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Earning Bitcoins on Android

The rapid technological progress in the new millennium has reached such a pace that, at times, it surprises many who have seen the kinds of experts. He even touched upon areas in which, as it seemed, nothing could be changed. Let is talk about the most mundane. Over the past few years, conventional mobile phones have evolved into state-of-the-art gadgets with a variety of functionalities. A lot can be done with their help.

It is not the first year that users have been using smartphones to pay for goods for cryptocurrency. But, in addition to this opportunity, the Android operating system allows owners of mobile devices to use them to generate income. There are several key ways of earning Bitcoins on Android on the network, and all of them practically do not differ from making a profit in cryptocurrency using stationary computers.

How to get the cherished coins?

 There are a lot of ways to get cryptocurrency using a device. For example, you can connect to a cloud mining system or exchange Bitcoin for other types of currencies. In both cases, a solid investment will be required from the owner of the device, at least to generate a large profit. If we talk about methods that do not involve investments, then the following can be distinguished:

    Surfing and viewing emails for satoshi.
    Mining on a smartphone.
    Collecting satoshi on taps.
    Special applications for mobile gadgets.

So, how to make Bitcoins on Android is much easier than it seems, it should be noted right away that mining has lost its meaning today. Using the scanty power of the gadget, you can get a minimum income, which is significantly inferior to all other methods.

Surfing and reading emails is a fairly common way of making money, which has been around for many years and involves viewing advertisers websites for a certain fee. Most of the boxes are represented by foreign portals, where you can earn Bitcoins on Android both with and without registration. On many portals, it is enough to enter the Bitcoin wallet number.

What resources are relevant today?

 Surfing on Earnfreebitcoins. The site does not require registration. After specifying the address of the cryptocurrency, you can immediately start browsing the sites. The duration of viewing depends on the cost, but on average 40-80 satoshis are charged for 2 minutes. The payment is carried out automatically.

Bitvisits. Another site where you need to view advertising information. All Bitcoins earned on Android, as well as on the Earnfreebitcoins service, are automatically sent to the Microwallet.org payment system. After reaching the minimum amount, which is 5,800 Satoshi, funds from Microwallet are automatically transferred to the users wallet. Registration on the project is not required.

The Btcclicks service requires a simple registration, after which you need to log into your account and start browsing. Withdrawals must be ordered.

Coinadder. The minimum payout amount is 10,000 Satoshi and is performed automatically. Earning money comes from traditional surfing and viewing emails.

Despite all the resources listed, earning Bitcoins on Android by browsing sites has not received such distribution as working with faucets.

Getting Satoshi with Cranes

 You can use the Android operating system on a smartphone very effectively using specialized sites called Bitcoin faucets. The users themselves are often called crane operators. Unlike surfing, it takes a minimum amount of time to generate income using cranes, no more than 15 seconds. The principle of operation is reduced to the introduction of a captcha or participation in a mini-game. After successful passage, the user receives satoshi, which, when a certain amount is reached, is withdrawn from the account to the wallet.

Of course, Bitcoin faucet cannot be considered as the main income on Android, especially if you do not use a referral link. However, it belongs to the popular and very simple methods of mining cryptocurrency, which, as you know, is showing slow but steady growth.

Currently, manual and automatic cranes are in operation. Most of them operate in manual mode and require simple solutions. But there are resources that do not even require a visit. At the same time, the amount of income is significantly inferior to resources with manual payment. Bitcoins are credited to the users account at regular intervals. So, some portals give out bonuses in a few minutes, others - hourly.

