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What is the most popular payment system in Russia

The popularity of electronic payment systems is mainly due to the ability to quickly and easily make a money transfer. Most modern states have already begun developing their own services. Moreover, in certain cases, these systems have gone beyond the geographical boundaries of a particular country and spread throughout the world. What are the most popular payment systems in Russia?

Several dozen different payment systems operate on the territory of our country. But not all of them are equally popular among users. So, the following systems are considered the most in demand today:

- WebMoney.
- Qiwi.
- Yandex money.
- Moneybookers.
- PayPal.

Russians choose Yandex.Money

This payment system was created over ten years ago. Today the majority of Russians are actively using its opportunities. In addition, in the past few years, it has become available to residents of other countries. That is why the most popular systems in Russia invariably include Yandex.Money. Simplicity is considered its main advantage. After all, to make payments, you need to have only basic computer knowledge, as well as have access to the Internet.

Another feature of this system is its versatility. After all, it makes it possible to use virtual currency for a variety of purposes - to ensure your everyday life, make purchases on the network, pay for various services. All operations can be performed without leaving home. An additional advantage is the absence of commissions for some types of operations, in particular, for paying utility bills. Also Yandex.Money, like other electronic payment systems popular in Russia, makes it possible to make transfers between users of the service. At the same time, the commission for such operations is only 0.5%.

Yandex.Money acquired its status as the most popular payment system thanks to the partners ability to independently set the amount of commission. As for the account replenishment, the service offers several options at once, from which the user can choose the most convenient method for himself:

Through a banking institution.
By using a dedicated terminal.
You can also buy popular electronic money in Russia through a reliable exchange resource, for example, baksman.org.
With the help of specialized services such as Unistream and Contact.
Withdrawing funds also involves the use of several methods. So, you can transfer money directly to a current account with a credit institution or a plastic card of a certain bank. It is also possible to quickly make a transfer within the network. Finally, virtual money can be converted into traditional currency using a Yandex.Money card, from which funds are withdrawn through an ATM.

WebMoney system is another market leader

The list of popular payment systems in Russia would be incomplete without mentioning WebMoney. Without exaggeration, this resource can be called an international service. It will soon be twenty years since the system first appeared on the market. It was founded in the British capital, but the certification center and all technical services are located in Moscow.

The main advantage of WebMoney is the large number of currencies that each of its members can freely operate. The guarantor of the legality of their application is a number of reputable organizations located on the territory of Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. It should be noted that the most popular payment systems in Russia, including WebMoney, have created step-by-step instructions especially for their new members to help them register on the resource and open a virtual wallet.

Each participant in the system must receive a certificate. In total, there are twelve passports, each of which provides for the assignment of a certain status to the user. Accordingly, the higher the level of the latter, the more opportunities the user is endowed with. An additional plus is considered to be the increased security of the service, thanks to which participants do not have to worry about the safety of funds in their account. And to resolve controversial issues, the most popular electronic payment system in Russia has an arbitration service.

The advantage of the service is the transparency of its work. So, each new participant must go through the identification procedure. Thanks to this requirement, you can easily track all transactions performed and payments received. This moment is welcomed by most users, as it makes it possible to prevent fraudulent schemes. In addition, the state is more loyal to systems that try to control payments made with their help.

Payment system participants who intend to replenish their virtual wallet with popular electronic money in Russia have several options available at once:

Through a bank institution or post office.
With a specially purchased prepaid card.
Thanks to the Western Union service.
Through terminals or exchange resources (as an option, baksman.org.).
By exchanging with another member of the system.
As for the commissions, their size is kept to a minimum. In any case, you need to know that most of the costs are for the purchase of prepaid cards or replenishment of the account through the terminal. All other options involve the introduction of a commission, the size of which is rightly considered the smallest on the market.

WebMoney, like other popular payment systems in Russia, offers several options for withdrawing funds accumulated on an electronic wallet at once. Thus, the user can transfer virtual currency to a bank account, and then pick up cash at the cash desk. The very popular Western Union service also boasts a special function for withdrawing funds. And finally, exchange services are considered a very simple and fairly safe way. But you need to carefully choose a partner and start cooperation only with a reliable resource.

It should be noted that WebMoney, by analogy with other most popular payment systems in Russia, takes care of the safety of its customers. Therefore, to be able to withdraw funds, system participants must first go through the identification procedure. In fairness, it should be noted that not everyone considers such a thorough check justified. But there are some disadvantages as well. So, such a serious attitude to certification significantly increases the level of payment security and the safety of funds that are on the users virtual wallet.

Qiwi system is the best resource for online shopping

Among the electronic payment systems popular in Russia, Qiwi takes a very special place. It successfully operates in the market of twenty two countries, where virtual currency is actively used in the settlement system. As a rule, participants in the system use its capabilities to pay for purchases over the Internet, pay for services consumed or repay a loan. In this regard, Qiwi is an ideal option, which has very convenient functionality for solving the above tasks. An additional advantage of the system is the issuance of a credit card, which is accepted for payment in all parts of the world. In addition, it allows you to withdraw popular electronic money in Russia at ATMs of other countries.

In general, each of the described payment systems has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, the level of their popularity is conditional. And users in each specific case make a choice based on their goals and needs.