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What is the best payment system

Какая платежная система самая лучшая

There are several payment systems in the post-Soviet market. But the most widespread are Yandex.Money, WebMoney and Qiwi. Each of them has its own strengths and weaknesses. If you do not take into account the peculiarities of their work, then in the future the user may face serious problems. Therefore, a quite reasonable question arises, which payment system is better?

To make the choice as objective as possible, it is advisable to use several criteria for comparison.


Ease of registration

At first glance, this criterion is not essential, but if the process consists of a large number of steps, then even an experienced user will find it difficult to go through it, let alone beginners. Based on this parameter, the most accessible process will be registration on the Qiwi service, where you need to enter a phone number. Therefore, in this race, it is quite fair to assign Qiwi the status of the best payment system. On Yandex.Money, this procedure is also not difficult, especially if the user already has an account in the mail of the same name. You can enter the system under your username, then additionally indicate your phone number and decide on a payment password. The registration process is considered complete after entering the password sent to the user on the phone.

Against this background, the WebMoney system is disadvantageously different from its competitors. Indeed, in addition to e-mail, the user must indicate his phone number and passport details. Therefore, when asked which electronic payment system is better in terms of registration, it will obviously be in the last positions.



This option is very important for residents of small settlements who are interested in having as many different options as possible. Also, the financial side of the issue plays an important role, because sometimes you need to deposit a lot of money to replenish the account. Replenishment of the Yandex.Money system is available at any Russian bank using a credit card.

Also, this operation can be carried out through the terminal of the partner organization, which includes Euroset and Svyaznoy. The financial aspect, which plays an important role in determining the question of which payment system is the best, in this case is decided in favor of the consumer. The commission is small, and in some situations there is none at all.

But the big disadvantage of the Yandex.Money system is that these options are limited for residents of other countries. As for WebMoney, this service offers a large number of different methods of replenishment:

Through ATMs, as well as special terminals.
By wire transfer.
Via a mobile phone.
Directly from electronic wallets that are open on other resources.
The arsenal of the Qiwi payment system also includes more than ten different options for replenishing an account, so when comparing with WebMoney, it is quite difficult to determine which one is better. But the advantage of Qiwi is that funds are instantly credited when replenishing through an official terminal and there is no commission for this operation.

Functionality of payment systems

Distinguish between universal services, covering a large number of different areas and highly specialized resources that focus on certain aspects. The choice of a specific option depends on the needs of the user.

In terms of functionality, WebMoney is considered the best payment system. It offers its users a wide variety of services, ranging from a credit exchange to accepting payments in an automatic mode for online trading platforms. Whereas the specialization of Qiwi is the creation of optimal conditions for making purchases on the network. The capabilities of the system allow you to easily purchase goods on a foreign resource. And a convenient application for a mobile phone is quite capable of replacing a desktop computer.

Basically, Yandex.Money doesnt differ much from Qiwi in terms of functionality. But in the question of which electronic payment system is better, it is significantly inferior to these services, since its users can perform transactions only with the Russian ruble. This significantly limits its participants in terms of making purchases abroad.


Security level

This issue is very acute today, since there are many cybercriminals on the network who use fraudulent tricks to seize users money. The most reliable security system today is offered by WebMoney. Users wallets have several levels of protection (electronic keys, one-time password to confirm the operation, digital authenticator). In addition, an additional argument in the question of which payment system is better is the reliability of the method for managing assets. The resource uses WebMoney Keeper for this purpose, which is considered one of the most convenient and reliable applications.

For security purposes Yandex.Money uses rather complicated passwords that are automatically generated by the system. In addition, the participants can, by paying a small amount, activate the so-called enhanced authorization service. Within this option, three more modern protection options are applied. Given the above, it is difficult to determine which of these payment systems is better in terms of security.

As for the payment service Qiwi, it takes the last positions. He clearly does not have enough security functions, and if the criminal knows the password or pin code, then he actually has access to the users account.


Withdrawal options

This aspect is primarily of interest to users who receive income from e-wallets. Accordingly, they are faced with the task of withdrawing funds. The Qiwi system offers its users several ways at once - a service specializing in money transfers, a plastic card from which you can withdraw funds from ATMs around the world and withdraw to a current account. Also, the transfer is carried out between electronic payment systems. But this is not the best way, considering how much commission will have to be paid for this operation.

Yandex.Money uses the same withdrawal methods as the Qiwi system. But they have some restrictions, for example, you cannot transfer money to accounts registered for organizations.

WebMoney offers the widest range of different withdrawal options. This includes money transfer to a card or current account, withdrawal through dealers, services of reliable exchange services, for example, baksman.org. The main advantage of this system is the almost instant crediting of funds and the minimum amount of commission.


Summing up

So which payment system is the best? In principle, the winner of this kind of competition is immediately visible. Indeed, for most positions, the WebMoney service has left other payment systems far behind. The resource has been on the market for a long time and is very popular among users. Its functionality is much more extensive than that of competitors. Moreover, this statement is true for both ordinary users and moneymakers. And finally, a multilevel security system reliably protects the money of the system participants. Therefore, one should not be surprised that WebMoney is quite rightly considered the best payment system.

The popular resource Qiwi takes an honorable second place. Among the advantages of the system are convenient conditions for making online purchases, even for inexperienced users. A significant drawback of the payment service is considered to be a weak level of security, so you should not store large amounts in it.

Yandex.Money found itself in the last position as a result of significant restrictions on its users, especially organizations.