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How to create a Bitcoin faucet yourself?

Как создать Биткоин-кран самому?

The advent of cryptocurrency has created new opportunities for active network users. Thanks to alternative monetary units, the Internet has further strengthened its status as a global employer, and the earnings of Bitcoin and its various forks have become one of the most popular types of budget replenishment for millions of people on the planet.

Moreover, income is received not only by miners who directly mine Bitcoins. Also, the so-called Bitcoin faucets provide a good income for ordinary mortals. But if you work for them as a regular user, then the income is not very impressive. To make decent money using such online resources, you have to work simultaneously on several sites.

Whereas there is an easier and more effective way to make money. This refers to the creation of your own Bitcoin faucet. Moreover, it is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Therefore, many users choose this particular path and, accordingly, the question arises before them, how to make a Bitcoin faucet? How to find sponsors for him and earn a lot of money?


What are the advantages of this option

Before starting work, it is recommended to figure out what are the advantages of this type of earnings. Owning a Bitcoin faucet provides the owner with the following benefits:

The availability of this type of earnings. To implement the decision, the user does not need to receive special education. If he has basic skills, he may well create a resource on his own. He only needs to clearly formulate his goal and take time to implement the task.
Obtaining various types of virtual currency. Its no secret that in the modern world there are already several hundred types of different cryptocurrencies. If you create a Bitcoin faucet, then its owner will be guaranteed to receive not only Bitcoins, but also Vankoins, Altcoins, Litecoins and other alternative coins.
Base availability. Many users are stopped by self-doubt, because they do not have a good command of the computer. Meanwhile, to create a resource, there is no need to install rather complex and intricate programs. Everyone can use ready-made scripts that are freely available on the network.
Minimum start-up capital. The project can be implemented even with a minimal investment. But on the other hand, the return is capable of surpassing even the most daring expectations. With the right marketing policy and smart distribution of income, you can get quite a decent income.

Instructions for creating a Bitcoin faucet

Before making a Bitcoin faucet, it is recommended that you read the step-by-step instructions in detail. First you need to purchase hosting and domain. There are many organizations that provide data storage services. The high level of competition in this area makes it possible to purchase a domain at an affordable price. If the user has a lack of funds, then at first the best option would be to use free hosting. As for domains, experienced users are advised to choose zones such as ru or com. In the future, it is desirable to establish cooperation with a paid hoster, which provides better quality services.

To create a Bitcoin faucet, you need to download the required script. A dedicated program can be found at the FaucetBox resource. The file is extracted from the archive and uploaded to the root folder where the site itself is located. Then you can start creating the database. To do this, you need to use the capabilities of the control panel directly on the hosting resource. At the same time, access to the database for outsiders is limited by a password.

The next step is to work with the configuration file, which the user must edit. Carrying out this procedure consists in modifying a file called config.php. It is impossible to create a Bitcoin faucet without processing this file. In it you need to enter information such as database user data, its password and name. Individual parameters are sent directly to the users email.

Thats the whole process. The user only needs to configure the administrative part and register the crane on the selected resource. Setting means choosing a cryptocurrency, determining the level of rewards. The faucet interface itself is of no small importance - the presence of additional pages, a slogan, and a captcha service. To attract visitors, you should come up with an original name, experiment with the color and theme of the crane. If you create an interesting version of the Bitcoin faucet, then it will quickly gain popularity among users.


Important points in crane operation

Building a crane solves only half of the problem. In the future, the project needs constant support, only under this condition it will bring a stable income. It is very important to have sufficient funds in the account to ensure timely payments to all participants in the system. If there are delays in the withdrawal, then the resource may lose the trust of users.

If the owner plans to change the payment system, then he should announce this in advance through the website. Otherwise, the dissatisfaction of visitors cannot be avoided, which ultimately will lead to the closure of the resource. Experienced users are advised to link payments to the US currency. But the owner of the faucet must be prepared for losses if the value of the cryptocurrency starts to increase.