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How to withdraw money from Qiwi wallet outside of Russia?

Qiwi payment system operates in several dozen countries around the world, providing users with a lot of additional features. The difficulty is that full functionality is available only to residents of Russia. As for other states (including those included in the CIS), here the functionality is organic. What are the features of using Kiwi in Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan? How to withdraw money from Qiwi wallet in each country? What features of transactions should be remembered?

Withdraw money from Qiwi in Ukraine

 Ukraine is one of many countries in which the Russian payment system operates. The problem is that the capabilities of Ukrainians (when compared with users from Russia) are less. So, it is not possible to order a Visa Plastic card in Ukraine. The only way out is to ask someone from acquaintances living in Russia to apply for “plastic” and use it without restrictions. To draw up a card you will have to pay one hundred rubles, and when you withdraw funds, pay a certain percentage. The main advantages of Visa Plastic are the binding to the wallet, the ability to pay for purchases and the ease of cash withdrawal.

What to consider when registering a Kiwi wallet in Ukraine, and how to get money? Note that the withdrawal of funds and payments in Ukrainian hryvnia is not available - all transactions are carried out in rubles. To design an electronic wallet, proceed as follows:

    Go to the Kiwi official page.
    Go to the registration section and indicate the phone number, agree to the terms of the contract.
    Create a password and set its expiration date.
    Get the secret code on your phone and enter it in a special field.
    Use the capabilities of the system with the status of "Minimum". At the same time, keep in mind that in order to increase the limits you will have to go through a complete identification.

How to get a Kiwi transfer in Ukraine? One of the options for withdrawing funds is to use the functionality of the transfer system. For the operation you will need:

    Special application.
    Internet availability.

Popular systems are Anelik, Unistream and others. But consider the principle of making a transfer through the Ukrainian PrivatMoney system. Proceed as follows:

    Go to the application and write down the requested information. Please note that the Ukrainian phone number is indicated. After enter the name and amount of funds to be withdrawn.
    Confirm the payment after the system issues a request.
    Receive a message with a code and remember it, because it plays a key role in withdrawing money from a Kiwi wallet in Ukraine.
    To withdraw money, use any of the options - go to the office or use the capabilities of an ATM. In the latter case, enter the PIN, go to the banking services section, enter the confirmation code in the appropriate column and select the currency.
    Enter (specify) the required amount and receive it. Please note that when withdrawing funds, a commission equal to three percent is charged, plus one percent is taken for receiving money.

If you are interested in how to withdraw funds from Qiwi in Ukraine, the considered option is very attractive for the following reasons - you do not need to stand in line, there is the possibility of transferring through the terminal and the relatively low percentage charged for the service.

Another way to withdraw is through exchange offices (for example, baksman.com). In this case, the money is withdrawn to Privat24. The advantage is the possibility of choosing the exchange rate, crediting funds to the card within a few minutes, low commissions. To carry out the operation, you need to know the following - the amount, number of the Privat-card, e-mail address, Qiwi wallet account, as well as the name of the recipient.

How to withdraw money from a Kiwi wallet in Ukraine using an exchange office? Proceed as follows:

    Choose an exchange office that fits the course.
    Register now.
    Choose the direction you are interested in - from Kiwi to Privat24.
    Enter the amount of exchange and carry out the operation according to the tips of the site.

Withdraw money from Kiwi in Belarus

 One of the most “problematic” countries, from the standpoint of applying the Qiwi payment system, is considered the Republic of Belarus. Here difficulties begin from the moment of registration. There is no such option at all on the local resource, and it will not be possible to register the number of the Belarusian operator on the Russian site. Withdrawing money from Qiwi in Belarus also causes problems.

Experienced users found a solution, but still could not completely fix the problem. To use the functions of the services, you need to get a SIM card of one of the Russian operators and set up roaming. It is on the SIM card of the Russian Federation that the wallet is issued. But here there are obvious problems:

    The contract must be executed by the owner. If this is not the case, the account will be closed. At the same time, the question of how to withdraw money from a Qiwi wallet in Belarus will become irrelevant - the account is frozen.
    It is not possible to connect the card to a Belarusian bank, which also creates obstacles to withdrawal. If the number of the Russian operator is used, then the bank must also be from the Russian Federation.Ordering a Qiwi Visa Plastic card, as in Ukraine, will fail. The reason is that the product is delivered only in Russia.
    Identification will not work, so you have to be content with a limit of 40 thousand rubles per month.

