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How profitable to exchange Sberbank for Qiwi?

The Qiwi payment system is a recognized leader in the instant transfers market. It combines convenience, reliability and the ability to quickly make transfers in various directions. Our exchanger has been a partner of the Qiwi system since its foundation. We offer to exchange Sberbank for Qiwi. The translation will be completed as soon as possible and with a minimum commission. Application processing time does not exceed five minutes.

 Moreover, the processing takes place in manual mode, which avoids accidental errors. The application itself is created within two minutes. But before proceeding with its registration, it is recommended to register on the service. This will open the clients access to the system of cumulative discounts. Their size will grow with each successful transaction made by the client. Also, registered users do not need to manually fill in all the fields of the application. If the client is authorized before the exchange, the system will automatically indicate his personal data in the application.

In fact, the user can transfer an unlimited amount of Sberbank rubles. However, the amount of Kiwi is limited by the reserve, the amount of which is indicated under the field for the exchange amount. We always have significant amounts in all directions of the exchange. But if the size of the reserve does not suit the user, then he can make a request for its replenishment. To do this, open the "Reserves" tab and click on Qiwi. Also, in the application for replenishment, you must indicate the required amount and email. As soon as the reserve is replenished to the required level, the user will receive a notification by mail.

The minimum amount for exchange in this direction is two hundred and fifty rubles, and the maximum is two hundred thousand. The amount required for the exchange must be indicated in one of the fields. The system will automatically calculate the data for the remaining free field, taking into account the exchange rate and the clients personal discount. Further, the following details are entered into the application form:

    Number of the card issued by Sberbank. It consists of sixteen or eighteen digits.
    Personal data of the cardholder. They can be designated both in Russian and in English. This field is mandatory, even if the card is not personalized.
    The users global network address. Moreover, it must be valid, since the service informs the client by mail about the execution of his requests.
    Clients Qiwi wallet details. Since his number coincides with the users phone, these data must be indicated in the international format. For Russians, the number begins with "+7".
    The user must agree to the terms of exchange by checking the box in a special box.

If the client makes a transfer to the card for the first time, then it must be verified. This requirement aims to improve the security of online payments. Indeed, in recent years, cases have become more frequent when criminals make a transaction from a card without the knowledge of its owner. During the verification process, the client should take a photo of the card in front of the open page of our service. The photograph must clearly show the card number, as well as the owners personal data, if it is personalized. To check, the service needs to verify the first four and last four digits of the card number. All other data, including the middle eight digits, as well as the card expiration date, can be hidden by the user. The picture must be uploaded to the site. Verification takes less than one minute. After successfully passing the verification, the client can continue the process of creating an application.

A message will appear on the page about the transfer limits set by Qiwi. If the client is satisfied with the conditions, he should click OK. At the final stage, money is transferred through the online banking system. To do this, you need to follow the link to the Sberbank website. In the translations section, select the "transfer for another client" tab. In the form that opens, enter the recipients details and the payment amount. It should be borne in mind that Sberbank takes a commission of 1% of the amount for its services. But its size is limited to one thousand rubles. After completing the transfer, you need to return to the service and click on the button with the inscription about the payment.

Within ten minutes after receiving the transfer, our employees will send money to the users Qiwi wallet. If you have any difficulties in the exchange process, we recommend contacting our support service. Its employees work around the clock and will promptly help resolve any issue that may arise.