use the Bitcoin-Qt and Armory program.

The Bitcoin-Qt client program is rightfully considered the most reliable. It was founded by the creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto. In terms of stability and security, this program has no equal. Only one moment can be considered an obstacle - the need for a high-power computer. Since it takes up a lot of RAM. This wallet, like other "thick" counterparts, provides maximum wallet protection, because it stores information about all network transactions from the day it was founded.

To decide which one is better to choose a Bitcoin wallet, you can use the program - Armory client, the installation of which takes 10-15 minutes, and you can proceed to the next steps. The wallet created on the basis of this software has sufficiently broad functionality that allows you to control the contents of the wallet and be confident in the security of transactions. It can be operated both online and offline. Along with all its advantages, the program is by no means perfect and has a number of tangible disadvantages. In particular, it lacks a Russian interface and takes up too much of the RAM of the computing device.

Thin (light) wallets live up to their name, they are really easy to manage, connect extremely quickly, do not require a lot of hard disk space. When choosing which Bitcoin wallet is better, it is worth considering the advantages of this type. Monetary transactions can be made not only through a computer. With the same success, a tablet, mobile phone or other gadget that is at hand and has an Internet connection is used.

This type of wallet is the MultiBit client. Even a beginner can handle this software, it is quite affordable and understandable. In Russian, there are clear recommendations and instructions.

The Electrum client application does not require high power, while it does not lose reliability in terms of security. It is applicable on Android devices. Whether this is the best Bitcoin wallet is up to the user, but the fact that it is full of advantages cannot be denied.

Mobile Bitcoin Wallets

The life of modern society is distinguished by the rapid speed of events taking place in the world. For a business person, every minute counts. The emergence of a new generation of currency encourages the creation of convenient devices that allow you to use them anytime and anywhere. If mobile phones exist, why not create mobile electronic wallets. To use Bitcoins, of course, it is better to have this kind of wallet.

It speaks for itself and allows you to make Bitcoin transactions from any convenient place without having bulky computing equipment (PC, tablet) with you. It is enough to have a smartphone (albeit not the latest model) with Internet access and install a special application on it. There is no doubt that this type of wallet has a number of undeniable advantages:

Availability and ease of use.
The ability to make payments for a purchase in a retail network, this does not require binding to a personal computer.
Instant passage of transactions.
Only the necessary part of the block is downloaded, authentication is carried out in other links of the crypto network.
It is better to choose a mobile Bitcoin wallet for businessmen and travelers. A large number of such electronic "wallets" have already been created, including Blockchain, Micelium and Haro. 

Bitcoin wallets online

If the user of the cryptocurrency does not prioritize security, then he chooses an online wallet. It is usually created at the first stage of the relationship with the cryptocurrency, to store small amounts or as a backup option for the main wallet. A mobile wallet has a number of advantages that will tell you which Bitcoin wallet is better to choose:

No need for a lot of memory on your computer.
Wallet management is extremely simple from any device connected to the Internet.
Possibility to use the service of notification of completed transactions.

Bitcoin wallets - gadgets

New inventions appear every day, developers create more advanced devices for convenient use of digital currency. These include storage gadgets. They are not yet so widespread due to their high cost. It is possible that in the future this type will lay claim to the honorary title of the best Bitcoin wallet. Safe storage of large amounts of money and 24/7 availability are the main advantages of a relatively new type of wallet.

It is rather difficult to navigate among the variety of wallets for storing Bitcoins. Cryptocurrency users are divided into different categories, each with its own purpose. Some are owners of huge volumes of cryptocurrency, others just get to know it and take their first steps, having only small amounts on their account. For all users, the question of which wallet is better to start for Bitcoins remains relevant. For an unmistakable choice, consider the following features:

Experience with digital currency and level of computer knowledge.
Technical capabilities of the computer.
Scope of the users activity.
The amount of funds in the wallet.
Among the listed advantages and disadvantages inherent in different types of Bitcoin wallets, the most important point should be highlighted - the level of security of money transfers. After all, the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, unfortunately, is in high demand not only among honest people. And if the question arises, which is better to choose a Bitcoin wallet, the main criterion is its reliable protection.