How to withdraw money from Qiwi in Belarus? Here, the following output options are available to users:

    Transfer funds to another user is wallet inside the system.
    Carrying out the operation of one of the money transfer services.
    Withdraw from Qiwi to WebMoney. To conduct such an operation, go to the official website (in the payment section) and select the option you are interested in. Here you need to know the wallet number in the Qiwi and WebMoney systems. At the same time, the WebMoney certificate must not be lower than the formal one.
    With the help of exchange points. How to get Kiwi in Belarus this way? Due to the fact that bank cards are not available, you can transfer existing rubles to another payment system, for example, WebMoney or Yandex. Money. With such an exchange with the withdrawal of funds, there will be less problems.

If you can’t withdraw money, you can pay one of 700 services, including payments for the Internet, repayment of loans, insurance premiums, mobile communications and so on. All payments can be made through the terminal or in the mobile phone salon.

Many are interested in how to get a Kiwi transfer in Belarus? According to representatives of the payment system, there is no way to transfer funds to other users and receive money. The only way out is to use the number of the Russian operator, but then you will have to travel outside the country to Russia.

Withdraw money from Qiwi in Kazakhstan

 Unlike the situation in Belarus, there are no problems with registration and withdrawal of funds in the Qiwi system of Kazakhstan. Kazakhs get almost the same functionality as the residents of Russia. Moreover, operations are available not only with Russian rubles, but also with tenge.

How to withdraw money from Qiwi wallet in Kazakhstan? A popular option is to withdraw to a card one of the country is banks. To complete the transaction, proceed as follows:

    Go to your personal account on the payment system website.
    Go to the transfer section and choose the option of transaction using a bank card.
    A transfer of funds is available on any of the Maestro, Visa or MasterCard cards. Moreover, the bank can be anything (the main thing is that an account is opened in it).
    Indicate the number of your "plastic" in a special column.
    Fill in all the columns to which the system sent - name, address, city and country (in relation to the sender), as well as the country, name and card number (for the recipient).
    Indicate the amount and make the payment. During the transaction, two percent of the volume of funds withdrawn and 40 rubles from the top are withdrawn.
    Receive a message with a code and enter it in a special window. In this way, you complete the operation. After a couple of hours, the funds are credited to the account.

Money can be transferred in different currencies - dollars, rubles or euros. If the exchange is carried out in a currency other than the ruble, then conversion is carried out at the current rate.

Can I withdraw money from the Kiwi Wallet in cash in Kazakhstan? One of the options has been considered above. If there is no card, then you can use another method:

    Transfer funds to the card of one of the relatives.
    Transfer electronic money to another user is wallet.
    Get an instant Visa Electron bank card. All that is required is a TIN and 900-1000 tenge per year. Such a tool is convenient in that it is possible to store funds in several currencies at once. In addition, with such “plastic”, you can track the movement of funds through Homebank.

Considering the question of how to get money from a Qiwi wallet in Kazakhstan, it is worth mentioning several sites used to withdraw funds:

    Kkz, kaspeed.kz. Advantages - favorable exchange rate, a wide selection of banking institutions on the list, the ability to receive money in cash.
    Obmentop.kz is another site whose course compares favorably with its competitors.

Before you withdraw money from the Kiwi Wallet in Kazakhstan, you need to familiarize yourself with the functionality of sites that work with the payment system. After all, they offer a variety of interest rates, and it makes sense to choose a resource with the most favorable exchange rate. Give preference to resources that have no complaints from users and guarantee a quick transaction.

Withdrawals are also possible on travel cards. Choose one of two options here:

    Map of Kazkom Bank. Advantages - multicurrency, the possibility of application on the territory of many countries of the world.
    Card of Sberbank of the Russian Federation (the main currency is the dollar).

Despite the current problems of the Qiwi payment system in Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, work is underway to solve them, simplifying the registration process and using the network is capabilities. On the other hand, some special shifts (especially in the direction of simplifying identification) should not be expected.