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Qiwi defense mechanisms

Security at Qiwi is handled by a dedicated department. His responsibilities include:

    Monitoring customer accounts.
    Ensuring the safety of customer funds.
    Qiwi system protection from scammers.
    Assisting in resolving conflict issues related to virtual accounts. This refers to ambiguous situations that are associated either with transactions or with account lockout.

Thanks to the successful activities of the security department, it is possible to significantly reduce cases of fraud.

If, for example, the client sent the wrong money to the wrong wallet, or got caught by scammers, then you need to contact the department that provides Qiwi protection. In this case, the situation that has arisen must be described in detail, and, if possible, checks or correspondence are presented, confirming the applicant’s correctness.

Calling the Qiwi Protection Center

If any conflict occurs, you must send a letter to the support service. To do this, do the following:

    Log in to your account.
    Press the “Help” button located in the upper right part.
    A page pops up asking you to choose one of three options:

    Popular questions.
    Payment Verification.
    Contact support.

    The last item is selected.
    A window opens with three options:

    Visa Qiwi Wallet.
    Security Service.
    Qiwi terminals.

    You should click on the middle line, so we are interested in Qiwi protection.
    A list appears containing various options for the problems.
    The appropriate option is selected.
    A table opens, which must be filled in accordance with the instructions attached to it.
    Click on the "Submit" button.

 After that, it remains to wait for the application to be considered. The client is notified of the fact that this has happened by a letter containing instructions. However, one should not forget that even the availability of an operational and professional Qiwi-protection service will not be able to guarantee the safety of the client’s accumulation if he himself also does not show vigilance.
Qiwi Wallet Protection

Qiwi-wallet is associated with a cell phone number. And therefore, all actions associated with restoring access to a purse are reduced to working with him. If you have lost or forgotten your PIN or password required to log into the Qiwi website, you must contact the support team. To do this, a corresponding message is sent to a specific number. As a response, the Qiwi Protection Department will send a new version of the password or pin code.

If the money, due to carelessness or distraction, was sent to someone else is phone number, you should contact the office of the operators company. This refers to the employee of the party where the payment was made. You should have an identity document and receipt with you.

What is a Qiwi Cashier?

Using the Qiwi Cashier program provides the opportunity to accept payment at the addresses of about three thousand enterprises that provide services. These include:

    Fee for services of mobile operators.
    Payment for services provided by Internet providers.
    Payment of transactions related to e-commerce.
    Transactions with virtual payment systems.
    Payment for digital television.
    Payment of utilities.
    Repayment of loans received at the bank.
    Top up the balance on your bank account and card.

Thanks to the presence of “Qiwi Cashier”, it is possible to organize the receipt of payments almost anywhere. It can be an office, a salon, a kiosk, as well as a store. Moreover, the presence or absence of a payment terminal does not play a role.

Through the program, integration into the configuration of the 1C: Enterprise module is performed. Which provides the ability to accept payments. Its purpose is the creation of 1C documents, without which it is impossible to keep records of incoming payments. In addition, a check is printed out for all cash registers that support 1C.

 The presence of the new option “Regional Interface” provides the ability to filter the list of providers. To do this, use the "Providers" window.

Using the application you can:

    Implement Qiwi protection and control the status of incoming payments.
    Have access to information regarding the balance of the Agency.
    For payment acceptance points, configure the list of providers.
    Perform reporting on the results of activities.
    Have access to Qiwi operational news.

The developers managed to make the Qiwi Cashier interface stand out for its maximum convenience and simplicity. If it is installed on the client’s mobile phone, the user will be able to make a terminal out of it, with which it will be possible to accept payments.

The Qiwi Cashier program, in the new version, has the ability to implement the Qiwi Visa Virtual virtual card. This name is assigned to a new generation bank card. With its help, you can make calculations on any sites on the Internet. Provided that they practice receiving ordinary Visa plastic cards.