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How to link Qiwi to WebMoney?

Как привязать Qiwi к WebMoney?

Want to link Qiwi to WebMoney? The procedure will be completely easy and simple for those who already have accounts in both payment systems, as well as - passed verification and received a formal passport. The binding is available only to residents of Russia due to the specifics of Qiwi work in other CIS countries.

For example, it is not so easy for residents of Ukraine to go through verification - most of them register accounts for their relatives or friends living in Russia, but bind them to their phone number. You can link only those accounts that are registered for one user and one phone number. Accordingly, only residents of Russia can link Qiwi to WebMoney.


Verification and obtaining a formal certificate: we pass all checks in 1 day

The WebMoney system allows using all the benefits only to those users who have received at least formal certificates. Graduation of certificates is indicated on the official website. To obtain a formal passport, you must:

Register a WebMoney wallet, indicate passport data (real).
Download scans of the main pages of the passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation.
Consideration of the application will take several days, while the system can only be partially used (it is not yet possible to link Qiwi to WebMoney).

Now we proceed to verify the wallet in the Qiwi payment system. After registering an account, the user can go to the settings and see their status.

The system offers 3 options:

The first is given immediately upon registration of the wallet. To obtain the second (simplified identification), you can use several ways - by contacting the representatives of the Kiwi company by phone or go online directly on the Kiwi website.

The service also allows you to pass verification using terminals. The "Standard" status is a sufficient reason to link Qiwi to WebMoney.

Residents of the CIS countries and Russians can pass identification at the centers of the CONTACT system - this is the official partner of Qiwi. You need to have a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation with you, and if we are talking about foreign citizens, you will also have to provide a notarized translation of the document into Russian.

Only those users who plan to withdraw large amounts on a monthly basis need to go through account identification according to the "Maximum" scheme. If in the "Standard" package the payment limit is 200 thousand rubles, and the account balance limit is 60 thousand, then in the "Maximum" package there are no restrictions in the first case and the balance limit is increased to 600 thousand rubles. Now it remains to figure out how to link Qiwi to WebMoney and start using all the advantages of payment systems.

Linking wallets: a quick guide

The account identification procedure takes no more than a week. As soon as the verification is completed, the user will receive a notification by email and will be able to see that the status of the wallets has changed immediately after authorization in each payment system. After that, you can start linking accounts:

In your WebMoney wallet, select "Account Linking Service".
On the page that opens, select the item "Qiwi".
In the window that opens, indicate the number of the R-wallet, which will be used to exchange Qiwi for WebMoney and vice versa. The user must select the maximum limit for non-acceptance transactions. After that, the system will require you to enter the phone number that was used to register the Qiwi wallet.
In the window that appears, you can click on the active link in the text, indicated by the text "payment system". The user will be redirected to the Qiwi website, where you need to go through authorization and open the "Working with accounts" section, where we select "New account", "Link".
The system will require information about the user, which was indicated during WebMoney registration, as well as work limits and the R-wallet number. Click on "Link" Qiwi to WebMoney.
After that, a window will appear with an active link on which you need to click to go to the "Account Linking Service", from which everything began. You need to go through authorization in the "My accounts" section. On the new active panel, you need to click on "Confirm".

As soon as the user performs a series of actions, a new window will open in which you need to enter the code sent in an SMS message to your phone. You also need to confirm the withdrawal limits. Those who did everything correctly will receive a notification “Wallet attachment completed successfully”. Now you know how to link Qiwi to WebMoney and you can use all the advantages of both payment systems.


We transfer Qiwi to WebMoney in a few seconds

As soon as the link is completed, a new section "Digital Cash" will appear in the WebMoney system. Transfers will be performed in the same way as between accounts in the system. You just need to select the account and the amount to be transferred to the Qiwi account (or vice versa). The funds will be exchanged at the internal rate of WebMoney and will instantly appear in the specified wallet.

But you need to take into account that the internal rate of the payment system is always less favorable than different exchange offices can offer. Qiwi to WebMoney can be exchanged in a matter of seconds using the baksman.org service. As a rule, exchange offices “do not ask unnecessary questions,” the procedure takes no more than 5 minutes. The user needs to indicate the number of the Qiwi and WebMoney wallet, as well as the amount to be exchanged. The rate at exchange offices is much more profitable and higher than within the WebMoney system.

Even those users who have not passed the Qiwi wallet identification can use the services of some exchange offices. You will simply be issued an invoice to be paid. However, it is much easier to link Qiwi to WebMoney and transfer money with a commission of only 3% of the transfer amount in automatic mode.

Alternative deposit method

There are situations when there is neither the time nor the desire to deal with the binding of wallets, identification and other formalities, and it is urgently necessary to withdraw money from one system to another. In such cases, you can use an expensive but effective method:

We replenish the mobile phone account from the WebMoney wallet.
Log in to the Qiwi system, then select the "Top up" item, and specify "Mobile phone account" as the method.
We enter the amount and, in fact, transfer Qiwi to WebMoney.
This method takes a few seconds, but has a very significant drawback - the exchange will cost the user about 10% of the transfer amount. Those who constantly work in the network and receive a stable income are unlikely to want to lose 10% of their total monthly profit. Therefore, if you are freelancing online, it is better to spend a few hours scanning documents, forwarding them to payment systems and linking wallets. After passing the check, all users have access not only to linking accounts, but also alternative methods of withdrawing funds, for example, to a card of any bank in the world or using money transfer systems (Contact and others). Now you know how to link Qiwi to WebMoney and why you need to do it, you just need to get verified!