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Earning Bitcoins on click sponsors

Talking about click-through sponsors, which are commonly called buxes in online slang, many of the Internet users return in their minds to their own past. The fact is that a significant part of freelancers started their careers with them, filling various penny or cent orders, clogging up social media profiles and e-mail with spam. From the point of view of a new recruit of a multimillion-dollar army of freelancers, such a salary is quite acceptable. At the same time, after the appearance of Bitcoins, click sponsors began to work with cryptocurrency, paying for clicker services in Satoshi.

Earnings on clicks is a unique opportunity for beginners to get their first income on the Internet. Special knowledge and skills, such as copywriting or web design, are not required. It is enough to have free internet access and a few hours of free time a day. The essence of the work is as follows:

    The user registers on the click sponsor website
    In the appropriate section of the resource, selects a job and executes it.
    Receives several coins (cents, kopecks or satoshi).

There are also games, for example - Bitcoin Clicker. Here the user has to constantly click on the big ball with the mouse, as a result of which he is credited with coins that can be spent on "upgrading" the device or on increasing the power of the home computer for further mining of Bitcoins.

How to earn Bitcoins on clicks: features and difficulties

Conventionally, earnings on clicks can be divided into several categories:

    Clicking on links, studying sites.
    Reading paid emails.
    Passing tests on various topics.
    Completing more complex tasks (for example, registering, following the internal links of the project, commenting on articles, and so on).

Earnings of Bitcoins from clicks are listed in ascending order. That is, from simple and low-paid to complex and more profitable. Most newbies have a legitimate question: why do they even pay for this? With tests and assignments, everything is more or less clear. It is even easier with clicks: the development team has launched a new website. You can wait for visitors for years; in order for the flow of customers to go, you need to invest maximum effort and time. Many people choose the simpler option - to pay for the transition. The more people view the site, the higher the level of trust from the search engines and the higher the site ranks on the web.

Overview of services for making money

 Now you know how to earn Bitcoins on clicks, which means it is time to move on to choosing a bookbox. There are hundreds of services on the Internet that provide Satoshi for certain actions. The most top-notch and reliable ones:


 The advantage of the latter two sites is that no registration is required. The user only needs to register a Bitcoin wallet online or install Bitcoin Core on a computer, copy the public code and enter it on the website in the appropriate section. The payment is also automatically credited to the wallet. Bitcoin clicks are not the most profitable job, but they are optimal for newbies as a starting point. Working on the Adtoshi website, the payment is automatically credited to Microwallet.org, and from there, when it reaches 0.00005800 Bitcoins, it is transferred to the Bitcoin wallet. At the current exchange rate (August, 2016) it is about $ 0, 034. Adtoshi is a one-stop shop. Here you can not only earn on clicks, but also receive satoshi from the fauset (enter captcha), and a referral program is also provided.

We earn on BTCClicks

Both a beginner and an experienced miner can earn Bitcoins on clicks. BTCClicks is one of the most reliable sponsors, about which users have only a positive opinion. Getting started is easy:

    We go to the site, click in the upper working panel on "Sign Up".
    In the window that opens, enter the email address, come up with a username and password, the service immediately sends a letter.
    We follow the active link in the letter, confirm the data and log in to the site through the “Log In” function.
    In the working panel, select the "Surf Ads" button, in the window that appears, enter the address of your Bitcoin wallet. Now you can start working.

 To start earning money on clicks, you need to select "Surf Ads", which translates as Surfing. On the page that appears, the current orders will become available to the user. On the left you can see the main task, on the right - the cost of completing the task. Announcements are updated daily, but some tasks can be completed every day.

On average, you can earn about 0.00051000 Bitcoin for viewing the site for 10 seconds, which at the current rate is about 3 cents. In principle, this is quite a lot, considering that the user does not need to do anything other than browse the service for only 10 seconds. Bitcoins for clicks are paid only if the page of the site is actually studied. That is, you cannot just open the service and continue go about your business.

