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How to find out the owner of the Yandex.Money wallet?

The topic of additional earnings on the Internet worries almost every user. However, you can stumble across both decent and dubious jobs. The risk category mainly includes young women who are on maternity leave. Fraudsters take advantage of their naivety and disguise themselves as godly employers. They create virtual wallets in advance and advertise additional income for everyone. The offers indicate the account number to which the potential employee must transfer a certain amount of the contribution. How to find out the owner of the Yandex.Money wallet and check it for integrity?

How do I find information about the account holder?

On the pages of search engines, you can find messages crying for help. The deceived users of the global web are trying to find methods that will allow them to find an unscrupulous electronic wallet holder. It is not uncommon for fraudulent groups to focus on the most popular resources. It is the opportunity to become the holder of a private account, for example, in Yandex, that attracts "black" employers.

Are there ways to find out the owner of a Yandex wallet as soon as possible? It must be remembered that real employers never ask to transfer a certain amount of funds in their favor. This trick is a typical pattern for online scammers. Before sending money to unfamiliar accounts, even in the case of paying for purchases and services, you must:

    In the browser, enter a search query with the number of the account of interest. If the owner of the wallet is a fraud, then his number will appear on the Internet. It is important to track messages on thematic forums, social networks, communities and BL WebMoney. Often, deceived users share their concerns and warn others about the employers dishonesty. The probability that you can find out the owner of a Yandex wallet tends to zero, however, this method should not be neglected.
    Contact security. For example, on the WebMoney service, you can check the sellers certificate and identify the level of his reputation. However, this method does not exist in the Yandex system. Therefore, you should contact the support service, describe in detail what happened and indicate the information found on the network about the attacker. Of course, there is no guarantee that a satisfactory response will be received. By the way, if the information about an unknown client turns out to be false, it may be fraught with the applicant. By the way, in EPS there are several types of Yandex wallets, by which you can find out the owners status. These include: confidential, named and identified. Each of the wallets has its own degree of trust in the user from the EPS.
    Find out the type of virtual wallet. This is easy enough. It is necessary to enter the number of the account of interest in the payment form. If the owners status turns out to be confidential, then it would be unreasonable to transfer money to such an account due to the zero guarantee of their return. Attackers often use the incognito function. They open an account with Yandex for a short time, collect the required amount and withdraw. After a successful fraud, the account is closed. If an unknown person asks to send money to his confidential account, then we can assume 80% that the person is dealing with a banal deception. When checking the information about the Yandex.Money wallet, it may turn out that the account type is nominal. Undoubtedly, the level of trust in its owner increases. However, cybercriminals have already learned to fake information about the holder of the purse. They can enter the required personal data and even attach a scan of someone elses passport. Alternatively, they can use a previously lost document. In any case, it is not worth transferring money to a personalized type of account in large quantities. For small settlements, it is quite suitable, and if the entered information about the EPS client really belongs to the same person, the chances of returning the payment increase. It will be a little easier to find out the owner of the Yandex.Money account if, when checking the account, it appears as identified. It is noteworthy that it is issued directly at the offices of the payment system or in partner branches. However, cybercriminals can also work here illegally. In this case, you can write to the support service and ask to find out the owners personal data, as well as his residential address. With the available information, you can contact the judicial authorities. It may turn out that the person has nothing to do with the account or does not know how to use the Internet at all. Therefore, it is not possible to find out for certain the owner of the Yandex.Money wallet.

In EPS, Yandex recommends, in case of the slightest doubt, to use the services of a guarantor. However, his services must be paid in the amount of 1-5% of the transaction amount. If the recipient of the funds turns out to be an intruder, then it is the guarantor who will consider the issue of returning the money to the client. Using this option will protect against unforeseen situations.