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How to find out different information about Qiwi wallet and its owner?

The Qiwi payment system is rightfully one of the three leaders in the Russian-language segment of money transfers. Despite this, customers increasingly have questions about how to find out the Qiwi wallet account, whether it is possible to calculate a fraudster in case of fraud, and in what ways to find out the balance (with and without the Internet). Consider these issues in more detail.

How to find out the details of a Qiwi wallet?

 The knowledge of many users is limited to the phone number that you must enter when entering the office and the password that they set during registration. But this is not always enough. When making a transfer at a bank or conducting financial transactions in relation to other network users, Qiwi details may be required, namely TIN, KPP, BIK and others. It is also worth knowing how much money is on a Qiwi wallet and whether the amount available is enough to make a transfer.

To clarify the details, proceed as follows:

    Go to the payment system website and go to the bank transfer section.
    Choose a card and order sending details. After a few minutes, a message with information arrives at the phone number.
    Carry out financial transactions based on the data received.

How to find out Qiwi account and details without visiting the site? There are two ways:

    Come to any branch of the issuing bank (Qiwi Bank). Take along a personal document and a Qiwi card (if any).
    Call the hotline. Here, to obtain data, it is worth providing the following information - the word code and date of birth. If the secret word cannot be remembered, then additional information in the form of passport data will be required.

Choose the appropriate method and specify the following information:

    Recipient number (see below for how to find out your Qiwi wallet account).
    Tax Payer Number (TIN).
    Bank Identification Code (BIC).
    Correspondent institution.

If you have any problems getting information, you can contact the technical support of the payment system.

How to find out the Qiwi wallet number?

 The ID code of the electronic purse is the phone number that you specify during the registration process. It is he who is used to make transfers to other users, when replenishing the wallet, withdrawing funds, entering your personal account and so on. How to find out the Qiwi wallet account? This is the login (phone number) with which you log in.

The wallet number is allowed to be reported to other users without worrying about the safety of funds. As for the password for entering the system, it must be kept secret. There are situations when messages are sent to the phone requiring the disclosure of secret characters. This cannot be done. Even the Kiwi service administrators do not know the password (it is encrypted). Such messages, as a rule, are sent by fraudsters for the appropriation of other people is savings.

How to find out to whom the wallet is registered in the Qiwi system?

 It was mentioned above that during the registration process we indicate our phone number and come up with a password. This is the main information for entering your personal account. But how do you know the owner of a qiwi wallet if the wallet is not yours? It is worth noting that ordinary people have access to such information is closed. But there are several alternatives:

    Dial the number of interest in the search and see if it is mentioned on forums, social networks or blogs. Perhaps the owner of the electronic wallet is a well-known person and his phone number in relation to personal data is present on the Internet.
    Look in your phone book and study the numbers of existing subscribers. In life, there are situations when a person clarifies how to find out the owner whose Qiwi wallet (phone number) is recorded on his mobile phone.
    Dial the available numbers and be directly interested in the data of the owner. If you build the conversation correctly, you can find out the name and surname.

How to check the balance (with and without internet)?

 Often there are situations when you need to quickly find out the amount of money in the account. The easiest way is through the official website. Proceed as follows:

    Go to the main page of the payment system.
    Enter the login (mobile phone number) and password.
    Press the enter key.
    The phone number (account) is visible on the top right, and the amount of money in the account is next. If several wallets with different currencies are created in the profile, then an arrow will appear near the balance, clicking on which you can get the necessary information.

Unfortunately, there is not always a computer and access to the global network at hand. How to find out how much money is on a qiwi wallet in this case? There are several options:

    Using the terminal. To do this, just enter your profile and see the amount available on the account.
    Via phone. For information, send a message with the word "Balance" to the short number 7494. Within a few minutes, the system processes the request and sends a response.

But that is not all. You can get information about the balance through the official application installed on the phone. Proceed as follows - go to the application, enter the data (it may be necessary to enter a confirmation code) and check the balance. Please note that login procedures for Android and iOS apps may vary.

Now you know how to see how much money is on a qiwi wallet. It remains to choose the appropriate option and use it.

Qiwi network fraud: search options for attackers

 Thousands of wallet owners fall for the scammers and send them money for a certain service (product) without receiving anything in return. What to do in such a situation? The first thing you should start to figure out is what information is in the hands of a mailbox, phone number, name, passport code and so on. The more data at hand, the more likely it is to find the attacker and return the money.

Please note that the information provided is false in most cases. How to act? How to find out the owner of a qiwi wallet? Make a decision based on the situation:

    If the fraud occurred on the stock exchange, then write an appeal to the administration with a request to understand the problem. In this case, indicate all the data that is known. If the fraud is confirmed, the administration blocks the user. At the same time, visit several thematic sites (forums and blogs) and leave a message about fraud. Together, finding an attacker is easier.
    Money sent to the bank card. In such a situation, everything is more complicated, because a financial and credit institution returns funds only if there is consent from the recipient. In addition, the latter must draw up a request for a refund.

So, how do you know the owner if his Kiwi wallet is implicated in a fraudulent scheme? Take on the "arms" a few options:

    Compute the attacker by IP address or provider. This method is suitable if the attacker has his own site. In extreme cases, you can contact the provider, tell about what happened and ask for at least some information. If he refuses, it is worth contacting the power structures for help.
    Calculate the deceiver in social networks, try to get in touch and agree on the return of funds amicably.
    Report online fraud to the police. In the document, indicate all the information that is known - account numbers, names, contacts and others.

Knowing what a QIWI wallet account is, how to find out details and calculate a fraudster will never be superfluous. All this gives confidence to the user and reduces the risk of fraud.