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How can I find out my Yandex.Money account?

The electronic payment system Yandex.Money was created in 2002. During its existence, she managed to get a positive reputation. Every day, more and more Russian-speaking inhabitants of the planet choose this particular service. However, newcomers to the payment resource often ask themselves the question: "How do I find out my own Yandex.Money account number?" It is imperative to have this information. It can be useful if friends want to transfer funds to a virtual wallet as a help or gift.

Account number information

A feature of Yandex is that after registering with one of the services, all the others become automatically available. It is enough to log in to the system and you can use the money on your wallet, e-mail, Yandex.Market or see the weather. Lets make a reservation that these are not all the services offered by a well-known search engine to its users. The registration procedure for the service takes no more than 15 minutes. In this case, the clients wallet number is generated automatically. It is displayed in the middle of the page and is represented as 15 unchanged random numbers. The number is also duplicated when viewing information about the balance.

Balance data

You can view the money in Yandex.Money in the user account. The balance is presented as a yellow icon with an open wallet and is located on the right side of the page. If its display was randomly hidden, then its visibility can be corrected in the settings of your personal account. This requires:

    Log in.
    Click on the wallet icon. Asterisks will be displayed next to it, instead of numbers.
    Click on the "Settings" section.
    In the "Balance display" field, move the slider towards enabling visibility.

Information on the amount of funds in the account can also be seen on the Yandex search page in the right corner under information about new letters from the client.

Where can I find my payment password?

Lets look at how to find out your payment password in Yandex wallet. Before making money transactions, you need to get acquainted with the information about the account protection system. In case of loss of control over the account, the use of a payment password ensures the safety of electronic money. It is issued upon registration and works similarly to SMS confirmations, and is also not subject to communication to third parties. This password can be viewed directly when debiting money from the account. It is sent to the clients cell phone, and its change is available through Yandex.Passport.
How to find out the card number?

With the advent of branded plastic cards from Yandex, many users have become interested in how to find out their card account in Yandex.Money. It is noteworthy that the card balance is equal to the account balance. It is known that it can be used to pay for purchases and services in large stores, restaurants or cafes. However, the card number consists of 12 digits and is displayed on the face of the physical banking instrument.

View payment history and wallet status

The transaction history becomes available after the first top-up of the virtual wallet. As a rule, when you log into your account, the history of deposits and transfers is displayed automatically. To learn how to find out your account status on Yandex.Money, you need to click on the balance icon. Under the wallet number, its type will be displayed, the status of which can be increased at any convenient time.

You can also view the history after clicking on the "My operations" link in the left menu of the page. A form for transferring funds within the system will also be displayed here, and it will be possible to set up auto payment.

State of an account

Only the available cash balance is displayed at the top of the personal page. To view information about the amounts that are not available at the moment, you need to click on the balance icon. The opened form can contain data about:

    Available balance.
    Non-credited funds.
    Frozen money.
    Blocked amounts.

Now it is clear how to find out how much money is on the Yandex wallet. The payment system is a convenient, comfortable and secure instrument for making transactions.