The best taps for Android devices

    Freebitcoin. Currently, this Bitcoin faucet on Android is the most popular and advertised, and not without reason. About 340 satoshi are distributed on the site every hour. The minimum withdrawal amount is 10,000 Satoshi. Payment is carried out instantly or automatically. A feature of the resource is the weekly organization of lotteries, allowing to win some bitcoins
    Bitcoinaliens is a faucet that allows you to maximize your income. A one-time payment reaches 5,000 satoshi, moreover, coins are issued every 5 minutes. The faucet is one of the oldest and is great for earning Bitcoins on Android OS, since the user only needs to keep the browser open. Periodically, you need to visit the page and enter a captcha to maintain a stable income.
    Bitcoinour is a new resource that allows you to generate income automatically. A prerequisite is regular visits to the resource and the introduction of captcha.
    BitcoinZebra is also on the rookie list. After registration, the user receives a bonus of 3,000 satoshi.
    Great earnings of Bitcoins on Android are offered by the WheelOfCoin portal. With this tap, you can get 500 satoshi by visiting the site every 6 hours. Payments are made automatically. The minimum withdrawal amount is 20,000 coins. Additionally, you can try your luck in the lottery, which offers a maximum win of 1.2 Bitcoins.
    Payments are made 3 times per hour, which allows you to earn up to 400 coins. This faucet is unlikely to be suitable for a large-scale business, since only 25% is paid under the referral program.

With the right approach, earning Bitcoins on a smartphone can bring a good income. To do this, you need to choose high-quality sites, as well as actively engage in attracting referrals.

Modern services for automatic collection of satoshi

Several years ago, an application for earning Bitcoins on Android ARM Miner appeared on the market, with which it was possible to use the computing power of the device. At the end of 2013, miners accepted this program with a smile. Today it has completely lost its potential.

A completely different way to get satoshi is offered by downloading the OrbotTor program to Android. The resource collects data on the nodes of the private network, and then distributes funds among the project participants.

CoinAdder Bot. The application is designed for automatic surfing for Bitcoins. The money for the views goes to your CoinAdder account. Therefore, to get started, you need to create an account on the project. After that, you need to download the application for earning Bitcoins on the Android OS, go through authorization and press the start button. You can withdraw money to the Bitcoin wallet after the minimum amount is collected in CoinAdder.

The BldTabs app works not only on Android, but on all other operating systems. After downloading the program to the device, it starts collecting cryptocurrency, and not only Bitcoins, but also its other types. All funds go to the users balance. The only thing that is required from the user is to enter the wallet numbers. Service offers the use of the program on a paid and free basis. In the first case, the user can buy the best faucets for earning Bitcoins on Android, and the application offers sites with different costs and paybacks.

Free Bitcoin is another program designed specifically for owners of mobile devices on the most popular operating system. The application is focused on using the Freebitcoin site, which is on the list of the most popular and generous faucets. According to user reviews, using Free Bitcoin, you can get income in one day, which corresponds to several days of work on other resources.

We play and earn at the same time

For some, the symbiosis of earning Bitcoins, as well as games on Android, may seem strange, but the fact remains. Today, millions of young people use this method of mining cryptocurrency. The methods for obtaining satoshi during games are different. For example, in some of them prizes are paid only for the victory, while in others the cryptocurrency is credited for participation. In any case, you will have to show some skill to receive funds. Today, developers offer thousands of income generating games. Of course, there are the most popular among them.

Blockchain Game. The game involves folding blocks. The player is required to complete the task as quickly and correctly as possible. The amount of payments for prizes reaches 100,000 satoshi.

Golden Tea offers users a very simple way to earn Bitcoins on Android games, especially since a bonus is issued upon registration. The player only needs to plant tea bushes and get satoshi for this.

Sarutobi. The receipt of funds in this game is proportional to the time that the gamer is willing to devote to playing it.

There are also championship games, for example, Candy Crush Saga or Bitcoin Crush, in which the size of the win depends solely on the prize place. Gambling entertainment is also positioned as games, in which it is necessary to place bets on a certain event. Most gaming sessions are short-lived. Therefore, you can get satoshi even in the elevator. Moreover, earning Bitcoins on games with the help of devices, functioning to Android, the most enjoyable and exciting.

There are many other applications developed for the Android OS that allow you to earn cryptocurrency in a simple and affordable way. We hope you can find the best way for you.