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How to protect electronic money?

Как защитить электронные деньги?

The emergence of electronic money affected the quality of life of the modern inhabitants of the planet, introduced elements of convenience into it. You dont have to go to a store to buy a product; you dont have to stand in long lines to buy tickets.

Going on a long trip, you do not need to "trick" with the search for a safe place to hide cash. Thanks to electronic payment resources and Internet banking, you can do this while staying at home at your computer. However, as practice has shown, virtual money also requires protection. After all, with the emergence of digital currency, new types of fraud have appeared - hackers are actively operating on the Internet.


Electronic money protection: know the methods of attackers

Inventive fraudsters have come up with a device that can read information from a bank card. This device is called a skimmer. It contains a special scheme, thanks to which the skimmer, imperceptibly attached to the ATM, fixes the PIN code during dialing. If thieves take possession of such information, then making a duplicate card and emptying the contents of the card is not at all difficult.

Another fraudulent method is phishing, which means fishing in English. Attackers "catch" valuable information: logins, passwords, numbers and secret codes of bank cards in order to banally steal money on the account. This type of theft, from which it is necessary to protect electronic money, is an e-mail containing an appeal to a client under the guise of a provider. It contains a request to urgently update the data, otherwise the account will be blocked.

Serious reasons are listed: failure of the computer system, installation of new software. Another sophisticated phishing trick is clones of the official websites of banks or other payment services. The user is invited to follow the link and he gets (as it seems to him) to the banks website, which does not raise doubts about the unreliability of the letter received. The trick of the method is that the fraudulent website visually almost copies the resource of a legal financial service provider and gullible users sometimes do not notice specific differences.


Unbreakable rules for users of electronic money

To save electronic money, you should consider the following recommendations:

Installing the current version of the anti-virus program with regular updates. In order to track attacks by hackers in time, it is advisable to leave the firewall open (the program acts as a filter: it monitors malware and prevents network attacks).
It is strictly forbidden to transfer passwords, numbers and codes of bank cards or virtual wallets to unauthorized persons. The administration of the bank or electronic payment service never requires the client to reveal secret data. There are no facts that would justify such a request.
To protect your money, you should not rush to withdraw it from any ATM, it is better to waste time looking for a more reliable device than the contents of the card. The ATM should not have additional items attached to it. This is clearly suspicious, and it is best not to risk it. The ideal option is to withdraw money from ATMs located in the very building of banks or in the immediate vicinity.
To prevent a virus or Trojan from getting on your computer, it is better to ignore links sent by unknown persons with tempting offers.
Set a limit for withdrawing money from an electronic or plastic card of a payment service or bank. To pay for goods in a virtual store, it is better to issue a separate card with a minimum amount. This will help protect your electronic money.
Open spaces: cafes or computer clubs are dangerous to log into your account. Fraudsters can easily recognize the information entered during authorization.
Password complexity is a condition that guarantees security and is able to protect funds. If it contains at least 10 characters of different case in a randomly selected sequence, it will be impossible to guess it.
Keep under control the contents of the account in the electronic wallet. At the slightest suspicion of a hacking attempt or upon detecting the loss of money on the balance sheet, immediately inform the administration of the payment service and the servicing bank. The sooner measures are taken, the higher the likelihood of neutralizing the fraudster. Keep ATM receipts with you for some time.
It is advisable to use only trusted electronic stores that cooperate with well-known payment resources. Transferring money to dubious sites or unfamiliar online stores is fraught with a threat from cyber fraudsters.

Bitcoin wallet protection

The emergence of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency has opened up new ways for making mutual settlements. The user of this payment network remains confidential. The network is quite secure, but a Bitcoin wallet cannot be considered invulnerable to hacking and guaranteeing the complete safety of electronic money.

To ensure it, it is necessary to apply easy-to-implement methods of protection and basic precautions:

Using a mobile wallet with a small amount of digital money needed for everyday (pocket) expenses. It is better to keep the rest of the amount in more reliable storage located on the hard disk of a personal computer.
Creating a backup copy of an electronic wallet. For its safety, it is better to use a stand-alone medium (flash drive, CD).
For reliable protection of money that is not planned to be spent in the near future, an offline wallet is suitable. In this way, electronic money can be protected for sure.
Encrypting your Bitcoin wallet will strengthen your security and prevent unauthorized intruders from entering.
Security measures have been developed in the Bitcoin network, but there are many nuances when the user is required to be vigilant and responsible for the safety of their own funds. If the recommendations are strictly followed, the electronic money in the account will remain intact. Ultimately, the owner of the purse is responsible for the safety of confidential information.

Another significant point that not all users attach due importance to. Why not take care of a backup access to your Bitcoin wallet in advance in order to save electronic money for relatives or friends. People are mortal, "no one has yet managed to get out of this life alive." In such a sad case, all the savings on the Bitcoin wallet can be lost forever. Therefore, you need to draw up a will, no matter how sad it may sound, especially if a persons cryptocurrency capital is calculated in a significant amount.