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Qiwi scammers and common types of fraud

With the growing popularity of the Qiwi payment system, an increase in the number of users and cash flow, the number of scammers wishing to profit from carefree owners of online wallets is also increasing. At the same time, every year there are more and more discontented users contacting support service. The reason is a fraudulent deception of funds. How do Qiwi scammers work? Can you protect yourself from them? How to write a complaint and block the wallet of the violator?

Methods of fraud in the Qiwi payment system

 To avoid wallet problems and save personal money in your account, study the following options:

    Billing fraud in the payment system. This way of cheating is happening more often. The point is simple. A payment system allows users (sellers) of a service or product to transfer an invoice for payment to a client. The recipient can deposit the required amount and close the transaction. Theoretically, there should be no problems during the operation. In practice, fraudsters in the Qiwi system issue invoices to holders of wallets for services or goods that were not provided. In this case, the newsletter is sent to all numbers in the database of cybercriminals. To protect yourself from fraud, it is enough to refuse to pay the required amount.

There are enough options here. For example, you may receive an invoice for a transfer commission from some charitable foundation (in the absence of any transfers). The second option is the requirement to make a commission for the transfer of funds that have not been received. In the third case, it is proposed to deposit only 10% of the amount in order to get it to the wallet in full.

Whatever the wording, Qiwi scammers are always in the black, and the user is losing money.

    Cheating via SMS. Another scam option is through SMS messages. The user is phone receives information about winning a large prize (most often a car). The message said that the transfer of the gift is made only after replenishing a personal wallet for a certain amount. But this is only the beginning. As soon as a gullible user deposited funds into the wallet, an “Activation SMS” comes to the phone. The senders demand to send the sent code to number 7479. This is where the snag lies. The message contains phone numbers and a certain amount, and “7479” - a number for quick transfer of funds to another user. So, if the message states “9469757979 6500”, this means that the Qiwi scammer with the number “9469757979” will receive 6500 rubles in the account. People who actively use the wallet are well aware of the 7479 number. Others are easy to fool. As for the phone and the amount in the message, then they can be any to confuse the traces.
    Qiwi wallet fraud. A message arrives on the phone on behalf of Qiwi that the wallet has been replenished by a certain amount. At the same time, in the column of the sender of the message is not an ordinary number, but a different name, for example, Qiwi Wallet (here options are possible). At the same moment, another SMS comes from the person who allegedly made a mistake when making the transfer. Honest people will immediately rush to the wallet and return the money to the “sorrow-sender”. As a result, scammers profit from the Kiwi wallets of users.

The main difficulty for an attacker is to find a service in which you can substitute any word or number instead of the sender. Such a service is paid, but the result, as a rule, lives up to expectations. So, the presence in the sender line of the name of the payment system does not mean that the message came from Qiwi. This applies not only to the payment system in question, but also to other messages that arrive on the network.

What to do if you become a victim of fraud?

 There are different situations in life. The main thing is not to get lost, and in the case of Qiwi fraud, act according to a certain algorithm:

    When making a transfer from your wallet that you didn’t do:

    Make sure your computer is free of viruses or spyware. It is not difficult to do this using a special program.
    Remove wallet bindings for various applications installed on social networks, tablets and so on.
    Contact support and describe the situation.
    Head to the police and file a statement about what happened.
    Receive a coupon confirming acceptance of the application.

    In case of losing the card and receiving a message about the operation that you did not carry out:

    Block the card immediately. To do this, go to the profile and in the window with the cards, select the lost "plastic", then press the lock button. Can be made easier. In the case of Kiwi fraud, you can simultaneously block all plastic cards tied to a wallet. It is enough to send a message to “7494”, writing in it the phrase “QVP STOP”.
    Write to customer support and talk in detail about the situation.
    When carrying out any operations using the card (without the owner’s knowledge), contact the police. Here we are talking about fraud through Qiwi, so write a statement.Get a ticket notifying the law enforcement authorities of the receipt of the document.

    If you make a payment for a product or service through a Qiwi wallet without receiving the goods, proceed as follows:

    Write to the support service of the payment system through the feedback form.
    Come to the police and write a statement. As in previous cases, take with you a coupon confirming the acceptance of the document.

    If an SMS was received on the phone in which it is proposed to transfer money for a win, then this is also a case of fraud through a Qiwi wallet. In this situation, do this:

    Change the password for entering the wallet and delete all the bindings related to applications, social networks and so on.
    Tell the support team about the situation.

    Go to the police and write a fraud application using the Qiwi wallet.

How to file a complaint?

 If you have any complaints about the user of the payment system, you can file a complaint with the support service. Do the following:

    Go to the main page of the resource and go to the help section.
    Choose from the list of recipients - in this case, the security service.
    Now indicate that the subject of the message is fraud (there is a corresponding item there).
    Describe what the scammers did with the Kiwi wallet, what actions you performed.
    Wait for an answer. If the suspicions are confirmed, the intruder will be blocked.

How to calculate a scammer?

 Some users act independently and try to personally figure out a scammer. You can do this as follows:

    Using a telephone company.
    Through the police.
    Using the base of numbers.
    By searching for a number on the network (perhaps someone has already posted it).

 These options are purely theoretical, because it is unlikely that an ordinary person will be provided with the necessary information. There remains only the option with the Internet, but here the likelihood of success is very low. So the best solution is to write a statement to the police.

 Illegal transfers and Qiwi scams are part of our lives. The main thing is to be prepared for this, to know your rights and to try to act without delay. The faster the steps are taken to capture the criminals, the better.