A significant drawback of the BTCClicks service is that it is in English. The problem is easily solved by the auto-translators built into most browsers, but still not very convenient.

Earning money on the CoinAd project occurs in a similar way. The listed services regularly pay remuneration, but there are opinions about the delay in payments about the Adtoshi project. Funds are debited from the account, but they do not reach the wallet. However, the problem is solved in 1-2 days. Unlike the Bitcoin Clicker, Users receive real money, more precisely - cryptocurrency, which is then easily converted into dollars, rubles or electronic money. You can make an exchange using the relatively young, but already gaining popularity service baksman.org. The conclusion on it is as simple as possible - the user only needs to enter the address of the Bitcoin wallet and the details of the service to which the funds will be credited. For example, in the case of withdrawing to a Sberbank card, it is necessary to indicate the card number, last name, first name and patronymic of the holder. This is a requirement of a financial institution, not an exchanger.

Earning Bitcoins on clicks is offered not only by Western services, but also by Russian-language resources. It is pointless to consider all projects, in the "ru" zone, many sites are closed quickly enough. This is due to the strict state policy in relation to cryptocurrency. Bitcoins are prohibited in any form (both for payment and for earning). Therefore, the Russians are forced to work with English-speaking services. It is possible to receive income on clicks, but payments on Russian-language sites are carried out only in electronic money (Yandex.Money, WebMoney, Qiwi). The size of payments on Russian resources is slightly lower.

How much can you earn on clicks?

In principle, making money on clicks is a rather unprofitable activity, but if you invest more effort and time, you can get enough money to pay for the Internet and electricity.

For example, let is take the following task:

    Viewing the site for 10 seconds.
    Pay $ 0.03.

 Conventionally, in 1 minute the user can make a profit within 18 cents. An hour of work can bring about $ 10. Monthly earnings in the region of US $ 300 for residents of the CIS countries will become not just a salary increase, but the main income. But making such a profit is almost impossible.

The maximum earnings of Bitcoins on clicks can reach $ 100 per month. This is provided that the user will work with several projects in parallel, as well as - extract satoshi using various fausets. The reason is simple - a small volume of orders for axle boxes. Websites that post ads tend to have limited budgets. But the number of those who want to make a profit is unlimited. You need to tirelessly monitor the appearance of new tasks, devote at least 3 hours a day to work, look only for proven axle boxes that pay money.

There are many scammers online today. Websites offer large amounts of Bitcoins for clicks. For example, if the maximum cost of 1 click is 10 cents, then fraudulent resources may sound $ 10. It is important to carefully read the terms of cooperation. As a rule, they indicate in “small print” that the user will receive only a certain part of the amount, in the amount of 0.3%. As a result, the beginner invests all his efforts and a lot of time in getting kopecks.

Another popular scam is to increase the minimum payout. For example, they initially indicate that the funds will be automatically transferred on Fridays when 0.0003 Bitcoins are reached. But on the eve of the settlement day, the service changes the conditions, and informs users that now the minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0004 Bitcoin, and after that it stops paying out the funds altogether. There are hundreds of such "scams", be careful. Study user reviews and work only with trusted resources or play Bitcoin Clicker, where all funds will be automatically invested either in upgrading the device or in improving the performance of a computer for mining.

Recently, options are increasingly in demand, in which for every 1000 clicks from the user, the service provides a similar volume of clicks to the user is personal website. This option is beneficial for new resource owners who do not want to pay for advertising.

Earning money on clicks is a great springboard. Each user will be able to get acquainted with the business on the Internet, evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages of such work, and find "their own niche." With the right choice of a site and performing more complex tasks than just clicking on links, you can really earn 200-300 dollars a month, and by connecting a referral program, you can increase your income by an average of 25%. Now you know how to earn Bitcoins on clicks, it is time to master a new type of activity!