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What are the most popular foreign payment systems?

The global network has helped millions of people find new jobs that generate tangible income. Almost everyone, with a little diligence, is able to realize their potential. The Internet is rightfully considered a global employer.

Our service baksman.org invites you to familiarize yourself with the most popular foreign payment systems. A small introduction to the world of online settlements, I would like to think, will be interesting for our users.

Making money is only part of the success as it needs to be withdrawn. Often, for this they use an electronic system for a bank card. While most people are familiar with domestic services Qiwi, WebMoney, Yandex.Money and other systems, foreign EPS are only gaining popularity among our fellow citizens. The desire to get to know them is understandable, because foreign online platforms significantly expand the capabilities of each user.

Relevance of using foreign payment systems

One of the main reasons that arouses the interest of users in foreign EPS is the work on the websites of other countries. Quite rarely, funds for work can be received directly on the bank card. Also, foreign companies do not often cooperate with Russian payment systems. Therefore, the user is left with one thing - to choose popular foreign electronic money and connect to a foreign system.

Globally, there are thousands of payment systems. But for users of the post-Soviet space, it will be quite enough to choose one or two services that everyone works with.

PayPal is the world leader in the number of users

Objectively speaking, the number of registered customers is a direct, although not an absolute indicator of the efficiency of the payment system. PayPal has shown fantastic results. The company tops the list of popular foreign systems in the world, because it has been on the market for almost 20 years and during this time has covered almost all countries. The number of active users according to various sources ranges from 160 to 180 million people.

PayPal features

EPS PayPal offers its customers reliable data protection. It is fully Russified, supports many currencies, special terms of cooperation with Amazon and other retailers. But the main difference from other services is that the users money is insured by SafeWeb Insurance. Despite the fact that residents of Eastern Europe still do not have the ability to withdraw electronic money from the popular foreign system PayPal, users have access to the function of spending it for different purposes. And, it should be noted that this opportunity is successfully used by millions of residents of Russia, Ukraine and other countries of the former USSR.

Payza is one of the world leaders in electronic payments

Until May 2012, Payza was known as AlertPay. Funds in the system can be transferred in a variety of ways, ranging from Wire Transfer to checks. A person who is not registered in the system can also receive money from a Payza account. For each attracted client, the wallet owner is charged $ 5. Among the shortcomings of the system, it is necessary to note the low level of security, as well as the purely English-language interface.

Perfect money

Considering the popular foreign payment systems, one cannot ignore the Perfect Money company, which, over its ten-year history of existence, easily entered the list of world leaders. The system does not allow withdrawing funds directly to bank cards, but this problem is solved with the help of exchangers. In addition, the service issues loans to its customers, offers a referral program and multi-level account protection.

All popular foreign services presented in the review have an impeccable reputation and allow you to transfer electronic money to the accounts of domestic payment systems using exchangers.