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Which payment systems do most people not approve of?

The Internet is a huge world, which is a kind of clone of real life. It has different types of entertainment, tools for education and business. Therefore, it is quite obvious that the Web cannot exist without electronic means of payment. Moreover, the Internet has turned into an employer on a global scale, for everyday financial settlements in which the title units of various online money transfer systems are used, a kind of virtual analogue of various fiduciary currencies.

As is often the case, such resources were initially developed in the foreign sector of the web. Russia joined a kind of marathon with some delay, and only at the fork of the millennium, several payment systems of domestic origin appeared on the domestic market, which began to work with electronic money. At present, their number has increased tenfold, but not all of them have earned trust and found their clients. In an acute struggle for survival, only the strongest online platforms won and continue to function successfully to this day.

Payment services that people trust

The modern Internet user is cautious about choosing a payment service. Therefore, he chooses companies with an impeccable reputation and long-term work in the service market. If you believe the statistics and comments from the forums, then the leaders in the post-Soviet space are two companies:

Yandex money.
The top five also include PayPal, Qiwi and Rapida. But there are payment systems that people dont approve of.

It is necessary to understand that entrepreneurs are chasing income and are ready to introduce new technologies, applications, services. But is it worth using the services of an unknown company if the client has access to real brands of the domestic market? For this reason, before making a choice in favor of a particular service, you must carefully study the general information about it and read the comments of real customers.

In turn, payment systems with a name provide their users with a number of advantages:

Simplicity and affordability. The account creation service is free, and the process itself takes a minimum of time.
Financial management from any country in the world.
The ability to quickly withdraw funds.
Conversion operations.
In fact, the list of benefits is huge. But there are also disadvantages of electronic services, even among the largest market players. Basically, the user is unhappy with the commissions that the services offer. If we talk about people of the older generation, they generally do not approve of payment systems, preferring paper money.

In general, the choice of an electronic service is a personal matter for each person. For example, for a student who needs to top up an account on a mobile, it is much easier to use Qiwi. In turn, for doing business, the best option is WebMoney, which offers a unique security system.

Bad experience of the Portmone payment system

The successful activity of WebMoney did not go unnoticed by competitors. So, the Portmone payment system completely copied part of the functions, as well as the WebMoney interface, but this did not help it achieve success in the market. In addition, the "new" company did not allow paying for online shopping without a bank card. After a short time, the service lost its small audience.

The RBKMoney service, which has been operating since 2002, is not particularly popular either. The company showed great promise and could capture the entire Russian and Ukrainian market. Currently RBKMoney is positioning its services as a payment platform for individuals and businesses, but has not been able to achieve serious success in the struggle for survival with its solid competitors.

Moneybookers experience

With an interval of one year from RBKMoney PS, the Moneybookers service started its activity in Russia. At the first stages of its formation, the company showed good results. Over time, the client base began to thin out, and the reason was a complex interface and lack of technological development.

First of all, people do not approve of payment systems, the functionality of which is difficult to understand. The level of trust also plays an important role. Fortunately, there are enough branded services on the domestic market, and, most likely, in the near future they will delight their users with new offers. Russians, fortunately, have plenty to choose from, and in extreme cases, you can use the services of foreign brands.