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How to transfer money from Ukraine to Russia via Qiwi?

During the Soviet era, people sent money and parcels to relatives and friends living on the territory of the RSFSR and the fraternal Soviet republics without interference, using a single postal system for the entire giant state. This power has not existed for a long time, the former countries that were once part of this giant conglomerate and formed into independent states have disintegrated or underwent transformation. Despite the fact that old acquaintances have been preserved between people, barriers in the form of state borders have emerged between them. The salvation was the Internet, thanks to which electronic payment systems appeared. The increased interest in this type of online service is due to the rapid development of online commerce. After all, thanks to them, web users can make purchases anywhere in the world without leaving their homes, transfer money to addressees without time and territorial restrictions that hinder us so much in financial settlements carried out in real life. As an example, consider how to transfer money from Ukraine to Russia via Qiwi.

How do I send money via Qiwi?

The main page of the site provides complete information regarding transactions in Russia, as well as the republics of the former USSR using Visa or MasterCard. Partner countries may be the issuer of a banking instrument. On one of the EPS tabs, information about the current restrictions on sending financial assistance to neighboring countries is available. So, up to 30 thousand rubles can be sent to the addressee is name at a time. Qiwi transfer from Ukraine to Russia can be sent 5 times in 24 hours, but no more than 600 thousand rubles per month. In this case, the commission is 2% of the transaction amount plus 100 rubles on top. Translation delivery time is from one to three days.

To carry out a transaction using the official EPS website, you should:

Log in to your account.
Open the "Translate" tab.
Select the "Bank Cards" transfer option.
Enter information about the addressee.
Specify the payment amount.

How do I transfer money via a mobile application?

Today, modern humanity practically cannot do without the use of mobile gadgets operating on the Android or iOS operating systems. To send a Qiwi transfer from Ukraine to Russia using them, you will need to go to the App Store or Play Market. There you should find special software, download it and install it on your phone. To complete a transaction, you must follow the step-by-step instructions:

Go to application.
Select the transfer method "By phone number".
Enter the correct information in the fields provided.
Click on the payment button.

How to send funds using the terminal?

The Qiwi system functions well and develops in the CIS countries, as evidenced by the formation of a terminal network on their territory. To send a payment as quickly and conveniently as possible, you should choose the terminal closest to your place of residence. A list of the location of nearby devices can be found on the official EPS page. To send a Qiwi transfer from Ukraine to Russia, you must:

Check the section of payment for services.
Choose an intermediary firm. For example, the international translation system Anelik operates in 10 countries, including Ukraine.
Check the "Money transfers" option.
In the Anelik tab, enter the Anelik Card identification number.
Specify PIN.
Select a recipient.
After completing these steps, it is imperative to print and save the receipt of payment. In the event of a disputable situation in the process of carrying out a Qiwi transfer from Ukraine to Russia, this receipt serves as an unconditional proof of the senders correctness. A similar check is duplicated on the users mobile device. As for commission fees, here they are only 2.3% (but not less than 50 rubles). By the way, the addressee can receive financial assistance within 15 minutes from the moment of departure. It is noteworthy that no additional fees are charged from the addressee.

If a Ukrainian citizen intends to purchase goods on a Russian website using a terminal, then he needs to study the information on how to transfer money from Ukraine to Russia through Qiwi. There shouldnt be any special difficulties. To pay for the order you need:

On the online store page, select EPS Qiwi as a payment method.
Correctly indicate the personal phone number, after which the corresponding invoice for payment will be issued in the virtual wallet account.
In your Visa Qiwi Wallet account, you need to open the section with the name "Pay bills" and click on the required line.
Deposit a certain amount into the terminals bill acceptor.
Click the payment button. It is worth considering that the change device does not issue, therefore, excess funds will be automatically credited to the clients electronic wallet.

What are Qiwi e-vouchers for?

To send a Qiwi transfer from Ukraine to the Russian Federation, you can use the "Qiwi Eggs" service. This offer is perfect for those users who do not have an account in the money transfer system. Moreover, such a payment can be made in several ways:

Using the official website.
Through a mobile application.
To transfer funds, you will need to select the desired method, indicate the amount and the recipients email address. You can sign the transaction assignment in the "Comment" field. The sender has the right to transfer up to 15 thousand rubles at a time. Interestingly, in this case, the commission is the lowest compared to the alternative options and is about 1%. To make a Qiwi transfer from Ukraine, you need to know the recipients cell phone number. The system will then send an email to the recipients email address containing a unique link to activate the transaction. It is worth considering that in order to receive a transfer, you need to register an account with EPS. Lets omit the technical details of registration, as this process is quite simple and does not take 5 minutes of personal time.

The Qiwi service is gaining mass popularity in the CIS countries, and Ukraine is no exception. The advantages of the system include the presence of a spotless reputation and acceptable commissions.